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This seller has been on since December 2020.
Whether you are looking for a new or used Acura Honda Kia car truck or SUV you will find it here. We have helped many customers from National City San Diego Chula Vista Kearny Mesa La Mesa Imperial Beach El Cajon Coronado and Bonita find the Acura Honda or Kia of their dreams!

We know that prospective customers are extremely well educated when researching their next vehicle. Ball Auto Group has made it easy to get all the available vehicle information so you can spend less time researching and more time enjoying your purchase. Check out our new specials and used specials.
Serving San Diego over 49 Years on The "Mile of Cars" in National City CA

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(7 reviews)

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Definitely didn’t want to sell a car.

Definitely salesperson had better things to do than sell a car. I tried three different occasions to purchase a Honda Pilot from them. Three different salespeople. I called and left a voicemail for dealership manager. I never got a call back. Emailed several times with internet management and salespeople took forever to answer SIMPLE QUESTIONS!! Absolutely a nightmare! It’s like everyone was in elementary school and you had a Masters Degree. We’re not even in the same planet or place. The Pilot is STILL THERE! Management didn’t care.


Great Cars and Service

Great attitude toward customers in service area and sales. I have bought 5 cars here since 2005. I have no doubt that Ball Auto cares, and will do all they can to help their customers.


Go somewhere else

On July 9, 2020 went to look at a 2015 Mazda CX5 (JM3KE2CY0F0546451) they had on their website on their lot. When we got there, they said the Mazda was just put on the lot and was getting refurbished. They then took us up the street to the maintenance lot, and they were able to find out the car was sent off-site to get reupholstered, as the previous owner had a dog that "ate the backseat", and to come back the next day to see the car. Next day (July 20,2020) rolls around and go back. The car was there, it had not been cleaned up or anything, and had a "wet dog" smell to it which was attempted to be covered up with heavily sprayed floral scent. Test drove the car anyway, and otherwise it was in good condition. Was told I could come back in a few days when the car was detailed to see it again. Arrived back on July 12,2020 and the car was cleaned up, still had an overpowering floral scent. The price was in budget and decided to purchase the vehicle. After getting numbers and paperwork in process, 2 other women showed up to look at the car. At this point I was signing the paperwork agreed on, and they still allowed them to drive and test the car out. I've never been to a dealership that even pulls something like that. Cont. on to finance dept up the street and got official paperwork and be on my way. Come Thursday July 23,2020 I get a phone call from Edgar, Finance guy I signed my paperwork with. He told me that I needed to come in and re-sign everything. I asked him what was going on, and he told me, the car was now 12k (not the listed 14k, and what was on my original paperwork), and couldn’t tell me why all of a sudden it dropped and also that my "paystubs I provided were fake and made in Microsoft Word". Now this is where things continued to get sketchier and sketchier. I don't even think that’s legal to say to a customer, which Naval Legal will be looking into this part, and beyond insulting. The new magic car price and my "new" payment terms where completely different from the original signed paperwork. I asked him who/what/where/why, and he told me he had to call me back. That night no return call. Friday rolls around (July 24,2020), and I called him 2x with no response. He called me back a few hours later, and still no exact details needed but still wanting me to go in and re-sign new paperwork. I told him I didn’t feel comfortable with that, with no hard details and blindly going into a situation, On top of being told I'm making my own paystubs. I told him he could forget it and take the car back, and give me my down payment back, and that all of this sounded very sketchy and unethical. He told me he would call back. I told him I would bring the car back at 5:30PM. I get a text that another person, Diego, would meet me at finance and help me from there. When Diego arrived, he asked what was going on and I told him everything and how I would take my business elsewhere that’s appreciated. He mentioned that no one else in finance/dealership there wanted to help him because they didn’t like him, or like helping each other, so he didn't know what was going on. Things just don't add up, they accuse you of things, and no one likes each other at this place? They need to get their act together. I'm not one that will accept being treated in this manner or be pushed around/taken advantage of. There were 0 apologies from any of the accusations they put on me or anything. Take your values, ethics and business elsewhere.



The Sales manager was very kind and thoughtful. No pressure no hassle. He didn't have what I was looking for but would call me when he did.


Tried bait and switch on a car we made a deal on.

Had a offer written up and when I called to schedule my appointment no one answered the phone. My agent was off and I txted him and he said he would have some one call me. Not until the next day did a sales person call me. I went in with my wife and they brought out a lower model than we made the deal on. I couldn’t believe they would try to do something like this! When I said this isn’t the car the high pressure manager came out and said take this car in an angry voice! The most unprofessional seen I have seen! If my wife would have gone in alone they would have ripped her off! I txted the agent I was dealing with what had happened and asked him to make this deal right or I would go to the owner. No response, I then asked the virtual assistant for the owners contact information and it has never been sent to me. Horrible experience


Honda Civic Sedan Sport

I love my new Honda Civic sport!!! thanks to Tito Louie! Super humble and super easy to talk and get along with! He explained every detail about the car before my purchase. (; I went home very happy! And he even followed up the next day to see how I liked the car! Great salesman!!!


Great team work (internet, sales and finance)

I spoke to the internet manager for a total price out the door as I was driving from LA to SD and didn?t want any surprises and didn?t get any. Only issue they could not find the 2nd key as it was near closing time and service was closed, but they are taking care of the issue promptly and the sales guy took the time to show me all the features and how to set it up.

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