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This seller has been on since August 2012.
For years while employed at High line franchise dealerships we watched as the public consistently overpaid for pre-owned vehicles. As time went on and the power of the internet began to emerge the solution to this injustice became clear. Remove all of the reasons that force franchise dealers to overcharge for their vehicles. We have developed a reputation and proven strategy for locating purchasing and retailing high-quality Pre-owned vehicles. The Luxury Auto Sales team is now bringing this same expertise and experience to you the educated consumer. Please give us a call ahead of time so we can have the ready for you !!!!! 614-839-018


(74 reviews)

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Do not shop here

How is this place still in business? The absolute worst place to buy a vehicle in the whole state of Ohio. If there’s a problem with a car here, after a purchase. They will tell you that you are just out of luck. As they take thousands of dollars from you.


Here's the gouge on these folks in detail.

I bought a beamer for my daughter here. Dude said if there's anything wrong with it, he would fix it. Immediately I noticed the ac wasn't working, then there was oil in my driveway. This mf fixed the ac but left the oil leak. Oh yeah, there's now an internal coolant leak. And that warranty that you pay $4100 for, is only good for 5k. So after taxes they're basically just holding your money for you. The bank...First Bank of Ohio in Tiffin... has 1.5 stars for a reason. They don't answer the phone for weeks on end. You're lucky to get through. I called my bank to switch the loan and there was someone who was already switching from the same bank lol. Listen... the whole outfit is trash. They don't prespec their cars and they are extremely forceful and manipulative. Go to a reputable dealer, like one you see on tv. Better yet, buy a new car. It won't be as nice, but it will run for the same price. And, contrary to popular belief you will qualify easier at a better rate, with cheaper insurance. They got some nice "looking" cars, but you've been warned. I can't help you after that. P.S. Dude posts those comments on google before you ever leave the car lot. At that point you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into. Mine says Jada Griffin. I watched him type that whole thing up. I'll be posting this everywhere and I'll be making some calls. P.S.S. I just called dude. He was switching subjects like a mug. He know what he did fa sho.


Called them inquiring about a vehicle.

Called them inquiring about a vehicle. Specifically asked them if there was rust. They assured me it was rust free. Drove 2 1/2 hours to get there and take 1 look at the car and see paint bubbles and spots of rust. One of the doors would not open. They will also call you day of your appointment and tell you someone else is interested in your vehicle but they will be back next week so I better hurry. Staff must not talk to each other because driving to my scheduled appointment I received 3 calls and 1 text asking if anyone has contacted me and 1 call after I left there asking if I took a look at the car yet.


I called them twice to ask about this car that I wanted

I called them twice to ask about this car that I wanted to buy and both times they said they were going to call me back and didn't. If I'm trying to spend$4000 you would think they would make it a point to call me back, wouldn't you?


Dealer shared limited information.

Dealer shared limited information. Asked about whether they could share info about why the vehicle had a CARFAX that reported it as stolen and also reported Odometer tampering. Owner of dealership response was "it's just not true" and nothing else other than his asking prices are always right. Whatever. I moved on after that kind of attitude problem.


They are really good with you and will help get in a very...

They are really good with you and will help get in a very good car or truck


No one, including an owner and a sales manager, followed...

No one, including an owner and a sales manager, followed through with what they said they would. They all knew I had cash and wanted a specific car on their lot. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone that I like. I was unable to even see the car.


Don’t do business with them save your money go els

YL the owner is a A liar scam artist not a good businessman I would recommend to stay far away from Columbus luxury there’s nothing luxury about their cars just junk and a waste of money


Price changes to lure you in!

Thought this car lot was legit. Big mistake. I don't like playing games when it comes to cars. Just be honest and fair. I don't wanna waste my time or theirs. Price on the internet was what made me come there to check the car out. Test drove it, liked it. Next thing u know the owner says that the price they had on the internet wasn't correct. Basically he added 2000.00 to the internet price. When I asked why, he simply stated " I have to make money off of this car ". I was shocked. Why put a price on the internet and then change it when its time to make a deal. I just smh and left. Pathetic place. DONT GO THERE!


Let me start off with I never take the time to do this,...

Let me start off with I never take the time to do this, who has time to give bad reviews? But I feel like people should be warned. This car dealership is a scam, they put a bunch of papers in front of you, and make you sign things. Promising things they know they can’t keep, and telling you you’re SOL if an issue ever pops up. Actually there salesman David, told me to “Go F Myself” when I attempted to talk to him about a warranty I purchased for $2,000 when I bought the car 2 years ago. This warranty covered NOTHING on this past repair. Not one thing. So guess what? ANOTHER $2,000 was put into the car, just to replace the steering lock. Wouldn't ya know it, Steering just doesn’t happen to be covered on this warranty plan. On top of the fix, I had to spend another $800 for a rental car for 2.5 weeks. Which they also couldn’t offer me any type of rental, because it’s against “insurance policies”. They will sell you anything and tell you anything. If you see this place, keep driving. Please.

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