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Magic Toyota is a family owned and operated dealership that places customer satisfaction as it's highest priority. We have designed all of our departments around putting our customers needs first. Everything we do is designed to make your car buying experience easier and more enjoyable. Competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff and superior customer service all add up to create a fast and simple way to purchase or lease or service a world class automobile at a great price. If we ever fail to live up to your expectations in any way, please feel free to contact me directly. Peter Chung, General Manager.
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(34 reviews)

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Avoid this dealer

My wife and I purchased a new 2021 Highlander Platinum a few weeks ago. The sales experience was fairly typical, a lot of pressure to buy the warranty with extreme emphasis on what was NOT covered by the factory warranty, and how expensive some of the items would be if they fail. I foolishly bit on the contract and am strongly considering cancelling. But this isn't really the issue for the one star. The vehicle we purchased, with the highest trim package, doesn't have a tow package. A "port installed option" to configure this vehicle with one is $795. To add one later from this same dealer, between parts and labor is $1404. I asked the finance person and salesman to see if there was any accommodation they could make such as help defray the parts or install cost, and they told me that "parts and service are a different department, there is nothing they can do" and advised that I try to plead my case with the parts and service department. Mea culpa on us for not asking, researching better, and checking on the hitch. It's actually an important feature for us, and one we used a few times / year on the old vehicle we traded. But at no point in the sales process were any questions regarding accessories / features / etc... discussed. It was full court press on the warranty, get the deal signed, and send us on our way. The was no offering to explain features, pair phones, etc like most dealers would do, and the car was actually pretty dirty after looking at it during daylight hours the next morning. The kicker is they had the identical vehicle on the lot with the hitch installed. Same color, same trim, same interior, with the hitch installed, that would have avoided this entire mess. My major issue is this: After spending $51,000 on a vehicle and $2500 on an extended warranty, my expectation is they would be a bit more customer oriented and offer something towards installing the factory tow package. Nope. "different department" and "maybe they will help". This tells me they don't care about their customers post sale. Soon as the ink on the contract was dry, I was no longer a priority whatsoever. No problem overlooking the dirty vehicle, the lack of explaining features, and succumbing to the pressure of an extended warranty is on me. Those are minor annoyances. But car salesman have earned their poor reputation for a reason, and Magic Toyota reinforces every negative stereotype. Hope it was worth a few hundred $$$ I was asking you to help cover.


Great Prices

After looking online for used hybrids, Magic Toyota had the best prices. After telling sales person TOMMY HU, what we had seen online and what we were looking for, he was able to find us a car that covered all our wants and needs. After just a few hours we were driving off the lot with a car that we feel will serve all our needs.


Stole my SSN and signed me up for credit card

I visited Magic Toyota on 3/8 for a standard vehicle service on my 2017 Corolla. Upon my service my husband asked me to take a look at some crossovers as we were thinking to upgrade in the future but did not have any intention with purchasing a car. (Associate I won’t be naming) had came up to me when I was in the parking lot looking at the 2021 Rav4 Hybrid and offered to test drive with me so we did. After the test drive I was willing to go over numbers with him but made it very very clear that unless it was a straight across trade and keeping my payments under $500 I wouldn’t be interested in trading. He then sent me with money to get starbucks for him … which was a bit weird but also an excuse to drive the car again so that was fine. While I was out he had an appraiser (not sure who) look at my Corolla to get the value. This was my first time trading in a car so I guess I wasn’t really prepared to come in with the knowledge I should had, but as an associate I believe the process was not done correctly and in my favor as a customer. Before even letting me know what the value they were offering me on my car The associate had drafted the paperwork to run my credit, obviously I knew what I was authorizing there which was just for my credit to be pulled for the car approval itself. After my credit was ran and I was approved he then started showing my numbers and paperwork which included the value of my car which was priced at $8,000. I then looked up my car on Kelly blue book because I already knew that was well well under the value, coming to find even if my car was in poor condition (it was not, there was no damage besides the rims) it would be valued at the lowest $10,000 so at this point I was definitely not interested but for some reason The associate had it in his head I needed this car, remember me saying I made it very clear? I guess not to him.. He then proceeded to go back and forth trying and trying to change numbers but of course unless my car value was raised I was never going to do it and I told him that. I ended up leaving the dealership and told him I would sleep on it to be nice but I already knew it was not going to happen. Our communication at this point was over the phone or text and I did not visit the dealership again. I told him I was not interested in trading, a credit card, putting down any money, or any of that sort via text on 3/9 twice, and on 3/10 three times and each time it was an overwhelming push back from him that he had some “magical” deal as well as a phone call on 3/9 from his coworker also trying to make it happen. At the end of the day I just told him for a final time I was not interested. Fast forward to 3/18, I open my mailbox to a Toyota credit card I did not authorize or sign for. This is illegal and fraud. I spoke with Toyota credit to report it to the fraud department and they said they would close it but my credit will now be affected from the inquiry. I then spoke with the Director and she basically said its my word against his and hes a trustworthy guy so all she can say was that shes sorry for the miscommunication. There was no miscommunication, The associate knew I did not want a line of credit and specifically said my credit did not need to be ran again. Regardless verbal authorization is not a legal form to apply for a credit card so basically they stole my social security number, and information, and applied for a credit card on my behalf. I told The director I will give her the weekend to come up with accommodations besides "I'm sorry" because that is not going to cut it what so ever.

Dealer response

We acknowledge your review and are currently looking into the events you’ve detailed.


Totally disappointed

Brought my (nearly new) car in for maintenance, got it back with food residues on the seat and food box under. Hope they took the convenience of driving my car to their favorite place as well.

Dealer response

Thank you for sharing this review regarding your experience with us. I’d like to discuss this with you further if you could please contact me at your earliest convenience. Ivy Sawdon, Customer Relations Manager,


Nice words won't replace the undone service

Every time I take my Highlander for service I set marks in different places to check after if indeed they actually do whatever they say they do - change oil, fill up the liquids rotate tires... Believe me, some are not touched!!! I can do all of these by myself , I just take the car to the dealer for the records and convenience. Just imagine when you take your car for a major repair how many things you get charged for w/o actually been done. Thanks,

Dealer response

We want to learn more regarding your recent visit as your experience does not reflect our values. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, so the details you’ve mentioned do not live up to our standards. If you are open to contact, please feel free to call us at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, Ivy Sawdon, Customer Relations Manager,


Shady dealership, Stay away!

Not a great experience at all, Started out with Ali... Very pushy salesman and the kind of guy you honestly think of when you hear terrible car salesman. I came in to look at some different Lexus IS models, First one having some seriously ugly interior where Ali keeps going on about how much he loves it.... Great! You buy it than. After test driving a few, I tried the FSport version which is a lot more fun to drive and decided I would like to see some numbers on it. Magic is terrible at trade in prices. They had attempted to give me $3500 less than trade value and after 30 minutes with their back and forth pretending they were calling somebody and me about to walk out the door they finally met the ask. Before signing paperwork I went out to have one more look at the car and noticed a large X keyed into the passenger door. Brought this up and they agreed to fix it. With buying a used car you know there will be little things here and there but they assured me it went through a complete safety inspection. That was a lie... After taking it to Lexus for a fuel pump recall, Lexus showed me the alignment was completely off and had caused extreme tire wear on the insides of the tires and shortly after i noticed the driver bumper clip was completely busted off and it looks as if Magic threw some glue on there to hold it together. These are things you honestly cannot see and put your trust in the dealer. So after buying a $30k car from them, I immediately need to spend $1000 on a bumper, $110 on alignment and $700 on new tires. This is after being told by both Ali and the manager it has gone through a full safety inspection. I did trust that as Lexus is Toyota's premium line and figured they knew what they were doing. **Brought these issues up with the service advisor and was told basically... That sucks, You bought a used car. Service department, Took my car in on a Monday and was told it would be a few days for the paint repair. I explained I was leaving town on Thursday and would be back Sunday morning to pick it up which I was told it would be ready and waiting. Not the case, Tried calling Sunday beforehand and got zero help and than again on Monday but was told my service advisor was off. Car was not ready until the following Tuesday with zero phone call updates or anything. As to the loaner vehicle they provided, A Toyota Tacoma which was completely filthy. The truck was covered in mud and on the inside was absolutely filthy. They had not cleaned or even attempted to wipe down the vehicle. Seriously guys? In the middle of our current Covid situation and thats what you provide your customers... Wow! I will only service my other Toyota's at Rodland Toyota in Everett as they provide a truly professional experience. Be very careful if you shop here, These guys have definitely proven to not be an honest dealer and will do the bare minimum and hope you do not catch these things beforehand. I myself will not be returning here for any of my future vehicle needs. I purchase plenty of cars and have had some really great experiences... Not here at Magic Toyota though. The worst part of it all is I really enjoy their sister company, Michael's Toyota in Bellevue. I have purchased 3 vehicles from them all with really great experiences. Moving forward that may be a different story after this visit.

Dealer response

Your feedback has been forwarded on to our team and we are currently looking into this matter. Ivy Sawdon, Customer Relations Manager,


Guaranteed service is a lie

Shoddy work done by the mechanics. Bought a used 4runner from them after they boasted about how every service was done by them. Car fax say that vehicle was checked for a check engine light that came on 5/11/19 with the previous owner. That owner then traded it in for something newer, and we bought the car... 30 days in, and the head gaskets blew, and they’re telling me that there’s nothing they can do. Maybe stand by your guaranteed services, like you said you did, when you sold us the vehicle

Dealer response

We value the opportunity to learn of your experience here at Magic Toyota. If you could please contact us at your earliest convenience, We would like to discuss this further with you and attempt to make things right. The Magic Toyota Team



After experiencing several "not so good" experiences with auto dealerships on our side of the water, we made the trip to Edmonds and had the best car buying experience we have had. This is our first Toyota and we are thrilled. Adam, our salesperson was awesome. He explained everything about the car and physically showed us everything. He was not pushy and very honest. The "back and forth" was professional, we were honest with him (we had a very strict budget number) he was honest with us. Adam's manager, Peter, was involved in the process and was great to work with. Peter made it right when there was mistake between what he had written down on the agreement and what came up in the financing. I can't say enough positives about the whole experience. I highly recommend Magic Toyota, Adam, Peter and their team! Well done, and we will be back!


A little too far.

I have been looking for a car for about a year. There have been a few in my area ( Lakewood), but they didn't pan-out. I responded to an ad by Magic Toyota, but realized that, that was just too far to go. I just need to be patient and the right car will come along.


What a nice dealer!

I never got to this dealership, as I found the Lexus ES hybrid of my dreams at another one, the day before my test drive at Magic was scheduled to occur, but I was really impressed with the responsiveness, cheerfulness, and informativeness of the salesperson who reached out to me via email. He truly loves Toyotas and Lexuses and clearly knows the car well.

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