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(135 reviews)

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Choose Garrett of Livonia!

Choose Garrett of Livonia! Buying a vehicle can be soo stressful and overwhelming, but I know now that it all depends on who you do business with. I wasn’t easy at all, but Garrett made sure that I was comfortable and he was open and honest about the whole entire process which I appreciate. He set up a game plan with me that didn’t stop when I signed the deal, but a deal that would help me in the long run and it’s what I needed. I appreciate Garrett taking the time and understanding what it was I wanted and needed and not rushing anything for me. Choose Garrett if you want a sales associate who will look out for you in the long run! Thank you for everything!


Told me they would get me out of my lease and give me

Told me they would get me out of my lease and give me 1900 as well. Went up there and after 45min the told me they would just get me out of my lease. I was lied to and treated poorly. I should them that carvana would pay more for the car and was the told " well go sell it to them then"

Dealer response

Good afternoon - first and foremost I apologize for your frustration and experience. By way of introduction, my name is Eric Lacy and I'm one of the VW managers. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to hear more about your experience and can be reached via email: Appreciate your time and hope to hear from you.

Consumer response

I will not be contacting you. Your staff need an overhaul. Please erase my info from your system. I sold my lease tiguan to another vw dealer. I will be dealing with them from now on.


Friday I went in to meet with Brandon Kaplan looking for

Friday I went in to meet with Brandon Kaplan looking for a Sorento since I was told that employees could cross-sell. Through our text conversation and when I came in, I told him that I was interested in Sorento and wasn't interested in VW. When I got there I told him I wasn't really interested in a white car but eventually told you I was. I also told him I was interested in a 3rd row but it wasn't mandatory. The only reason why I came in was because earlier in the week I saw that Kia has 2 Sorento's online, one was red and one was white, well it appears the red one had sold before I came in and that;s why I changed my mind about wanting a white truck. During my visit Brandon were searching for trucks and again I brought up the Sorento and he never showed me one so I assumed he didn't have one in my price range but kept steering me towards the Tiguan. Well Saturday morning, my youngest daughter was trying to find the Tiguan I just bought online to see if it had remote start and came across the same white 2019 Sorento that I was interested in. This made me think that you intentionally steered me toward the Tiguan. Later in the day I was trying to load my daughter and her friends into the "suv" only to find out that the 3rd row couldn't fit teenage girls. Also, I noticed that this Tiguan isn't really a "suv" in size when it was parked next to my neighbor's Ford Fusion. If I would have know that the 3rd row wasn't usuable for teenage kids and that you did have the Sorento in stock I would have never got this Tiguan but once he ran my credit I was kind of stuck getting a car there. I truly regret trading in my 2013 Ford Explorer for this "suv" which is more or a car than truck. This is the first and last time I will ever do business with Lafontaine.


Very shady business. Finance department steals money from...

Very shady business. Finance department steals money from people. If I could give zero stars I would. Would NEVER do business at this location!


From day one, La Fontaine Volkswagen has over promised...

From day one, La Fontaine Volkswagen has over promised and under delivered. Their sales department lacks integrity and falsely represented warranties and polices. The overall lack of willingness to rectify their misleadings is greatly disappointing.


There are two ways a dealership can impress me. The...

There are two ways a dealership can impress me. The first is to 'get everything right', and the second is to 'make everything right'. My first experience with the LaFontaine Volkswagen service department was the latter. After some initial issues with the service department, I'm happy to say that they went out of their way to make things right for me. Bravo to Jason and the team.


Diagnostic Charge makes me question their honesty

First the good: The process the dealership uses for identifying issues, sending the videos to your mobile device, and the approval process of repairs is excellent. Also their facilities are modern and clean. Now the bad: Although I was treated well by Aaron, my service manager, this was the first and last time I will use the service department. When I dropped off the keys the night before, the 'night owl' envelope stated that the diagnostic charge of $145 would be applied to the repair. There were several items wrong with the car (I brought it in after discovering coolant dripping under the car) and the sum of the work was significantly costlier than the vehicle was worth (a 2004 beetle). So we opted for only one item to be corrected, a brake issue. When my credit card was charged, I discovered that the diagnostic cost was still included. When I confronted Aaron, he claimed that his manager had refused to apply the diagnostic charge to the repair cost (and yes, the brake work was more than $145). The reason? I had not had work done on the original reason I brought the vehicle in for. I'll repeat that: because I didn't agree to the $1000 repair of the coolant leak, but still paid for over $150 in repairs, I also had to pay the $145 diagnostic charge. There was no disclaimer on the envelope regarding how the diagnostic charge would (or would not) be applied, so I question the honesty of this extra $145 charge. Service shopper beware.

Dealer response

Hi Carsten, we regret to hear that you had a negative experience with us, but would appreciate the chance to turn your experience around. We hope you are willing to give us another chance. Please reach out to our general manager, Mike Law, at (313) 758-6493 or so we can work towards a resolution.


VW2019Beetle ....Not starting reliably. Took car into...

VW2019Beetle ....Not starting reliably. Took car into dealer today . Nick examined car and can't reproduce the problem although I was able to demonstrate the problem to my salesman , Rudy 2x . Jason told me everything checked out fine . Went to leave the dealership and it would not start on the first try of pressing the start bottom . It has happened several times since leaving dealership today ....I have video recordings of each time . Underwhelmed with service dept.



I purchased my Truck in july during covid my 1st mistake was dealing with Christopher Thomas terrible salesman the suppose 2 be manager Andrew Keller took over n he was very good at talking however he didn't keep his end of the bargain he over charged me for my Truck by 2000.00 n was suppose to add a warranty on as a bonus he charged me for that as well i been calling and had been up to the dealership several times and Christopher never told Andrew also finally i see Andrew he remembers me but doesn't know what im talking about typical anywho I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A CAR FROM THEM EVER IN LIFE. It saddens me that ppl have no heart just as long as you make a dollar you would sell garbage to a person who is already struggling to make it smh


non exsistant dealer prep.

We purchased a new tiguan there.....great vehicle by the way and we are overall happy with it so far. However, we had told them we were coming to look at that specific vehicle, got there and it was totally covered in bird crap....we understand nature happens and it was parked under a tree so no problem so far other then one would think with an appointment that it would be better. Took a test drive, came back and made a deal on the car. Salesman seemed very inexperienced but hey we were all new at a job at some point so still not a problem and he was a nice man. Car was taken back for dealer prep and came back around for us to move out stuff into from our trade in car. Still lots of bird crap on the roof (large area) as well as dust and tree debris in the hatch area. Mentioned it to said salesman who to his credit did make a call to have it taken care of......well that never happened, nor did the inside window get cleaned of the glue from the sticker nor did the wheels get cleaned of the sticky goo from shipping. They never went over any features on the vehicle or how to operate them, never asked for an e mail nor did they ever explain anything about the car net thing. We never saw anyone from finance or a sales manager during or after the sale. Very different experience from what we are used to and horrible prep of a new vehicle. We finally just got in our new car, drove home, washed the bird crap, glue and goo off ourselves and went to you tube to learn how to set the clock and operate all the stuff on the car. If they have the car you want they are ok but don't expect anything other then that from them.