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(20 reviews)

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The buying experience was beyond belief.

The buying experience was beyond belief. Tom treated me like family no hassles or arguing about price. I just told him what I wanted and suddenly he had the perfect truck. This guy was really straight forward not the slippery sports coat wearing, used car sales lizard that you might expect. You want the real deal talk to Tom.


Very low pressure quick transaction just how I like it.

Very low pressure quick transaction just how I like it. Thanks Tom. You were great!


I loved my shopping experience here.

I loved my shopping experience here. I feel like they do their best to make sure that their cars are safe and in good working order. I love my car!


The salesman was extreamly helpful made my day thumbs up

The salesman was extreamly helpful made my day thumbs up very good service would recommend


Happy with my car purchase

I had bought a used jeep grand Cherokee and very happy w my purchase and customer service It needed a new battery and they replaced it


Very respectful guys would recommend anyone to com

Both guys there are very helpful and can answer most questions looked at a few trucks they had and all were very nice rigs. Highly recommend these guys


No hassle and quick transaction!

Was searching for a good used a truck thru ought the entire Puget Sound and found this Chevy Colorado online which overshadowed the competition, when I arrived at “Friesen Motorsports” I was welcomed by Ryan. He was not pushy and was very informative about the truck, noticed all their trucks on the lot were in great shape. This particular Chevy was in such perfection that I came by the next day and met with Tom. He and I sat for about an hour just discussing different kinds of trucks and just chatting, while we were waiting on the final paperwork. Very friendly place and straight shooters.


Buyer Beware. Dishonest Used Car Salesman

This is not some random rant. This is your 50 year old U.S military veteran, hard-working, blue-collar neighbor who wants you to be informed and beware of this used car dealership. I purchased a $9,000 vehicle from this dealership and after driving it for only 24 miles within 36 hours from purchase, the "Check Engine" light came on in the vehicle, as well as an overheat warning message on the dash. Long story short, the dealership jerked me around for over a week of not being able to drive my vehicle, and then wanted to charge me hundreds of dollars to replace a faulty thermostat in the vehicle. Now, for the record I realize the vehicle was sold to me As-Is. I realize I had no obligation to initially buy the vehicle. I know the dealership "ultimately" had no obligation to make the repairs. I also know gross negligence and extremely poor business practices when I witness it first hand. I will let my fellow consumer decide if this is someone you really want to trust with your most precious cargo. This is my humble opinion. Pass It On. Pay it forward.


FMS Experience

Just bought my dream from Tommy at FMS and couldn't be happier! I was in and out with the keys within an hour! Tommy is a stand up, NO PRESSURE kind of guy and I would recommend FMS to anyone looking for a rig that's already done up just the way they want it. Thanks again!!


Watch out, they'll get you

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT purchase any vehicle from Friesen Motorsports. These guys do not stand by the trucks they sell you, and unfortunately, we learned the hard way. We purchased a truck from them two weeks ago, but it was only after two days of driving the truck off the lot that we experienced problems. Upon purchasing the vehicle, we wanted reassurance that this truck was in tip-top shape, as we were going to be going on a trip, pulling a small fishing boat. We were promised and reassured that we could hook up a full trailer and cross the US, and we would have no issues whatsoever, that this was a great, inspected, problem free truck. HA! We had issues two days later, on our way out of town, and the problems continued until we got back five days later. The day after we got back, we contacted these guys and told them our issues. Response basically: Oh no, that's too bad, yeah, was fine when we checked it, these things are common in these trucks, its been known to happen, etc. Told they'd call back. They did, said to bring truck down, (which, is total of four hour drive), and they'd test it. Day later, called back, said it wasn't head gasket, but they'd do more testing. Called back next day, said cracked radiator. We told them we were assured and guaranteed that this truck had NO issues, it was great condition, we could haul across the US, and that we were extremely disappointed and frustrated, specially what we paid for the truck. Again, basic response: These things happen in these trucks, its a common issue, its known to happen, it happened when you were driving, it had no problems for us, can't do much for you, we'll just charge you cost for labor and part. NOT acceptable!! That is not standing behind your trucks, that's not making it right, that's not making sure your customers are getting the best experience/service, when you basically tell them its their fault and that its too bad. We told them how disappointing this was, how frustrated we were, how it made us sick to our stomachs knowing that they sold us this truck, that we felt robbed and cheated. We thought it was fair that they would pay for the part for us, and told them we would have it fixed ourselves at a location closer to our home, cause again, drive there and back was a four hour drive. Again, said they'd call back. Today, again,basically told: Nope, can't do anything for you, not going to get you the part, going to charge you cost of labor and part, this truck was clean when you left, it happened off our lot, these trucks are known for this, it happens with these trucks, we're not going to do anything else for you, its your loss, not our fault, we're done with this, that's all we got. Yup, that's "standing by your trucks", class act... Not even willing to give us a part, which I'm sure they get at cost or lower themselves, to make this right. Disgusting. You guys swear and promise the world with these trucks, and it's flat out disheartening that you won't do right by the people who give you business and trusted you in the first place. We didn't ask for much, we asked for a radiator. And in return we got a basic, good luck, its your issue now. Oh!! And we were told: You waited a week to let us know/tell us about the truck, you needed to tell us and bring it down that day, its too late. Ummm, we were on our trip 6.5hours away with this truck, BECAUSE we were told we could go on this trip confidently. I warn people... Please, PLEASE, be very leery of this place, or better yet, don't give your business to empty promises, and people who cover their own tracks and blame the customer. Every time we had a conversation with them, their common response was: Its common with these trucks, its a issue these trucks have, these things happen with these trucks. OK then, why sell them...?? And after a day and half of owning, and being deemed "great". Way. To. Go, Friesen Motorsports. I applaud you on your "efforts" (insert sarcasm)