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(85 reviews)

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Great Car Buying Experience

I purchased a used 2012 Audi A6 from Gran Turismo through Lance Sholes last week. I rarely follow up with a review but felt compelled to do so after the excellent experience I had. Before I get to my experience I have to say I've read the other reviews and mine was very similar. I live in Seattle so I contacted Lance first through email and then by phone as I found the car online. The first time I called Lance I had a few questions about the car and was not ready to purchase. He answered my questions and let me know he was available anytime to answer other questions. After doing further research I realized this car had all the features I was looking for so I called Lance again and he and I worked out a very competitive deal in a short period. I apprecated that there was no going back and forth between Lance and a manager to finalize this deal. Unfortunately, when I came down to pick up the car my financing, which I told Lance would be complete, was not complete. Lance seamlessly worked through this issue and didn't make it a hassle for additional cost to me. In the end, my high-end car buying experience went better than expected. I am thoroughly satisfied with this car as it continues to exceed my expectations. I look forward to working with Lance in the near future as my 16 year old boy is in need of a good used car.



Lance Sholes, who I spoke to on the phone at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo, picked me up at the train station. He was warm, friendly and low-key as we talked about Ferraris in general. I went there to look at a 360 that I saw advertised on their website. After taking it for an enjoyable drive with Lance, I lost interest in that particular car. Lance was considerate and patient and listened to what I had to say and respected my opinion and made me feel comfortable with my decision. I looked at a 308 that had just come in on a trade-in. The Ferrari was a low-mileage car in great condition. I impulsively bought it and felt very comfortable with Lance and the dealership. I?m still very happy with the car. It?s everything that Lance Sholes said it was. What also impressed me about Lance and the dealership was that part of the sales agreement was for them to ship the car to me in Seattle without charge. They were going to pick up another car on the same trip. When there was a change in their scheduling, they made the trip just to bring up my car. They didn?t try to charge me for the delivery. Their word was good. I would highly recommend seeing Lance Sholes at Ron Tonkin. I enjoyed the experience of buying a car from him and give him my best wishes.


Great car buying experience

In today's environment, purchasing a new or used automobile can be an extremely stressful experience, particularly on-line using the Internet. At times we might be confronted with locating our dream vehicle several hundred or thousands of miles away, which requires us to fly to it's location in order to be able to touch, feel and see the vehicle we're purchasing. In most cases, homes and automobiles are our single largest purchases, so it's a big deal to most of us. Upon conversing back and forth, both by email and telephone, it didn't take long to discover and get a "Feel" for who I was dealing with. Lance Sholes of Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo in Portland, Oregon is a car buyers dream come true. Being a retired banker who dealt with a number of dealerships, both in flooring and customer financing, I developed an understanding of the "character" of the business, which in a number of cases turned out to be extremely disappointing. Not so with Lance Sholes at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo. Yes, he looked out for the best interests of the dealership, but at the same time he looked out for me as well and I really appreciated that. He guided me in the right direction throughout the process, establishing a sense of "Honesty, Integrity and Character," which well represented the dealership. He was also no stick in the mud either. Lance allowed his personality to show through and wasn't afraid to engage in witty little exchanges, which made him very likeable. When Lance and I started negotiating a deal, I couldn't help but to break into laughing and I knew he was working in an area of being more than fair with the price. I told him I was waiting to hear from a dealership down in Costa Mesa, California on a offer I submitted to them and Lance was agreeable with that. After putting down a deposit on the car with Lance, I heard from the dealership in Costa Mesa accepting my offer..... It was a perfectly matched vehicle to the one at Ron Tonkin's only a one year newer model with about 5,000 less miles on it... I asked myself, anyone in there right mind would tell Lance at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo I found a better deal on a one year newer model with less mileage for only $750.00 more.... For me, IT DIDN'T MATTER.... Because I trusted Lance, respected Lance and had confidence in Lance, I didn't pull out of the deal.... Why? Honesty, Character and Integrity. That's worth far more than a couple of grand..... I hope to meet Lance Sholes and the staff at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo someday, just so Lance could buy me lunch.... (Other than at McDonald's or Burger King) Other than being a painful 652 miles north of where I reside, I would purchase another vehicle from Ron Tonkin's in a heartbeat. Thank you Lance and all the staff that made my buying experience a pleasurable one..


A car dealership for everyone...

Today I bought a 2010 Pre-Owned Lexus IS250 at the Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo dealership. Being primarily a Ferrari / Maserati dealership (America's oldest) it can be a little intimidating (but a LOT of fun) to walk in and be surrounded by $200K+ cars. That said I was there to buy a used car in an average price range (of which they had several QUALITY vehicles at a great value). Lance Sholes was the Sales Representative that took care of me and he was honest about a couple of flaws in the vehicle (which he had fixed immediately), was low pressure, and in no way acted like I was any different than a customer that flew his private plane up from Los Angeles to buy a Ferrari (and yes there was a gentleman in that day doing just that!). I also told Lance what I wanted to pay and that I did not want to haggle. He "got it" and after I gave him my number, he checked with his manager, came back and shook my hand. I felt like I got a deal and I hope he didn't feel low-balled. I have purchased 10+ cars in my lifetime and this BY FAR was the best buying experience I have ever had. I credit Lance and Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo for this premium experience. I highly recommend it - and don't be put off by the Ferraris -- in fact come in and take a look up close... They let you do that!


No Hassle Purchase

We have been looking for a Ford Thunderbird for several months. We found a 2004 Thunderbird with lower mileage at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo. We feel we got a very fair deal on the car and we really appreciated the very low pressure approach allowing us to take our time making a purchase decision. We dealt with Lance who was great to deal with. When we made a decision to buy Lance prepared the paperwork in advance making the purchase very quick and simple. We had a geat experience with the purchase and are very happy with the car!


I happened to see online that RTGT had pretty much the...

I happened to see online that RTGT had pretty much the exact car that I had been looking for for quite some time. It was my first time at the dealer and Larry happened to be there. He showed me the car that I was looking for, but unfortunately the car had a flat battery and needed a oil change. Larry said that everything would be ready by the end of the Monday business day. After a jump start and a quick test drive, I knew that this was the car for me. Larry and his boss worked out a deal that was reasonable and since Monday I have been enjoying my new car. Larry has been great with the after sales services. I am looking forward to being a repeat customer of RTGT, especially at their new location in Wilsonville!


When is buying a used car not like buying a used car? ...

When is buying a used car not like buying a used car? When you buy it from Larry Zemliak at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo. I purchased the car on eBay sight unseen from across the country based largely upon the reputation of the dealership. After buying the car, my first contact was with Larry Zemliak, the used car sales manager. Larry could not have been more pleasant and helpful in that first conversation, and that helpfulness continued throughout the process. I had planned on driving the car back to the East Coast, but when my plans changed Larry arranged shipping at a very reasonable cost with a reputable company. He also provided updates as things progressed. After a one week journey, the car arrived in perfect condition and was exactly as described. Buying a 40 year-old car without first inspecting it is always a risky proposition. I took a leap of faith and was not disappointed. Larry Zemliak and Gran Turismo exceeded my expectations every step of the way.


My experience with RTGT was the finest I have ever had...

My experience with RTGT was the finest I have ever had with a car dealership. For this dealership, my used car purchase would be considered low end- But I don't believe I would have been treated with more respect, attentiveness and accommodation had I been buying a top of the line Ferrari. The staff- Larry in particular- was very helpfuland professional. I confirmed the price was below KBB; I requested an online application and received not only the application but a response in less than 3 hours. I emailed Larry that I was on my way to the dealership- when I arrived he was bring my car "up front". We immediately went for a test drive, Larry patiently answering every question I threw at him knowledgeably. We returned to the showroom and I was instantly offered a beverage. In record time I had the paperwork signed (and explained in great detail all along)and was on my way, literally in less than an hour after I had arrived. After a quick trip to DEQ I was back and the plates were in the mail. In a word- painless. I would highly recommend Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo to anyone looking to buy a car. Professional, accommodating, attentive and helpful. Very pleasant experience.


I was incontact with Larry via email for about a week...

I was incontact with Larry via email for about a week prior to my purchaseas I was coming in from out of state. Upon arrival at the dealership I found the cars i was interested in out and ready for my inspection and test drive. The transaction wwas quick with it taking only 3 hours to complete.


Larry was very easy and pleasant to work with. We live in...

Larry was very easy and pleasant to work with. We live in Illinois and once we agreed on a price, my wife and I flew out to see the car and Larry. Larry picked us up at the airport and took us back to our hotel. He did not "hassel" me through the process from first seeing the car on line to buying the car a few months later. I would highley recommend Larry and the dealership. Straigh up people and good people to do business with. Thank you.