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This seller has been on Cars.com since July 2004.
If you are looking for a trustworthy Seattle auto dealer who can provide you with great car buying experience, look no further than Lee Johnson. We've been in the Seattle car business since 1933. Every new vehicle comes with a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. All used vehicles are inspected, serviced and detailed, have ZERO open recalls and come with a FREE CarFax History Report.

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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(196 reviews)

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When I purchased my car from LJ they high pressured me into buying an extended warranty. After keeping my car for 8 days and telling me to tow it in because my light was blinking they failed to diagnose anything and made me pay $227.78 and refused to charge my extended warranty. Very disappointed and feel the extended warranty is a total scam!


Great expereince!

I've purchased several vehicles in my lifetime, however this was the first at Lee Johnson. The experience exceeded my expectations, ranking among the top dealerships I've worked with! This is mainly due to King, my salesman, who went above and beyond to ensure I was taken care of! I would not hesitate to recommend Lee Johnson or King; and/or work with them again.


Good customer service

We just started looking for used SUV options and out of everyone we have dealt with, Conor Meagher has answered all of our questions and has been great to work with.


horrible customer service, waste of time. 2020

Wasn't thinking this business would use "bait and switch" but that is what happened. Car was listed as certified with a 12 month 12 thousand mile warrenty. Called to verify availability, as we had to get childcare and drive 1 and a half hours. Mark called back and said car was there. So far so good. Got to the dealership, people were wearing masks and they had partitions up thus the facilities review. Mark let us know that he had already sold 35 cars this month so this was just another tick on the board but he wasn't making any money just $200 they had to pay them. Mark said that because We had driven so far he assumed we were going to buy the car unless it smelled funny or something was obviously wrong. We took the car for a drive found a few items like missing sun protector clip, only one key, minor wear as you would expect from a 2016 car so we returned to talk about pricing of the car. This is where things got weird. When I brought up the missing clip Mark said I will send you one in the mail or take one from another car. For the one key fob he said you can go buy one online get three for 60 bucks... then go to dealership and pay another 60 to get it synched. When I asked about the crusty mold in the cracks he said "you know what you never tell a women? Don't worry about it. But don't worry we will detail the car before you leave." Since I asked was Mark challenging my manhood? If he assumed we would be buying the car then why wasn't the car getting detailed at that point and not take more of our time? Or was hoping we would take it as is because it was getting late and we needed to get back to our kids? Mark then brought up that there was no warranty on this car. I said that it showed as pre certified online. He said he had looked up the car before we got there and we were mistaken. He then pulled up the website and flashed the screen in my direction for two seconds and said I don't see it anywhere. I could not see the screen in the time but my wife said it says it right there. The add STARTS with "certified"! Mark said oh there it is and it says it over there too. Well let's assume that's in there he then pulled up a screen saying they were already into the car 21000 and at the listed price there was no way they would move on anything. I asked Mark to verify the warrenty. He left, chatted with a customer and another employee for 15 minutes and came back. He said no warrenty. He then got an attitude saying it wasn't his fault or the other guy there's fault that some other group made a mistake... He then said there was no way they would be in business if they bait and switched. I counter offered with a lower price with warrenty and told them to give me a call if they changed their mind. Mark said they would rather give it to the Chevy dealership and let them take the loss! Basically we felt like Mark treated us as a waste of time, that most cars they sell are new so we were subclass for wanting a used car. He wouldn't honor what the company listed online! Isn't that illegal? Thanks for insulting us and treating us like we were the reason they were losing money on the car they listed online for the price they listed! Horrible customer experience especially for a guy saying he was the floor manager. Expected more from this company DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING USED from this company maybe you get treated better when buying new. If the warrenty issue was a mistake wouldn't the company hurry and fix the add? The add still says certified the next day. Looks like this company uses fake advertising. Wouldn't recommend to my enemy let alone friend.


Great customer care.

I spent a few months researching for a truck. I found a couple places I was interested in. I went into a few places and the vaulted my trade in, one plane offered a low amount and then during the buying process up the trade value to try and get me to sign. When Lee Johnson gave me a value they gave us 500 more then one place and 1000 more then another without us saying anything. We drove the two trucks we liked and went with one. All the staff was great. They gave us a full tank of gas and some reusable bags to load the items from out old car into the new. We came back to have a walk through on the trucks features because the day of purchase we had a emergency and had to leave. That day they filled out tank up again for us!!!! They have a lifetime warranty and a great added bumper to bumper warrias well. Free car washes for a year! I would absolutely check this place out.... In fact we are going to get another vehicle within this year.


Wonderful experience

Great caring non pushy people. Friendly and helpful. We emailed back and forth for several days and when we got there to test drive it was ready to go!


same old dealership tricks

Just stopped in to test drive a few cars. I let them know I wanted to trade in a car right away (they were on us 2 seconds out of our car) and asked if they could let me know how much they would give me. He just started asking about what we were looking for. The sales person did not know where the cars were and asked us to look for them. We eventually found 1 of the cars. The other car was with one of the owners apparently. I test drove the car and liked it so I asked again about my trade. He said it’s a process, and I asked how long? (This is about the 6th or 7th car purchase I have made so I know the time can very depending on a few things and wanted to know as we had some place to be in a few hours). He never answered the question but I thought what the heck I liked the car. 30 mins later we were sitting inside and still he had not taken our keys to evaluate the trade. Instead he was asking who we finance with etc.. I asked again when they were going to look at the car and he said in a bit. I answered the myriad of questions and then he finally asked for the keys. I asked again how long this will take and his answer was ‘I would like to sell you a car today’. Nothing about how long. So I asked for a ballpark and again he said it’s a process. So I said again we have some place to be can you give me a rough idea and his response was to shake his head in disappointment. So I got up and left. I am disappointed as I really liked the car but between him acting like he was doing us a huge favor the whole time and not answering my questions I felt like he did not care at all about us, what we wanted, or the situation we were in. He never asked why we need to be somewhere or what it was. Needless to say, I will not be back and they will not have to ‘do me the favor of answering (or not) any questions’


Outstanding service!

Went to test drive the new Mazda CX-5 touring. I wanted to make sure I loved it as much as I thought I did. Looking around the lot Kamoore asked if we need assistance. He was professional, honest and knowledgeable. Never did I feel pressured and like I had to buy something. This was my first car purchase and I had lots of questions. He took the time to make sure that I understood each part of the process and that I understood everything. It was an amazing experience and I am so happy with my purchase! I would recommend Kamoore to anyone looking to purchase a car at Lee Johnson!


Gursh Batth was my salesman. He is great.

Gursh helped me with a purchase of a 2019 Chevy Equinox. He did a great job. answered all my questions and followed up with phone calls and text messages for accessory purchases. Great experience. The music system plays HiRes music files. Sounds awesome.


Easy transaction!

We purchase a used Nissan Sentra for the grandmother from Josh. Josh help made the negotiation process with the managers easy and we closed on a deal quickly. Gave facilities 4*, they make used of the space. Small with some amenities, but good enough. Would recommend LJ Mazda!

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