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Customer Satisfaction Times Ten!

Thank you, Mike and Craig, for turning my personal nightmare (car window vandalism) into peace of mind! Thank you, Mike, for going the extra miles, literally, and jumping through the necessary hoops, to locate a replacement window from a warehouse in Ohio, and getting it here within 2 days! My insurance company uses Safelite for all of their car glass claim, and after a week-long run-around with them, they told me that they couldn’t get a replacement window for 6 weeks! That’s when I called you folks! Thank you, Craig, for your excellent customer service…and especially for faxing/emailing the invoice to Safelite for payment, minus my deductible. I know that wasn’t easy considering the time and staff constraints you’re under during this ongoing pandemic. The above is one of many reasons why I’ve been a faithful customer for over 10 years! I’m never disappointed…only increasingly impressed!

Dealer response

Hello Linda, thank you for your kind review; we are happy to pass along your comments to the team here at Maita Honda! We are always more than happy to assist you if anything else comes up. Take care!


The very best in the Sacramento area

I bought a new Honda Insight today. I have purchased about a dozen new cars in my 50 years of driving. I have had enough unpleasant car buying experiences to know exactly what I like and dislike. My time with the Maita team was by far the most delightful purchase ever. It started with Matt, an Internet sales guy who gave me a quote via email within an hour of my request. When I told him when I was coming in, he emailed me that he would not be there, but I should talk to JJ, another Internet sales guy. JJ was great from the beginning. I told him that I needed to have a casual, no pressure time with him and he really delivered. He ran around like crazy getting everything lined up and we quickly came to an amicable agreement. No BS, no ups, no extras, a clean deal. Mary Ellen, the finance person, was a fun date too. She gave a brief presentation of the stuff that she was supposed to mention but was completely un-pushy and graciously accepted my “no thanks” responses. I had been to a competitor’s dealership and walked out in disgust after being continuously disrespected. Luckily, I found Maita and have begun a relationship with the only dealership I’ll ever need.


First time car buyer

The salesman we worked with in test driving and attempting to purchase a 2016 Honda Civic was generally pleasant. As a first-time car buyer, I have no complaints as far as "pushy car salesman" goes. What made my experience less than ideal was having to walk away from a car that checked all of the needs/wants on my list because the dealership was not willing to negotiate on the baseline price of the vehicle.


Unscheduled Service

On the way to Citrus Heights for a conference, I struck unavoidable objects in I-80 which peeled back my Civic's splash guard. Service Advisor, John Dacy worked my car into his busy schedule, replaced the splash guard - which was beyond repair - and soon had me back on the road again.


Go elsewhere

I was looking forward to shopping here. I called and spoke to Steve over the phone. He assured me the vehicle I was interested in was available. He knew my husband and I were coming in about 6:30pm. He stated "we are here to sell cars and we will stay late if we have to". When we arrived no one was around and we were wandering around looking at vehicles. We found the vehicle we were looking at and told him we were interested in a CR-V instead of showing us similar vehicles with maybe more features at about the same price he just introduced himself and said he'd get the keys. Then the vehicle had no gas and we'd had to wait longer. I was already frustrated at no one being in the office for about 10 minutes then having to wait for the vehicle to get gas. I wanted to look at other vehicles but he drove us to the other side of the lot and I didn't want to walk on the cold since I had been ill and had a fever. I had spoked to Steve before noon. We ended up buying the vehicle. But Jason seemed inconvenienced he had to stay late and even said "we closed three minutes ago so...are you going to buy?" In all honesty I wished I had paid the $250 to return the vehicle. We needed a car as I had already sold my car. I would have liked the time to look at a vehicle with more features. It's a shame because I am a loyal customer once I find a place worth shopping at. I would have bought all my future vehicles here. I wouldn't recommend this dealership and especially not Jason as a salesman. He was pushy and rude. Had I not had not been ill and in need of a vehicle we would have walked. My husband is very upset by the experience and how we were treated. Take your business elsewhere!


Great Service From Alex and Robert!

Absolutely amazing experience with Manager Alex and Internet Sales Manager Robert at Maita Honda on corner of Auburn and Greenback in Sacramento. This is a really no pressure environment with very informed sales crew. They immediately answered all the questions I had and were very transparent about the deals and prices "something that is absolutely rare these days" I had an amazing experience buying my 2019 Honda Odyssey ad this dealership and will definitely recommend to my friends and family. This dealership definitely passes the "would I recommend this place to my mother test"


Honda Accord

Cammy was wonderful now trying to get her to get price right for a 2017 pilot


Please reconsider buying from this dealership!

My grandfather had leased a Honda from here, because of his health, he only put the car into his name. The salesman, sales manager, and finance manager reinsured my grandfather that if he does pass away that all his family has to do is just return the car with no obligation to the family, witnessed what they said was my grandmother. My grandfather was no stick in the mud, he said he would not do a deal that will hurt his family if he passed. Well my grandfather passed away and it has been nothing but a huge pain and hassle to deal with these people. They lied to my grandfather to make a deal. They did absolutely nothing to help and deny everything they said to my grandfather. The sales manager insulted my mother on the phone, "I'm not going to do anything to help you", and kept upsetting my grandmother when we had to go in and sign the car away. They told us we had to pay so much negative equity when the car was only 3 months old and had 800 miles on it. Obviously, Hondas do not hold there value like they say. They claimed that the car had many dents and scratches, when I turned the vehicle in I went over the car with a sales manager and he said it was 100%, but now when they had the car for a while it has dents and scratches that we have to pay for. Please reconsider buying from this dealership, there are so many more Honda dealerships to choose from. These people will tell you anything for them to make a quick buck. Customer service was terrible and very rude. I have lost all respect for this dealership and the employees that helped my grandfather.



A little pushy, but otherwise very nice and willing to work with you and your situation.


Change of oil service cause distress and delays

I took my car to this dealer to get oil change and they forgot to set up the oil timer, which cause distress and delays on my trip, since the light came up during the trip and did not know weather was something wrong with the car or what, I interrupted my trip to take the car to the nearest Honda dealer, but because it was Sunday the service dept was closed. I have to drop the keys and stayed at the nearest hotel where I incurred on extra expenses, next day they look at it and all it was the oil timer was not set up, in the meantime in order to tell me that they have to do another oil change, when I complain to the service manager Scott Lance he said no problem I would receive a reimbursement for the extra expenses, he was nice about but never follow up since that reimbursement never came, since May 7 until now never received anything, phone call I have made to his office have been unanswered, I don't know what to think about this, is this a way to keep clients?

Dealer response

Hello Ms. Villarreal, We fully apologize for your negative experience here at our dealership. We wanted to inform you that we have indeed called you multiple times as well as sent you an email to reimburse you for your oil change, but unfortunately there is no voicemail set up for us to leave a message. We only have one phone number on file. It would be our pleasure to reimburse you and earn back your business! If you could please give Service Manager Scott Lance a call at 919-969-6151 x.4038, he would be happy to help!

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