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(22 reviews)

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Buyer beware

I tried really hard not to leave a bad review after such a glowing review I had for my sales experience, but I've given the service department 3 times to prove that they aren't having a bad day and that I'm not black balled because I sent a concerning email about the service I received to the service manager (who never bothered to respond to my email) but if I can save others the headache, I will. As previously stated, my sales experience was phenomenal. My service experience, however, has been the worst service I've ever encountered. Most recently, I had an issue with my tpms system where it keeps saying low tire pressure. Took it to them because I purchased a warranty that covered tires. They inspected and found nothing wrong. Two days later, the message appears again. I took it to Discount Tire and they found a hole in the tire within 10 minutes. Scheduled an appointment with Carolina VW for tomorrow at 730 am. Mark Smith from the service department calls me at 250 pm asking if I can possibly come this afternoon because they're booked solid. I said sure, it'll take me 30 to 45 minutes to get there. I finally got there and the service advisor asked what was going on and I explained the issue...he proceeds to say "discount tire could fix it?" To which I responded that I wasn't going to pay them to fix it when it was still under warranty. He argued with me that tires weren't covered under warranty and finally decided to pull my paperwork and confirmed what I had been trying to tell him was true. He then says that they didn't have my tire in stock and it would be next week before they could replace. At this point, I'm livid. I tell him I'm tired of wasting my time coming here to which he replied that had I called before coming they would have told me it wasn't in stock. Talk about adding insult to injury. I nicely told him that they were the ones that called ME and told me to come today. There was absolutely no remorse by either service advisor and its almost to the point that I feel they're either racist, sexist, or they are intentionally have me waste time and trips all the way across town. Needless to say, I regret my purchase and will never buy another vehicle from here. The service department is the worst and I wish I could have my warranty transferred somewhere else to avoid ever having to step foot in that place again. Buyer beware!!!



Matt always goes the extra mile. He pays attention to what the customer has to say! Matt will make sure the job gets done right!


Great Pre-Owned Vehicle Shopping Trip.

If Carolina Volkswagen were a Christmas tree, Mr. Donell Richardson is the shiny star on the top of the tree. That is an interest word picture because I don’t know how we could get him fixed to stay up there! He made the entire process of purchasing a car relaxing and enjoyable. Donnell knew the details about the 2012 Toyota Highlander that we purchased and he took time to show us some cosmetic issues that we probably would never have noticed. He impressed my wife and I as a man of honesty and integrity. When we sell the Highlander, Donell is the first call that I will make to purchase another vehicle. As for the Finance Manager, I was ready to go to war with him. When buying a car it is that department that messes up any good deal that a sales person puts together. I was ready for the “hidden costs” and sneaky add-on’s, ready to argue about them. That’s just the way Finance Managers operate, you can’t turn your backs on them! Mr. Chris Gray totally upended my arguing plans! Chris was honest, upfront and,shopped for the best financing deals for us. We were impressed with his “customer first” attitude and his eagerness to work, ensuring that Donell’s deal was honored. If Donell was the star on top of the tree, Chris was the stand. Seldom seen but always working hard to hold the tree upright. This was the best car buying experience that we have ever had thanks to these two fine gentlemen. Dale and Susie Austin


Darrell Winstead

So my wife and I decided to go to Carolina Volkswagen and check their inventory. Glad we did. Once we arrived at the dealership we got out and started walking around looking at cars. After a few moments a salesman came out an introduced himself. His name was Chris Harmon. Chris turned out to be the consummate professional. We told him our story, and what we were looking for. He listened attentively asked a few more questions then led us over to the Passats. After looking at the New models we walked over to the Certified Pre-owned and there it was, a Passat R-Line w/Comfort Pkg. a really nice car. We took it for a test drive as well as an SUV and fell in love w/the R-Line. The rest is history we chose the R-Line. Through the whole process Chris didn’t try to pressure us or hound us into buying a car. Thank you Chris.

Dealer response

Thank you for the great review, Darrell! We are happy to have Chris on our them!! We look forward to serving you in the future! Enjoy your new Volkswagen Passat! Please feel free to reach out if we can assist you in any way! Richard Crosby (General Manager)


The worst and continue to be the worst

If I could leave a review for zero stars I would!. We purchased a "New" 2018 VW Tiguan on 6/24/18. We have had repeated issues with the car that the dealer and VW of America say are "operating with in normal tolerances". Our car came equipped with blind spot monitoring and the system goes off at random. When we took the car to them they said "it was probably a really big bug setting it off". The car called for oil changes every 10,000 miles. We have had to service it at every 6,500 miles instead. The car drinks coolant between service visits and they say that this is a normal operation. We had a recall on the headliner lighting which was simply to unplug it, and they got grease all over the headliner and told me to clean it with windex when I confronted them about it. After all my complaints and questions I came to find out that someone had bought the car before me and the car had been marked as sold, meaning the warranty started before the date I purchased the car. Making this a USED car!! I clearly asked them when the warranty started due to the fact that the car had 2500 miles on it when we bought it. They told me it was a service loaner, it was not, they had sold the car to someone and couldn't get the deal finalized so the put it back into inventory and then sold it to me. During the 7 and a half hours it took to purchase the car my 2 year old was on his last leg. They asked me to sign all the paperwork blank in an effort to expedite the purchase process. Now after our last service visit we were told it needs new tires and an alignment (it only has 18000 miles on it) and the fan that knocks when turning on and off the car, coolant lose, and now blind spot and front crash sensor triggering for no reason are all operating with in normal tolerances. I wrote a BBB complaint and they took 11 days to respond. The dealers exact response was "we are continuing to work with the customer to resolve the issues" they have not reached out once to work with me. Now we have a "new" car that I am not entitled to the full factory warranty because they lied to me, the car is loosing coolant, has a bad fan housing, and the safety features have a mind of their own. On top of that the dealership employees have all been fired and replaced multiple times so every time I go in I have to start over. They also condone illegal processing of paperwork through measures like trying to get you to sign blank docs, keeping you waiting for hours on end, and not putting your vehicles issues on the work orders so there are no paper trails to follow. THIS DEALER IS CROOKED AND SHOULD BE INSPECTED BY NCDMV AGENTS. They would fail and have so many fines. When I spoke to the HR lady she confirmed that they had some issues with staff and let people go due to deceptive trade practices. She offered to have the owner contact me. The following week I reached back out and she said they told her to put me back in front of the new service manager. The Owner Donald Ronaldo and his son don't even care about the quality of service their "family dealership" provides. Much less want to operate an ethical organization. I have tried to work with everyone at the store and get nowhere. The General Managers suggestion was to give me $18500 on trade for a car I paid $32000 for less than a year ago. Do not waist your time with this establishment they will ruin your vehicle in service, deny anything and everything, and they shove the bill in your face.

Dealer response

Hello John, We would like to apologize for the negative experience you had with our service department. We hope you will give us the chance to make things right. Please call our General Manager, Richard Crosby, at (704) 537-2336. Thank you.


Worst Service ever. Stay Away!!!!

Got my oil changed there the other day and heard something dragging under my car. Turns out they had forgotten to bolt my engine undercarriage cover back so I have been dragging it for days. Called them and explained and No apology, No how can we fix this or anything. Worst service ever. STAY AWAY!!!

Dealer response

Hello Diana, We would like to apologize for the negative experience you had with our service department. We hope you will give us the chance to make things right. Please call our General Manager, Richard Crosby, at (704) 537-2336. Thank you.


Amazing Service, Amazing Staff, Amazing Vehicle

I have never really had a great experience purchasing a vehicle, so when I made an appointment to see Kevin “Soupy” Campbell at Carolina Volkswagen to discuss a used vehicle I saw online in their inventory, I did not get my hopes up high. I honestly came to my appointment with expectations to be disappointed. My credit was not superb, and I knew that I was upside down in my Jeep Patriot. Kevin assured me that he was going to take care of me regardless of the outcome. He was so friendly and personable and the staff was so accommodating. They made sure my son had a snack and I had my caffeine  Kevin introduced me to Christina Bartolotta, the General Manager. She was downright amazing! Upon my arrival, not knowing who she was, she complimented my hair and her smile and demeanor was so genuine. The title of “General Manager”, would make you assume that this person would be too important to have a casual conversation with you or to give you a compliment in passing, but she changed that myth I had in my mind forever. She couldn’t have been more helpful. When Kevin aka Soupy advised that a new VW Tiguan was in the works for me, I couldn’t believe it! The General Sales Manager, Ernetso Bonita, worked his magic and presented me with some numbers that I could afford for this new vehicle. Ernetso and Christina both stayed late to ensure that my financing went through. They worked extremely hard over the phone with the lender to make sure all t’s were crossed and I’s were dotted. Any questions I had, they all answered before departing. I walked out of the dealership feeling accomplished and secure. There was no buyer’s remorse! I absolutely LOVE my Tiguan and this experience has left me a VW girl for life! I only have plans to purchase from Carolina Volkswagen, PERIOD! Thank you Kevin, Christina, and Ernetso for making me a believer that purchasing a vehicle can be a wonderful experience! Please see this team of individuals if you are in need of purchasing a car! You wont regret it.

Dealer response

Thank you for leaving a review! The team here at Carolina VW is thrilled to hear such good feedback! Enjoy your new Tiguan!


Excellent dealership

My salesman Logan was the best ! he is extremely knowledgeable, he understood what i was looking for ! he answered all my questions with precision and ultimately got my new Jetta ! i would recommend him and this dealership to anyone !

Dealer response

Thank you for leaving a review! The team here at Carolina VW is thrilled to hear such good feedback! Enjoy your new car!


Destroyed my rear window defrosters

“Their” detail guy destroyed my window defrosters while my car was being serviced and they told me to kick rocks. I took my car in for an oil change and it’s first NC inspection. They said the window tints wouldn’t pass but “their” detail guy could remove them for a fee. I agreed so that I wouldn’t damage the rear window defrosters. I spent hours at the dealership waiting for them to finish. I finally get called into the back of their garage and told that the detail guy was having a hard time with the removal. Their VW mechanic said I wasn’t going to be charged because the detail guy took all day and didn’t finish the job but they passed my car’s inspection. I agreed and left because after half the day I had had enough. A few days later I try to defog my back window and only one zigzag stripe works. I reach out to the dealer and try to get it fixed and they say the dealership didn’t remove the tint so they are not responsible. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. They recommended a service, had it performed on their property, in their garage, but refuse to take responsibility for the damage.

Dealer response

I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. We're normally known for our exceptional attention to detail, and we regret that we missed the mark. My name is Ernesto and I am the General Sales Manager here. If you'd like to discuss this further, please contact me at 704-537-2336.


terrible service

Terrible service talked to no one and I was on the lot for 30 minutes looking at cars

Dealer response

I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. We're normally known for our exceptional attention to detail, and we regret that we missed the mark. My name is Ernesto and I am the General Sales Manager here. If you'd like to discuss this further, please contact me at 704-537-2336.

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