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(86 reviews)

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The dealership is on a beautiful property....its a...

The dealership is on a beautiful property....its a special place to buy a car. Jacob was very pleasant, easy to work with and he made sure I understood the whole deal. I came to this dealership to look at a car I saw advertised on, but it turned out that car didnt have features I was looking for. Jacob showed me another Mini Cooper on the lot that matched what I was looking for, and I liked the looks of it even better than the one I had seen online! The the car I purchased is exactly what I wanted! I am very happy with the deal we agreed on, and would certainly recommend my friends to work with Jacob at Ron Tonkin Grand Turismo!


I purchased a previously driven Mini Cooper S on EBAY...

I purchased a previously driven Mini Cooper S on EBAY Motors and because this was my first experience with buying on-line, I was concerned for a variety of reasons. I was told that there were 3 months still remained on the factory warranty and elected not to purchase, or even consider an extended service warranty DUE TO THE FACT I WAS ADVISED THE WARRANTY STILL EXISTED! I found shortly after that this dealership did not know that my warranty was expiring 8 days from the date of purchase. As a result, I was denied service warranty extension AND this dealership then refused to offer me warranty sales for my car based on the fact the time had lapsed to purchase. It should be noted this time lapsed as a result of this dealerships inability or unwillingness to assit me in a purchase, stating it really was out of their hands. Larry was kind and nice, but his knowledge about this particular vehicle was demonstrated in his failed attempts to know this car and it's factory service issues. If you don't know the product, don't sell it and make claims that it's both covered and offered. Had I known this was the case, I would have purchased another car. They provided me with information about what my options were reduced, but in fact sold me the car based on incorrect information. THEY SHOULD HAVE OFFERED ME THEIR EXTENDED WARRANTY at the time they realized their mistake. But elected to just let me fend for myself. I am still without a warranty. I would have purchased or at least considered purchasing their warranty had I known this to have been a fact. As a note the Mini key holds many useful pieces of information and a buyer who purchases from a Mini Dealership will realize these helpful pieces of information. It would behoove this dealership to shake hands with dealers who can provide them correct, accurate information and then embark in the on-line world of auto purchasing! Caveat emptor!


Totally amazed at the wonderful service I received. I...

Totally amazed at the wonderful service I received. I will recommend this dealership to everyone. Jacob was extremely easy to work with, very organized and answered all my questions with no hesitation.


Last week I received my used Mercedes SLK55 and could not...

Last week I received my used Mercedes SLK55 and could not be more pleased!!I made this purchase online and being 2200 miles away I was dependent on the reliability of the salesperson. Jacob Goudy of Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo is an excellent representative of the dealership. His description of my car was complete and every amenity was included in the detailed listing of the car. I know when I am ready to make another purchase it will be with this same compapny.


I have purchased over 28 new and used autos and trucks in...

I have purchased over 28 new and used autos and trucks in the last 30 years. I research very carefully, Kelly Blue Book, dealership reputation and history. I purchased a 2009 Used Mini Cooper from Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo located in Portland, Oregon. At 64, I respect courtesy, professionalism, quality, and truth in vehicle condition, as well as pricing. If one did not look at mileage, you would think the car was brand new. It was a pleasure doing business with Jacob and Larry, and the entire dealership. If you are looking for a new or used automobile, do yourself a favor and check out Ron Tokin Gran Turismo, either on the web, or in person. Remember, A good deal, is only a good deal, if both parties are happy. I am very happy. Robert Boyd Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


I was very pleased with the sales experience that Larry...

I was very pleased with the sales experience that Larry Zemliak, at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo, provided for. It began with a thoughtful, yet direct, inquiry about my 2007 MINI Cooper S that I was selling and ended with a reasonable offer to purchase it. Larry even followed up our phone call with a professional email confirming the offer contingent on a visual inspection. Even though we had scheduled the inspection for later in the week, when I called to inquire whether they could perform it sooner—and have all the paperwork pre-prepared and ready to execute the transaction—they readily agreed and made all arrangements. When I arrived, the dealership environment was not as I had expected: professional, perhaps even laid back, comfortable, engaging, and patient. Justin had all the paperwork ready for my signature; Larry showed up immediately afterward to inspect the vehicle; the whole process only took about fifteen minutes. During the transaction Larry treated me with respect and professional courtesy. It was a very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend anyone selling a premium used vehicle to visit Larry and his staff at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo: a fair price, professional courtesy, and friendly and warm environment. I couldn't have asked for more.


The car I purchased was as described, the transaction was...

The car I purchased was as described, the transaction was handled quickly and professionally, I am very pleased with this purchase experience. Larry was responsive and curtious to a fault. I have no hesitation recommending the Ron Tonkin dealership.


Exceptional, by far the best car buying expierience I...

Exceptional, by far the best car buying expierience I have ever had. Even though I was buying an used car from a dealership that normally sells cars for ten times what I paid for mine, they treated me like I was first class. No hassel, no BS, Jacob went above and beyond to get the deal done and made me one happy car owner. 10 out of 10. I will definitely recommend to everyone I know who is in the market for an used car, or a new one, to check Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo first, you wont regret it.


I conduct extensive research prior to making a purchase...

I conduct extensive research prior to making a purchase decision, and Jacob was extremely knowledgeable about BMWs in general and was intimately familiar with the features of the particular vehicle in question. Ron Tonkin Gran Tourismo is known for exotic, high-end vehicles, and their staff is obviously passionate about fine automobiles. Jacob handled my entire transaction, and the process was smooth, informative, accomodating, and fast. Price negotiations were quick and satisfying, and Jacob helped me get better financing terms than I was able to acheive with my credit union. The BMW 545i that I purchased was in immaculate condition and I am thoroughly pleased with this particular vehicle as well as the way I was treated by the folks at Ron Tonkin Gran Tourismo. I highly recommend them.


My wife and I both felt extremely fortunate to have Larry...

My wife and I both felt extremely fortunate to have Larry Zemliak step in to help with our recent car purchase. In 40 years of buying cars - I have not met someone who left no question that he was here to help get me the best deal possible but also clearly had the best interests of Ron Tonkin at heart. We could also tell that Larry truly believes in the products he sells which gave us great comfort that we were not only getting a good deal but also a car we will enjoy for many years to come. Both of us were impressed with Larry's knowledge of cars in general and his expertise on the Acura we ultimately wound up purchasing. Acura is considered a luxury line of vehicles but we were pleasantly surprised by the high quality of your team. Larry took a tremendous amount of time with us explaining the car both before we purchased and also after we purchased. His willingness to personally deliver the car to our home and walk through the mountain of paperwork clearly and efficiently was way beyond what we have come to expect from car salesmen. As for financing - we virtually had to do nothing and yet came out with exactly the financing we were hoping for. Overall we both agree that we will always call on Larry first to help us with our future car purchases. He has simply set the bar too high for quality of service which we will measure all future transaction against.