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At David McDavid Acura of Austin we are the leader in client retention for sales and service. We foster an environment where associates go above and to take care of our clients. Our knowledgeable associates believe we create an atmosphere of which they are proud. With a long history built on trust--we believe every customer deserves to be listened to and treated in a friendly and sincere manner. We strive to be the premier dealership in our area where clients prefer to go for all their automotive needs.
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(125 reviews)

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We bought a truck and it broke 2 weeks after our purchase. We are very lucky that we did not DIE or KILL another family in this truck that we bought from David Mc David Acura. My husband lost control when the bracket that holds the differential broke!! He almost went head-on with another car, thank God the lady was able to move out of the way since my husband was unable to control the truck. It makes me so upset that we are dealing with this when we purchased specifically from a supposedly "reputable" dealership. We took the truck in to get an estimate to see how much it would cost to repair and the guy said the truck had been welded before where it broke off. This is something that the dealership should have seen since they supposedly inspect their vehicles. We were basically told oh well you bought it "as is". The general manager, Clifton Goldsmith did not even make time for us after waiting over an hour to talk to him. He is the one who made the call not to help out with the cost of repair. It's a BROKEN truck! A broken truck could have caused a BIG ACCIDENT on the road. Something that this dealership could of easily take responsibility for missing such a dangerous defect. Instead, they just washed their hands. Just to think that we drove in that UNSAFE truck with my two little kids makes me very mad. By the way, the seat belts were not even bolted down! JUST HORRIBLE!

Dealer response

Carmen, thank you for sharing your feedback. We regret that the vehicle did not work out for you. Records show that the deal was reversed and car was returned. Please accept our apologies for your experience. Let us know if we can resolve any additional concerns you have. Thank you.


Great experience.

Sales Rep. Tony and Ralph just went all out to make my purchase smooth. Bought many cars in my life this group is Truly a 5 star operation. Hassle free. Highly recommend! Thanks guy’s! Paul

Dealer response

Hi, thanks so much for rating us so high! Be safe on the road!


Don't trust this dealership

I can't recommend this dealership. I love my Acura RDX but this dealership has let me down by not living up to their service commitments. I can't trust their team any longer and I've had it with their slimy approach. Maybe I should have been smart enough not to trust Myron, the finance director, when I leased my Acura in 2019. Myron sold me on a maintenance package that included oil changes, tire rotations, fluids topped off, and pickup/deliver service for the 3 years of my lease. I figured that $1000 was kind of steep for 5-6 oil changes but the pickup/delivery is what really sold me on the package (I work at home and it's not easy to run all the way across town for an oil change and end up 2 hours out of office). So I bought the maintenance package ONLY because it included pickup/delivery. Now I am trying to get one of my oil changes and they claim they "don't do that for free any more." I told them I wasn't asking for anything for free -- I PAID FOR IT. And since I'm driving less due to COVID, it will only be 3 oil changes instead of 5 or 6. They really ripped me off on this one and I gave them plenty of time to do the right thing, but they dug in and wouldn't budge. So I can't in good conscience recommend this place nor can I see myself giving them more business. It's a real shame because I love my Acura and the next nearest Acura dealership (Sterling) is further from my house but they will get first crack at my business next time around.

Dealer response

Brian, we are very disappointed that you feel this way and that we would not meet your expectations. Your maintenance package actually does not include pick up and delivery. You may refer the service contract to confirm, but we are happy to go over it in detail with you again if needed. We do value your business and hope that you change your mind about working with us. Thank you.


Used Car Experiance

Well for starters I had an appointment to view the used vehicle. Brycen, your sales Manager, called 1st thing am on the day of to confirm. When I arrived I was told the vehicle had been sent to the Jeep dealer for repairs but had hoped it would be back before I arrived. That was Friday. I was not notified of this and wasted a trip to view a vehicle that was not there. The vehicle arrived back today and we went to view as I am purchasing for my 16 year old son.  After viewing and a test drive I requested that the lighting and front brake rotors be looked at. The lights were sporadic at working and the rotors are grooved. I was told by Adam that there were no more meat and potatoes for them to do anything and if I didn't purchase as is it would be shipped to Lubbock.  I have NEVER been told anything like that by a dealer. #1 lighting and braking are a safety hazard. If that is how you guys care to do business you may do it with someone else. I have since went every place online that I can leave a review of the service and let it be known how you guys treat your potential customers.

Dealer response

Kenny, someone from our team should have reached out to you to address your concerns. If you haven't spoken to anyone, please reach out to us at (512) 401-5940. Thank you and we look forward to assisting you.


Worst buying experience ever!!!

One of the worst buying experiences ever! We recently purchased a MDX and process was fairly smooth, we knew what we wanted and loved the vehicle. Our mistake was purchasing the vehicle from David McDavid and possible avoiding our sales person Adam. When we purchased the vehicle we were told that it was certified and not other expenses were needed, etc, etc, etc. We even have the text messages to prove the discussion. We went back three months for an oil change and were told that we needed new tires, an alignment, transmission upkeep, etc - over $1,200.00 after two months. Then we were told by our sales person Adam that the service department is trying to upsell you (have those text messages also). We then went to the dealership to speak with the manager and he would not come out after an hour, we were forced to call the corporate departments that handle complaints with still no resolution from David McDavid. After all the run around greater than a month, corporate sent us a $200.00 gift card which we do appreciate. Lesson learned, clearly the sales team and the brand of David McDavid means nothing when all they seemed to care about is the sale, and confirmation that internally they will try and sell you things that may or may not be needed. WORST experience I have ever had from a brand that I thought was Top Tier - we love the vehicle, but PLEASE AVOID this dealership at all costs!!!

Dealer response

Jacob, thank you for your business and patience as well. Please accept my apologies for the experience you received after sale. This is not the way we seek to treat members of our McDavid family. Has someone from our team reached out to you to address this? If not, please call me directly at 512-401-5975. Thank you and I look forward to your response.RyanScott, GM


Very rude and elusive sales staff

I worked with several people from the sales staff. They all were argumentative, know-it-all, and definitely are not on the customers side. Save yourself time, money, and a headache by not even walking in the door.

Dealer response

Hello there. Thank you for sharing your feedback. This is disappointing to hear. If you have a minute, can you give me a call to discuss. I would like to address this so that it doesn?t happen again but I need more information. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Ryan Scott, GM


coulda - shoulda - woulda

I payed the trip to the dealership with an appointment. Of course I was intercepted in the parking lot by a young sales associate. I asked to speak with Oren. Before it was over he was arguing with me about whether or not I should be there to see Oren. I was in a hurry so I said xxx and ask him to show me a car. The MDX. He proceeded to sit me down and asked me my email address blah blah blah blah blah which I refuse to do. I just wanted to see the car. If I didn't like it why the xxxx would I want him to have my email address. Finally the car shows up. I took a look and I actually really liked it. Ask him if I could go for a test drive he said sure let's get in. At that point in time you let me know we should only drive around the dealerships parking lot. Like I can really tell a lot from that experience right. I understand the car had not been to the inspections yet. You could have brought me any other MDX to test drive. But no only the one that can't leave the parking lot was offered to me. I told him exactly what I was looking for and that I would pay cash for it if he called me and said he had it. What's in a couple days, I saw the car was posted that I was looking for exactly. Do you think the sales up calls me? No sir. When I call in to schedule a test-drive they say my sales associate is not available right now. Guess what, the MDX is not very rare and I will be buying it somewhere else. Even if they have a better deal, there's no way in xxxx I will be back to this place. Good luck Jordan


Great cars even better service!

I just bought my 3rd Acura in 14 years. The last 2 Acuras were from David McDavid dealership. With so many options on the market, they make it easy to come back to them. In addition to the great quality cars, the service is impeccable. David from the service department, Dorian and Myron from sales are one of the top reasons why I choose to stay with Acura. They have both done a great job being available, reliable, respectful of my time, and quickly help me find exactly what I'm looking for. Glad to be a part of the Acura family and knowing that I'll be well taken care of every time I take my car back for service. Thank you David, Dorian, and Acura!


Wonderful experience

Wonderful experience, from the moment we walked in we felt like we were in good hands! everyone was very helpful. Jeffrey was our designated sells person, he introduced himself with a big smile, he was very welcoming, professional and knowledgeable. He made sure my brother who is a Spanish speaker only understood the process and showed him options to meet my brother’s expectations with no hesitation, he listened to his concerns and answered all of his questions, the sells process was stress free and not pushy at all. Great customer satisfaction, we felt very lucky to have someone who is bilingual go above and beyond, that made us feel very comfortable. The follow up call to my brother was also great, all his questions were answered, we are very pleased.


used CRV

I was contacted by Darby who handles the web/email contacts regarding my interest in a used 2010 CRV. I drove up to the dealership and met with Cody acouple days later. After a few minutes discussion he went to look for the keys so I could test drive the vehicle. He returned several minutes later and said they did not have the car. He said it was going to be a trade-in but the deal fell through so no car despite it listed on their website and for several more days after my visit. Inventory control seems to be an issue.

Dealer response

Greetings Neil and thank you for your review. I am sorry that this happened and I totally understand your frustration. Although this is a rare occasion, it does happen from time to time when a deal is pending and a trade has been appraised, the initial pictures automatically post to the site. If you have questions or interest in a different vehicle, I am happy to help. Jason Sanders, Director of Client Relations, 512-401-5965

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