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Hello I am Kurt Anderson the General Manager of Bob Baker Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat. I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about our wonderful dealership. There are many reasons that people choose Bob Baker as their preferred partner when buying selling or repairing their vehicles. The biggest reason is that our culture is dedicated to providing our customers with the best experience possible. We also have a huge inventory selection available through our multiple dealership locations. Come down today to find out why we are doing things differently. "Bob Baker - Where It's So Nice To Be Nice!"
Where It's So Nice To Be Nice!

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(98 reviews)

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Do not go here

We tried to return a leased vehicle and they were rude and unhelpful. Don’t give them your service because you will seriously regret it. Plenty of other dealers to choose from.

Dealer response

We will only take leased vehicles back if you leased it from us new or if you serviced it with us or you are replacing it with another new vehicle from us. If you did neither of those you are not our customer and need to return the vehicle to your selling/servicing dealer. We have only 2 exceptions; if you are military and now stationed here or moved here from out of the area. I am sorry if we appeared rude since we did not accommodate your request. Kurt Anderson General Manager & Partner Bob Baker Auto Group 5555 Car Country Dr Carlsbad, Ca 92008 760-431-3000


General Manager Sarem Loves Bad Service

The General Manager at this location, Samer K, provides the worst customer service I have ever experienced at any dealership. I was attempting to drop off my lease, and then he told me that they couldn't accept it. I told him I talked to a lady at that location the day prior and she told me to bring it on by and it would be taken in without any problems. Samer, the General Manager, said, "Did you lease it from us?" I told him that I did not but I've serviced at this location. "If you didn't lease from us, I don't care where you serviced. I'm not taking your car." I told him that the weekend receptionist told me that it'd be no problem. He responded, again, with, "Yeah I'm not taking it. Go back to where you got it from. I'm not taking your car." I'm completely floored by this level of service. The other brand I'm currently leasing has accepted leases from other dealerships with no trouble, and not even the sales people spoke to me with such disrespect. Not only will I and my family and friends never visit this store again, we will never go with a Dodge product. Mark my words when I say that Dodge corporate will be hearing about this and other negative experiences I've had here but chose to brush under the rug until now.

Dealer response

Justin, Currently we are accepting lease returns from our customers that leased vehicles from us. Then also customers that did not lease form us, but now service their vehicle with us on a regular bases. When you came in "telling us you had just been turned away trying to return your vehicle at Jack Powell CJD earlier that day" Sam asked if you leased it here you indicated "No". He then asked if you serviced it with us you indicated "yes", he said great give me the registration so we can verify your service records and I'll process the return. You went to your vehicle, we assumed to get the registration, only to never return. Sam then went out to look for you, you then made an obscene gesture at him and drove off. Sam and the staff were pleasant, helpful and being more than accommodating trying to facilitate your lease return. I'm sorry if you had a bad day after your visit to Jack Powell and saw it differently. Kurt Anderson General Manager & Partner Bob Baker Auto Group 5555 Car Country Dr Carlsbad, Ca 92008 760-431-3000


Trying to buy

Kurt,last week I contacted your dealership about buying a new Grand Cherokee SRT,was not aloud to talk to you and said I had to go thru a saleperson.I gave them my vin number on my trade in which is a Cherokee Summit 2017 .i was told that a salesmanager would get ahold of me. As of today nothing. Not a good way to do business.


Best Experience Ever

Best Experience Ever. Got my new Jeep Grand Cherokee yesterday and Manny helped me with this process. He is the internet sales manager and I am so glad I had a chance to work with him via e-mail and in person. He is super nice, super professional and super helpful. I am giving him 10 stars! Thank you Manny!



Thankful for Anthony Norton being able to diagnose and repair my FIAT tailgate within my tight budget. He also explained things to me in an upfront manner, which I very much appreciated. I would also like to thank Daniel, who made an extra effort to wash my vehicle when I mentioned it.


Jeep Wrangler Sport S

Looking at Jeeps was so fun and I am so glad we bought from Bob Baker. They were very helpful and it only took 2 visits until we purchased.


Wasted Trip

Over 3 hour drive round trip. So i called before leaving to make sure car was avaialable. Spoke to Linda Bryson. She said yes come down. I get there and she starts saying look over here at the Altitude and the Trackhawk. I told here you knew I came to see the Overland where is it? Let me check. we walk all around lot, then to two different buildings. Finally find it in Recon. meaning not ready to be sold or looked at! Even though they list it for sale on web sites. It was parked in a pitch black area of lot in service. She then looks for key and comes back and says can't get it until Monday keys are locked up. Car was dirty, had old air fresheners in vent, dirty napkins and flat tire. thats just what i could see in the dark with my phone flashlight. Obvisouly not ready for sale. thanks for wasting my Saturday evening traveling from Corona to Carlsbad. Just another dealership who plays games just to get you on there lot at any expense. Definitely avoid there low life tactics. I spoke to my friend who lives in Carlsbad and he had bad issues also with on of the Bob baker dealerships there.


A discriminated against customer

When I first got their I had a truck out front waiting for me to test drive and was supposed to work with Michelle. Unfortunately, she had already left for the day. I then have to work with Marcus. Marcus was probably the rudest sales person that I have every had the opportunity to work with. First, he was finishing up with a deal and got called back to the finance and we said hey go ahead and take care of what you needed we are not going any where and let you finish up your deal. This was not a problem for us as we had time. However, after he got back with us we was going to get our truck appraised and he stated that this 2016 Ram 2500 4x4 manual transmission is not going to sell. I said that it will as a lot of Marines are looking for this kind of truck. He argued with me a bit so I said alright then. He takes that information in and said that he needed to track some other person down and I said ok we will wait again. He came back and I was getting my wife and kid ready to go drive the truck that I made an internet inquiry about and he stated why do we need to drive it as it is the same kind of truck just 2 years newer. Another turn off! The truck was a 2018 ram 2500 4x4, but was an automatic which I wanted to drive to see the difference. While we was waiting for him to finish whatever he was doing my wife and looked around the lot some more. We came across a 2018 ram 2500 4x2 and stated can we at least drive that one. He got a little frustrated and said sure. During this whole time I tried to carry a conversation on with him and couldn’t get him to really talk and I was being very polite, but I eventually gave up trying to talk to him. We get back to the office he starts taking down some of my information and I said “your not gonna run my credit are you as I am going to use my own bank to finance?” He said I still will need your social. Second turn off!! Now, he goes back to the finance place and comes back with their offers. Keep in mind that my truck trade in value was between 34,000 and 38,000 according to KBB and NADA. I know that they are just recommendations, but when you only offer 28,000 for my truck and I say that it is worth a little more than that he kinda laughs and states that well we don’t have to do business then. That was my last straw and said “well sorry for wasting your time, but I think were done here!” He said ok and I walked out. As I was putting my wife and kid into the truck he comes out and says hold on my manager is going to call the used car manager to see if we can do anything better. At this point I’m already infuriated with the quality of service that I have received, but I said ok anyways. He comes back out and said thats the best that we can do. I said ok and left. The level of service from MARCUS was absolutely horrible and the way he acted was as if he was too good for us or that he didn’t want to help any white people. Definitely felt discriminated against. I will absolutely tell every Marine that I get and work with that to NOT come to this dealership and explain my circumstances. Most horrible experience that I have every had and will spread the word.



Purchased a vehicle that was online and on the lot as CPO with one owner and personal use. Found out from finance manager that the car had never been registered (it was a 2017 with over 3,000 miles) and was NEW but was likely a demo vehicle. Red Flag. regardless it was still the Rubicon Hard Rock with all the options and performance we had been searching for. Along with the original window sticker, the dealer displayed their added sticker which proclaimed had the option of the 4.10 gear ratio installed (something else we were looking for). We wanted to ensure that all the options listed were in fact included and part of the sale as well as in working order. Dealership assured us many times that everything was as promised and in good working order. We were told that to show us the soft top they would have to remove the hard top and they could not do that. 1 day after purchase we discovered the premium soft top that was included in the dual top group was missing several pieces and was not functional. We also didn't have the tinted windows that come with the premium soft top, and the bag for the freedom panel of the 3 piece hard top was missing. Brought this to the attention of the dealership and they offered us a discount on the parts we were missing. The vehicle was not sold as is, and even though it was on the lot as CPO it was new. On Monday we returned to the dealer in order to obtain the parts that were listed in the buyer agreement (window stickers showing all options and warranties of vehicle) and were included in our cost of the vehicle. They refused to give us the parts and told us they only honored their mark up sheet of parts not the build sheet that was specific for that model. (If we didn't want those specific options of that rubicon why wouldn't we select another vehicle? Isn't that why people shop around? To find the options and performance at a price they're willing to pay?) after arguing what should and should not come with the vehicle the topic of the added gear ratio arose and the dealer insisted we had the service department verify that this rubicon had the 4.10 axle ratio that was on the dealers window sticker that we signed and agreed to pay for, because the Carfax only had the 3.73 and we thought that was odd. The service department told us it was indeed the 3.73 and we caught the dealership in another lie. The manager then brought the premium soft top out and tried to give us the parts we had been missing and agreed to give us the entire soft top to the black 2017 Rubicon Recon they currently have on the lot (That jeep also comes with the dual top group just so buyers know! Delete Sunrider soft top means they delete the lower end soft top and added the premium which includes the tinted windows). So they were going to give us the premium soft top that belongs to the Recon in order for us to agree to stick with the 3.73 and not the 4.10 that we thought we were purchasing on the vehicle. We were also told that none of their advertising was valid for the vehicle and we get whatever is on the vehicle not what we agreed to purchase in our contract. After explaining our rights the manager rudely shrugged and proceeded to tell us we would not be getting the parts that belong to our vehicle. Was upset that we wouldn't take the soft top and release him of responsibility to provide the parts we agreed to pay for in our contract. This is a SHADY dealership!! They try to make you pay an additional fee for things already in your contract!



First after getting regular oil changes here, the hood of my car almost flew open in the freeway because they left an entire quart of oil sitting on the engine before they closed the hood. Then the car started shutting off on me while driving because it was low on oil. Next They recently agreed to fix chewed wires for $308. I called them days after my insurance company checked it and the mechanic decided to charge me an extra $161 past what we agreed upon because “ the insurance agent said they cover 3 hours, even though I told your husband I’d only charge for 2”. Pretty sure that’s illegal, and I have a deductible. I’ll be dealing with this horrible place again today.

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