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Terrible experience

Bait and switch tactic at the end of the month. We discussed specs and upgrades, when I showed up it was the wrong car. They told me it was that or nothing. They didn’t apply my discount, deposit and had the audacity to sell me into a coverage plan and charge me for a different upgrade WE NEVER DISCUSSED and I DIDNT WANT. At 9 months pregnant, they put me in a terrible position. I’ll never buy from this dealership again or buy a Jeep again. Typical car salesman ruined it by not listening to the customer needs.more concerned with getting their end of month commission. A few days later I drove by and sure enough, the car we agreed on was SITTING OUT FRONT.


Exceptional service dept

I can’t say enough about a service dept that goes to bat for their customers. I had a bad ecodiesel just out of warranty and Zappone stood up for me and got FCA to cover the cost. Gerald is as good as it gets. I wouldn't go to any other dealer for a Ram, Jeep, Chrysler or Dodge vehicle.


Really Bad Customer Service at Zappone!

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! I employ you to stay away from this business! Being self-employed myself, I would never write a bad review or talk ill of a business unless I had due cause. DO NOT PURCHASE OR LEASE A VEHICLE FROM ZAPPONE CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE RAM DEALERSHIP IN CLIFTON PARK, LIKE EVER! Zappone has to be the worst dealership that I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with. Here are the FACTS: I had a 1:00pm appointment made for 1/8/21 because my check engine light came on and when this happens you can't remotely start your car, which totally sucks this time of year. So usually with a check engine light your mechanic would hook it up to a computer and codes would come spilling out the problems in minutes. Like a dummy and very patient person, I sat in Zappone's waiting room for over an hour and a half with no word on what they found. I waited 10 more minutes and then went back to the service desk to speak to the service agent who checked me in. At first she looked at me like she had no idea who I was, I asked her in my authoritive voice, "What is going on with my truck? I have been waiting for over an hour and a half with no word!" She looks at me and says, "I don't know." So instead of dealing with her incomitance, I went in to find a manager to voice my disappointments. There I find only a Financial Manager who refuses to connect me with the owner. I explain to him what has happened and he goes to look into it. About 5 minutes later the service girl agent comes in to the waiting room and says to me that my truck will be out in 5 minutes. WAIT, WHAT! Using an authoritive voice I said "Wait a minute, that's not how this works, you have such bad customer service here and the lack of communication is ridiculous!" "Why was I not told what the problems were before you supposedly fixed them? "Why was I not updated on what was going on? Why were you letting me sit out here without saying anything?" "You have no accountability, this place is awful and has absolutely no customer service!" She leaves me saying that my truck will be out in five minutes. (Get ready for the good part!) I'm sitting in a chair mind you, and I hear a door slam open with a man vigorously walking towards me shouting, "How dare you speak to my employee like that!" Now this man who is over 6' tall and being overly aggressive gets into my face and starts screaming at me. Truth be told, I immediately stood up and yelled back at him, "This is how you address your companies incomitance? " Long story, short... words were exchanged loudly and then I found myself surrounded by 5 service men, all of them yelling at me to get the xxxx out, getting in my face and being very aggressive. At this point, five guys are surrounding me yelling at me with insults and threatening bodily harm! That's right, bodily harm! One guys rips off his mask gets inches from my face and threatens to beat the xxxx out of me with his little backup buddy! At this point, I am walking out backwards because I did not trust turning my back on these idiots! (Please note at no time did I remove my mask or threaten bodily harm to anyone.) They told me that I was fat, they used profanity and made fun of my license plate! 😂 As I backed out of the building the guys followed me to the parking lot, again my Truck was not there and not ready. The guy with the no mask is still harassing me. I can only assume that the lady service agent was either a wife or dating one of these gentleman from the behavior that I was witnessing. Then I got into my truck and left in shock of what just happened.They are no good... stay away!



This Dealership is always honest, professional and timely. Always a pleasure to come here! Jessica in Service was knowledgeable, professional and took the time to verify everything for me.


Terrible service, they don’t fulfill promises

I bought a new truck from Zappone in September. I drove three hours to Zappone because they had the only truck around with the options I wanted. The financing had been already figured out and we had agreed on a tentative price. They knew I was coming and the truck wasn’t even washed and there was 2 inches of water in the bed. The drain holes were plugged. When test driving the truck it was out of alignment. When discussing the purchase the sales manager said he was not moving on the price at all because the paperwork was already done and he was not changing it and that they already weren’t making money on the truck and they couldn’t run a business like that. And then he told me we worked his butt off to get the interest rate he got me. My credit is excellent so I doubt it was that hard. He knew I drove 3 hours and told me I could take it or leave it. The only reason I didn’t walk out was because I wanted the truck and it was the only one like it around. It was amazing how fast he changed the paperwork (that he wouldn’t change) when I added gap insurance. I was there at 9 am and didn’t leave until 1pm because the truck was not ready. The wash/detail they did on the truck was horrible and it’s dirtier under the hood than my 15 year old Chevy. The service was terrible and nobody cared about the fact you had to wait four hours for what should have been an hour. You would think they would have been thrilled that someone was finally buying a truck that had been there for 9 months but I guess not. The cherry on top is that we agreed on them throwing in a class 5 hitch pin to seal the deal. They said they’d send it to me. I talked to Matt Zappone in October and he said he’d take care of it. He also said he’d set me up with a mopar maintenance plan. It’s the end of December and he still has not done anything.


DO not go to Zappone Clifton Park for Service

Nobody in service knows hot to wire a hitch correctly. There were 5 guys there with nothing to do. I was shocked any other dealership is busy. But then again not returning calls and taking advantage of customers this is what the results are. They did not wire my jeep hitch correctly. I am not able to back up to the trailer as it locks up my brakes. lol Nice job Zappone. Called them and he screamed at me and said it was done right. dont call back. lol They are crazy. Read my full review of the entire process you will not want to go there.


Rocco Sciocchetti

My wife and I were out shopping for a new Jeep and Jess Dimeo a sales representative came out and introduced herself to us and we really needed help. Jesses experience helped us determine our needs as far as best options and prices.We felt so comfortable and educated after talking with her that we were just gonna buy from her and we did.


Awesome service at Zappone!

I was very impressed with customer service at Zappone in Clifton Park. The entire buying experience went smooth. I highly recommend them. Ask for Chris Horn he will take care of you!


Do not buy from then

They are crooks. Once they get your deal, they don't fix anything that goes wrong. Called them about a big issue with a jeep in less than 30 days and they kept trying to get money for them to look at it. Also the tires on the jeep were barely passing and were unwilling to put tires on it before we got it or after a stone a quarter to an inch long punctured it. On top of calling all the time to get something done, and then not getting anything done, its hard to get them to call you back. I would not be surprised if the jeep we just got ends up in a junk yard within the next year or so. Whoever had the vehicle before us beat on it and its not as good as we thought it was.


Where's the help?

Came into the showroom tonight at 7:15 pm to look at a specific vehicle that I had seen on the internet. I was in the show room for about 10 minutes. Not a single one of the three Idol salesman offered any help nor did they get out of their seats. Drove around outside for another 10 minutes trying to find the vehicle. No help out there either. On my way to Goldstein's now to look for my Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland.

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