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This seller has been on since February 2016. of Bristol offers car buyers competitively priced vehicles and service with a smile. Their friendly and experienced staff will help you find a vehicle that fits your budget and lifestyle. Call today to schedule a test drive!


(2 reviews)

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Polished, shrewd, & silver tongued - beware!

Friendship ordinarily gives the buyer a copy of an inspection checklist; oddly the one for the car I was buying was"lost" but I was assured it had been completed & all was fine, & I believed them. (1st mistake) I considered having the car checked by a mechanic/body shop but bought into the salesman's pitch on honesty, customer service & reputation so decided that wasn't necessary, (2nd mistake). Two days later while waiting for the Nissan dealership to make me a 2nd key I was told by a salesman that my power seat wasn't working right at all but he assured me since I had just purchased it, Friendship would "make it right" for me, which was a wrong assumption on his part! The man who sold me the car who I gave every benefit of the doubt to, gave me nothing similar in return, instead telling me I broke the seat after purchase, and for nearly $2000 they would repair it. I had to assume he was honest since the "lost" checklist which would have shown the power seat back was malfunctioning was never found! But without that in my possession, I was called untruthful & had no recourse! Of course it is not good business practice to insult a patron's character to save such a successful and large car dealership what amounts to not that much money in the larger picture! I had my car's power seat repaired elsewhere, for half the cost, and was told that it was clearly evident that the it had been previously worked on in an apparent attempt to fix it. And maybe it was fixed just enough that it worked Until after I bought it. I also found out that my "original paint job with a few touch ups" actually was a repaint job which was news to me! Surprise, surprise!! So, shop around for your used car, and check it out well before the final purchase by taking it to a auto body shop and/mechanic. Bottom line is if it came from at auction, they don't know much about it, and the history is a mystery!


Great dealership! has a great location off of 11 W and is very easy to find. The sales people were very friendly and the lot was organized and clean.

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