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(2 reviews)

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I would buy another car from him without hesitatio

Moe did every single thing he said he would do and was 100 percent honest about what I was buying. It wa refreshing to see a used car dealer do what they say they will do and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He works hard, he is honest and I would buy another car from him without hesitation based on my previous experience.


I totally love my fantastic "new" used car!

I approached used-car-buying with a healthy amount of caution and suspicion, not only because of the general reputation of used car sales people, but also to cover for my woeful lack of automotive knowledge. Also, I have a hard time pulling off a poker face if I like (or hate) something. Subtlety is not my strong suit. So, I really need to deal with someone I can trust. And I'm happy to report that Moe at Stallion Auto Sales is that person! We test drove the car I wanted, then went and drove other similar cars, and that comparison bore out Moe's claims both about how good the car he was offering was, and also that it was more than a fair price. He also claimed to have done pro-active mechanical work on the car in order to ensure it will run perfectly for me, its new owner, and that claim was also proven true, and not only because he saved the parts he had had changed, but also by a third party who looked over the engine, and was pleased with how it ran. Moe didn't exaggerate or make false claims; he was always available to answer my (exhaustive) questions, or to send paperwork after the sale was complete. Moe treated me fairly, and never talked down to me, nor over me to my husband. He understood that I was buying the car, not my husband, and spoke directly to me in a clear way. I think the poor reputation of used car dealers is a bit of a shame in Moe's case, because rather than give him the benefit of the doubt, I only started trusting him once I saw proof that was he said was true, and that's a bummer for him. But to his credit, time and again, he rose to the occasion and impressed us. And I totally love my fantastic "new" used car!!