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This seller has been on since June 2005.
Liberty Toyota Scion is proud to serve Burlington, New Jersey with quality Toyota and Scion vehicles. With models like the new Camry, xD, Corolla, xB and Prius, we have something for every taste and need. Come visit us at 4397 Route 130 South to see our vehicles and take one for a test drive.

If you're looking for a used car in Burlington, NJ, we can assist you there as well. Visit our inventory page to see our large collection of pre-owned vehicles.

Liberty Toyota Scion is not just your Burlington, NJ Toyota and Scion dealership, we also provide a full line of services dedicated to our New Jersey customers.

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(152 reviews)

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Terrible Charge to Daughter

Last week, I wrote a review about my daughter going in to have a scheduled oil change and service on her car. She explained to the service rep that she is hearing some occasional noises. The service rep reported that struts are needed. It was stated that the car is a 2006 corolla and a new car will be purchase very soon. She did not want the new struts at this time. Upon picking the car up on Saturday morning she was shocked to find a bill for over $250 for an oil change. She was charged $149 for the diagnosis of "struts needed". A review was written and the response on the review was to call service manager. We did this. Day 3 and no return call. Shame on this dealership and service management. Go somewhere else to buy and get service.


Very rude

The staff require customer service training. They have no respect whatsoever for their customers. This is not a place you want to do business with


Liberty Toyota

Marvin was so kind, I highly recommend him if you purchasing a car . He help me through the whole process and I didn’t have to worry about anything.


Dishonest Sales

What a horrendous experience. I called in advanced about the csr I was interested in. Arrived and it was ready to drive. Good first, and only, step. Car drove great. Came in to sit with the agent and I kid you not my butt was not even in the chair before he said 'just so you know, the price online is not the actual price'. I told him I went by the price on their website. He pointed me to the fine print saying there were modifications made and it would be an additional $1360 on the price shown (back to this later). I didnt push back and simply asked what he was willing to adjust on the price since I was interested in buying today. He said 'our website price is the best price we can do'. Is it? Didnt you just tell me the website isn't actually the price? So then I told him I am looking at liberty and one other dealer with a similar car. Before I could even finish, he says 'we don't price match'. So there is nothing you want to do to get me to buy this car instead of me going to the other dealer? No was the answer. I got up, left, went to the other dealer who's car price was not only accurate, he came down in price a little to help me buy the car that day. My credit is 870 and I was ready to buy in cash. Liberty is eveything you hate about car dealers. Avoid at all costs. Oh, later i looked at the fine print for the additional mark up cost the dishonest salesman mentioned. There was no such thing.


Liberty Toyota has a habit of Lying

It's clear Liberty Toyota has a habit of lying. They offered an amount based on my emailed request for a total price including all fees, documentation and taxes for a particular car. After I arrived and had the car checked by a mechanic they said the price I was given is not what they would really offer and they were raising it $1300. After reading other 1 star reviews it's apparent this is a habit with Liberty Toyota and they deliberately lie to get people to take the time and come in. Evidently they think some percentage of those people will accept the increase. He let a manager of Liberty Toyota sales know about my objection and I then heard the manager tell the salesman, "He likes the car, add the $650." They thought I'd allow them to raise their offered price $650 instead of $1300. Needless to say, I walked and got a good deal elsewhere. Don't put up with liars.


So..... After weeks of shopping for a used car

So my first time buying a used car, after leasing 6 new ones throughout my lifetime I must say Liberty was a great experience. Honest, true to their word on pricing, quoted fees, quality of the car I bought and professional and courteous staff. Sandra, Andrea, Dave and Steve After shopping for a used car for weeks in Northern NJ and NYC area and going through a nightmare of an experience, with lies, misrepresented pricing, extraordinary fees ( such as a $749 - 125 point inspection on a used Audi to be done by Chrysler Jeep (: plus thousands more. Just one example - after I dealt with 8 dealerships. It was refreshing to have this degree of professionalism, cleanliness, kindness, and integrity. I drove 70 miles from NNJ and purchased a car from them. I am relieved and happy! Thanks!


bad customer service dont waste your time or money

Don't even waste your time! I drove over an hour and a half to get down here with a firm price from the salesman in writing. Just for them to have to pull a bait and switch and wanted charge me an extra $2000! This is not the way to do business, if you set a price with somebody you shouldn't change it just because you want to make more money I suggest you look elsewhere for a Toyota Do not use Hiram Vazquez as your salesmen . He gave me a price in writing, then changed it after we drove an hour and a half to get there, wanting $2000 more! also they add things to there vehicle you shouldn't pay for! example would be this flashing brake light. they want to chat $1000 for this item . if you look on amazon you can get the bulbs that do the same thing for $20!


way overpriced

$450 for vinyl pinstripes, $450 for door edge guards - are they nuts. They added over $1500 from their advertised prices on stuff that wasn't worth $50 just to pad the profits. Makes you wonder what the rest of the store is like.



DO NOT USE THIS DEALERSHIP. The sales force is rude. As soon as you sign the papers they no longer treat you like a customer (they barely did before). They offer services that they ultimately can’t do or would rather you do them (PA title searches). They are rude and do not communicate effectively amongst each other so they end up calling and saying you haven’t called when in fact you spoke to someone very recently. Do not purchase from here , it has been xxxx and back to be done with them. NEVER buying from here again. General Sales manager is no help what so ever and doesn’t listen to your complaints, only defends sales people. AVOID LIBERTY TOYOTA.


unprofessional and rude manager

I came to this dealership to trade my Toyota Avalon and buy a new rav4 2019 but I found myself in front of a manager who was extremely rude and aggressive towards me because I was simply trying to make him understand about my budget. he even went further when he saw that I have a credit card in my wallet and told me that for the down payment I can use the credit card. Sir manager, as an Armenian, you will recognize me, it is not at all your business if I have credit cards or not in my wallet or not! It’s none of your business. second, you discriminated against me during the trial of my purchase because you were upset with the way I negotiated against my budget that I could bear. You treated me differently than other customers! Yes and your colleagues except Mr SUMAIR SHEIKH. I am so disappointed to buy a car this morning from your dealership. You still need a lot to learn and I suggest you to visit one of the Toyota dealership in California, in the city of Glendale where there are a huge Armenian community et you will see how the MANAGERS treat customers in full equality! Sir, I have a dignity and a personality with a PhD degree and I don’t let anyone treat me as you treated me yesterday. I can even go further in term of law, but I am not going further! I really hope that you hear my words and change your behavior. Because simply you are so ignorant and rude specially to the foreigners. You will get a surprise when it comes to Toyota purchase feedback! I don’t make a gift either.

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