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At Wallace Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram it's not just about buying a car. It's about finding the right car for YOU. That means we take the time to get to know you...your aesthetic preferences your hobbies and your driving habits. Of course we pay just as special attention to used car consumers who flock to Wallace Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram from Fort Pierce West Palm Beach and Vero Beach for our convenient location and stellar selection that's really more "like-new" than it is "used". Our Dodge Jeep RAM and Chrysler service center is more than capable of meeting all your routine maintenance and auto repair needs. Set your appointment online!
Wallace Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram - Here to Help You Find Your Perfect New or Used Car in Stuart Florida!

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(324 reviews)

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Never judge someone!!!!

Our sales representative was arrogant, insinuated the vehicles he had to show was not in our budget. He didn't even know what we wanted to spend. We just wanted to look at vehicles and then determine our financial status. Made rude comments to us frequently. Email me if you would like more information.


Horrible customer service!!

I recently bought a Jeep Gladiator that was transferred down to them from another dealership with only one key. I was told it was going to be mailed to me, as I live 1.5hrs away, and it never was. I’ve called several times to try to have them get me the second key and no one would return my call. They had no problem communicating with me before I bought the vehicle. Which only means they could care less about you after they get your money. Finally after leaving several messages the manager, Frank Barletta called me back to tell me he was going to find out where the key is, and if he couldn’t find it send me another. Great. It’s been two weeks now and no response. I called again and left a message for Frank. Shockingly, no reply. Called again yesterday, no call back. Just called again today, and left a message, no manager replied. Looks like I’m going to have to continue chasing him down or reach out to his boss and or the owner. If i lived closer I’d be there every day until I got my key. I drove over an hour and a half just to buy this car. Obviously they don’t care.


Greedy car salesman

Wanted to charge me 9k above msrp on a new TRX truck. Completely greedy dealership. Don’t value their own local customers. Would never deal with. Tried three times and this was the last.


Great experience, happy buyers !!

Mabel and Tony were wonderful in helping us make our new purchase. Easy to work with, very accommodating, made it an absolute pleasure to buy our new truck . Looking to do a second purchase !!


Terrible Unethical Dealership!

Terrible Buying Experience " - Streetrodder 2020 Rubicon Unlimited purchased. I was not given a chance to test drive it because it had the big box with the 2nd top inside. The salesman Christian delivered the Jeep to our home 9:15 pm on the last day of the month. High pressure from him and the Sales manager Houston, still no test drive. The next morning I drove it and it had a serious steering and wandering problem. It was all over the road. I immediately called and told Christian to cancel our deal and I was on my way back to drop off the Jeep. When I arrived at Wallace Jeep, I meet him and went to the manager Houston and told him the Jeep is not safe to drive and we wanted him to unravel the deal. His response was, You own it, and if you want to trade it on another vehicle you’ll lose $2,500 and you will have to pay the dealer fees again. I told him absolutely no. I’m not going to lose money on a brand new unsafe vehicle, and his response was “What do you want us to do we don’t manufacture them!” I told him when a customer brings a problem they expect a solution and I left. I called and asked to speak to Rusty Wallace, and he was unavailable. The manager said he would give him the message and I never heard back. We went to Ford dealer and told them about the steering issue and they took it in trade. I purchased a 2020 F150 Raptor at less than Invoice price. I suggest if your thinking of buying a 2020 Jeep Wrangler go to JlForum.com and look at all the owners with steering issues. Run don’t walk away from Wallace Jeep! They are very unethical and don’t care about the customer after the sale.


Bumper to Bumper warranty

Review would have been a 4/5 all around, but wasted 2 trips as mechanic did not drive car 1st time and issue persisted. Had to schedule a 2 new time and them they found the problem before we even left the lot. Then they told me this was not covered under my Golden sold to me bumper to bumper warranty that was stated at my purchase. Was buying new Journey right after 1st of year there. Lost my trust will try Arrigo dodge instead to see what they have to offer.


Sales force is a bit ethics challenged, IMHO.

On 09-27-2019 I viewed Wallace Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram's website, looking at an ad they had offering a vehicle I was interested in. A 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk that they were offering at a sale price of $46,892. So I expressed interest and further contact, and at the same time ran the "VALUE YOUR TRADE" link directly from their website which gave me a Kelley Blue Book trade-in value of $37,687 for my vehicle. This put everything well in line with what I was willing to pay so I was excited to pursue this offering. That same day (a Friday) I got an email solicitation from Danielle Delancy further offering that if I contacted her "today" I would get a further $1,000 off of the purchase price of the vehicle I was interested in. So I sent a reply email to set the purchase (hopefully) in motion. That same day I got a phone call from Danielle in which she told me that another salesperson was negotiating with a customer for this same vehicle, so she would need me to give her a credit card number as a refundable deposit on the vehicle in order to hold it for me. She claimed she would not even charge my account, just have it on hand as proof of my intentions to purchase the vehicle. So I complied, as requested. Obviously I was serious about this deal. Danielle requested further info on my trade-in vehicle, so I sent her the VIN as well as a couple dozen detailed photographs. During a flurry of emails between us, she said that her "GSM Houston" would be contacting me. I did get a phone message on 09-28-2019 from him, but was away from the phone at the time. I called back, but just got voice mail, and no further contact was made from this GSM. Sometime on Sunday (09-29-2019), the price on their website for this very same vehicle went up to $49,566. When I questioned this via email, Danielle contacted me via phone, and said that yes, the price has gone up, because the GSM felt that the vehicle was rare and hard to find. Evidently regardless of the fact I had provided that credit card number on Friday which should have secured the vehicle for me, at the price previously stated. So Danielle states to me that the "out the door" price with my trade-in would leave me with a balance of $19,900 due in difference. All of the numbers are shown in this post, so you do the math and see if you can get them to add up in any way. I'm coming up with over $10,000 more than what we were discussing on 09-27-2019. In my opinion, it appears that nothing I was told or shown on their website was in any way the truth. Whether it be the selling price of the vehicle, the amount stated for my trade-in, nor that my providing a credit card number would be securing this deal in any way related to the then existing quoted prices. All of the information stated above, where possible, was captured either via screen captures or in emails. I don't have the phone conversations recorded, obviously, but I did follow up with an email concerning the credit card number to hold the vehicle and Danielle acknowledged same in a reply. Anything quoted from phone conversations are accurate without embellishments. As for Wallace Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, it is my earned opinion that you will be wasting your time trying to deal with them, as they will have absolutely no qualms about lying to you. Even if their statements are in writing. Yeah, I know. Car salesmen lie. Aren't you tired of putting up with it? I think I would rather get a root canal than try to buy a car from a dealership. This one is a text book example of why I feel that way. All statements made are my experience and my opinion of the matters that transpired. Rich Z.


Great Experience

Best experience I've had buying a car ever. Service and price are second to none. 5 stars!! Definitely go there to buy your next car!


Wallace Jeep Service Department

Al and John in the Service Department treated me very good yesterday! Excellent service - fixed my Jeep and gave me a ride home and back again!



I was looking for a 2019 Grand Cherokee Limited. Spoke to the Internet salesman, Mike Lawrence. Was informed by him that we have a vehicle in stock that fits my requirements and he can get me close to a 10k discount. When down to the dealer next day .Mike Lawrence never appeared and I was handed off to a salesman. Here is the short of it. Vehicle that was identified for the discount is a loaner car and I can not buy it. ?????? The manager was able to find me a car that fits my needs but they had to bring it in from a different dealer. Gave me a better discount. I agreed. Next day has come and gone. The salesman was kind enough to call late in the afternoon to inform me the vehicle that was promised to me was sold . End of story. I wasted 2 days with this dealer . I would never do business with them nor would I recommend them to my worst enemy.

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