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(247 reviews)

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I emailed to ask about a car that was “coming soon” Audrey responded and said that the car was available and that she would let Kenny know to meet with us and that he would have the car ready. When we arrived Kenny was busy so Scott helped us. Kenny stopped over by but was unaware that we were coming to see him or what car we were looking for. Scott couldn’t find the car and we spent quite a while waiting, then it looked like the car was going to be at the detail shop so we followed Scott 3 to 4 miles down to find the car. We waited outside of the detail shop for about 15 minutes and Scott came out and said the car was not there. That they had actually detailed one but it didn’t match the numbers. So then we drove back to the dealership and we waited as Scott drove up and down the rows of cars trying to find the car we were looking for. While we were waiting for Scott, Kenny came up and ask which car we were looking for and when we told him another salesman pulled out his phone and said oh here’s that car. It was a car that was in the body shop with a front end completely smashed. So we drove about 45 minutes and spent quite a bit of time looking for a car that wasn’t even available. Scott did go way beyond what was expected and we do appreciate that. However we are buying a car in Ballwin Missouri today and probably would not come back to Auffenberg.

Dealer response

This vehicle should have been marked not available while we sent it to the body shop. The customer care representative saw it marked as a ready to go vehicle and proceeded according to our normal activities. We do apologize for that vehicle not properly being marked not available. We have new processes being implemented to prevent this from ever happening again. Thank you, Jeremy Kehrer Automall Pre-Owned Sales Manager Auffenberg Dealer Group 618-624-2277 x1515 office


Poor customer service

I called about a vehicle and was told the inspection was complete and no known issues. I made an appt to meet with a specific salesman. I felt good driving 2 hrs and 20 minutes after knowing that. When I got there, none of the 3 salesmen I encountered could be bothered to help me, not to mention the salesman my appointment was with was not there. I was then told the inspection had not been done but "it would be looked at the following day if I wanted to pursue" (which I advised that I did). I didnt get a call the next day. Even the worst dealerships I've gone to at LEAST will clean the trash out of the car before showing it. I called two days ahead of the appt. Unprofessional business with uninterested salesman.

Dealer response

Our customer service representative spoke too soon on the vehicle ready and done with service. We have changed our processes moving forward to fix this issue in the future. Please let us know if there is anyway we can assist you further in the future. We take these comments very seriously and hope you understand the communication issue we had before has been fixed. Thank you, Jeremy Kehrer Automall Pre-Owned Sales Manager Auffenberg Dealer Group 618-624-2277 x1515 office


Terrible service

I purchased a 2018 Mazda CX-9 from them. I had to wait two hours to sign my paperwork the day I bought my car. The windshield was cracked and the sales manager told me they would let me get the windshield fixed at my house. That did not happen and I had to drive over an hour and drop the car at the dealership. After fixing the windshield, the blind spot monitor was not reinstalled. I had to take the car to my local Mazda dealer to fix it.


Poor Customer Service

We experienced an intermittent seat heater problem with our 2016 Nissan Murano during the warranty period. We bought the vehicle new from Auffenberg, our third consecutive Murano. All of our service and repair work is done by the Dealer. The Service Department couldn't duplicate the the seat heater problem, but frankly, they didn't try very hard to find it (no mechanic, no technician, just Service Adviser). When the heater finally failed for good, we took it in for repair and were told that we were beyond the warranty period and would have to pay for it. The problem involved the heater control circuit board, so the repair was going to be $1500 . We reminded the Service Adviser that we were having the problem before the warranty ended, to no avail. We spoke with the Service Manager and he said there was nothing he could do, but suggested we might call NissanUSA. We did and they agreed to an 80/20 split. Why Auffenberg couldn't have made that call in the interests of good customer service, I don't know. Well, our third Murano will be our last - at least from Auffenberg.



I set up a test drive almost a week in advance and after driving 30 miles to the dealer I find out the truck is in the shop with the transmission out of it. They told me they would call me the next day and they never called me.


2018 Nissan Rogue

Cory Reno helped us buy our cars. We just bought our sixth car from Cory on Saturday. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Highly recommend him!


Unfortunate Customer Service

I went into Auffenberg with intentions of buying a used CX-5. Test drove one, liked it, told the salesperson I needed the afternoon just to ensure there were no better deals out there. I walk out to my car, search the web, and find that Auffenberg has another CX-5 with 10K fewer miles and costs the same. I go back in, ask about it, and they tell me the cheaper one isn't certified pre-owned. Ok. I go home, search again, look more closely on THEIR website and the listing says the car IS CPO. I contact the dealership, someone gets back to me and says that the car is in fact CPO. I text the salesperson I had worked with. He claims it is NOT CPO. I email the customer experience rep, she says that it IS CPO. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I get an email from Michael Auffenberg inquiring about my experience there. I lay out for him, in much clearer detail than I wrote above, what I had experienced. We're going on one week now and still I have not heard back at all. I will be taking my business elsewhere. I would highly recommend you do the same unless they fix some customer service issues.


2018 Nissan Murano

Dustin was the perfect salesman for us. He was knowledgeable and able to help us make decisions based on our needs. We never felt pressured at any point.


Great place, great experience

Great customer service, smooth and easy buying process, good help and detailed explanations. No pressure on the sale whatsoever. I gotta name drop here too, work with Corey Reno, the salesman’s is legitamitely honest, candid and very helpful/insightful. Would definitely buy from here again.


Purchased a Rogue. Quick and easy.

Cory at Auffey is so easy to work with. I have leased several cars from him and each experience was delightful. He’s not pushy and shows you the cars you’re interested in. Either all the frills or non of the frills he’ll find the right car for you.