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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(83 reviews)

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Everyone here is really nice and helpful.

Everyone here is really nice and helpful. As a first time car buyer they made the process very easy. I gave them what I was looking for and price range and they found me just that. I will definitely suggest them to others


I'm try get the truck I'm try make load on the truck I'm

I'm try get the truck I'm try make load on the truck I'm this dealership


2011 Mustang GT Supercharger

Teegan did a fantastic job through the whole process of looking at the mustang. He was extremely knowledgeable and answered every question that I had. He made the whole process extremely enjoyable by giving some space and making it a fun experience. Highly recommend looking at a car from him!



Went to look at a car I was interested in. Showed up and it was in TERRIBLE shape, so we got shown a 2015 Ford Focus. We test drove it and I didn’t love it— but the price was right.. told them we would take it IF they got the tire pressure sensor lights fixed first. John went and put air in the tire and came back and said it was good to go.. so we signed papers. We finished up and I went to leave, only for the light to pop on. Pulled back in my parking spot and John very rudely put his hands in the air and said ‘I tried’ and kept o. walking away with someone else.. it took me throwing a fit and taking it to a local repair shop for anything to be fixed and then got it back and the next morning had a flat tire due to a snow leak. All around, this place is terrible. There isn’t any one person or one thing that made our experience happy.


Tundra 2012

I found a good deal at Koprens and a fair price given for my trade in. Teegan was very good to deal with. No hard sell just very helpful and polite. Was able to drive my new used truck home in a very short time that afternoon.


Will NEVER buy here again

Bought a car Saturday 3-30-19 started making a loud thump as soon as I got it home (we live in Nebraska) called them Tuesday 4-2-19 after going to another shop in my home town to figure out the problem, told Kopren the problem and was told “come in tomorrow (200 mile drive) and we will get it fixed or give you a loaner car until we do. I thought great this is the customer service I want! Get here Wednesday morning 4-3-19 they take the car, I was told since my warranty isn’t instated yet and it’s within 30 days they will take care of it. PERFECT. But wait! They come out 20 minutes later and tell me they are not fixing it, it’s “normal wear and tear” and they only meant they would FIND the problem when they said they will “take care of it” mind you this is a $200 job for them a $700 job for me since I’d pay labor 👍🏻 then I’m sitting there arguing with their staff (3 guys and the lady who told me all of the apparent “misinformation” ) about the validity of the issue and why I don’t want the car I bought 4 days ago to “make a noise”.... go Kopren way to treat your customers! But you got your commission so why bother with that anymore!


Ask for Teegan

Teegan went well out of his way to really understand what exactly I was looking for and worked with me to find answers to specific questions, like the precise towing capacity. He went even further out of his way to provide superior customer service by helping me for several hours on his day off.



Horrible. Told me they'd help me find the car I wanted. After telling them exactly what I wanted I got an email with several cars that were over my price limit, and then a reply about how they weren't going to get those cars anyway and why don't I just buy the car in their lot that was close to what I wanted but way out of my price range. I was left feeling like I wasn't worth their time. So I went to a car lot down the street.

Dealer response

T.B. Thanks for taking the time to write this review. I understand your frustration about getting exactly what you want at a price that you set. I personally have been working with one of my salespeople to see if we can find you a car based on your wants and needs. However, with all of the options you are looking for, and the price you want to pay, we have been unable to fulfill your order. You have mentioned to us many cars you have found online that have all the options you are looking for. Unfortunately, there is a cost of doing business. We need to not only buy said vehicles, but would also have to have the vehicle shipped to Rapid City. At approximately $1 per mile, for a single car, that becomes very cost prohibitive when you are finding cars 800+ miles away. You also mentioned that you wanted the Lifetime Engine Warranty that we offer. That requires an extensive inspection be done on the vehicle, at our cost, once it gets here. When we do find a special vehicle for a customer, which we do all the time, there is a commitment process that we go through with the customer. We invite them to the store to confirm their order and then take a deposit on the car of their choosing to get it shipped to Rapid City. You were offered that opportunity and would never come in to talk about a deal. With that being said, we do want to thank you for considering Kopren Motors. I am sorry that the level of customer service you require was not met. I will continue to work with my team to try to provide the best possible buying experience for customers that are trying to special order a used vehicle. That is always a tricky transaction and it looks like we have a little work to do. Thanks Mike Kopren Owner Kopren Motors


turning Window shopping Into Buying

My car buying experience here was overall great. John worked really hard to get me in a great car. The buying process was about like your normal buying experience its not fun but the staff did their best to make it as painless as possible.


Go see Teegan at Kopern Motors

Teegan was a very helpful sales man help me get a car even when I didn't have the best credit.. they went out of there way to get me in this car today.. I recommend kopern motors to everyone that needs a newer car..