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Matt Maeder was a great help with the purchase of our new...

Matt Maeder was a great help with the purchase of our new Jeep our experience with this dealership has been phenomenal, would deal again. Thank You


I highly recommend!! When searching for my new vehicle,...

I highly recommend!! When searching for my new vehicle, my experience working with Lucas Vincent was spectacular. He was extremely helpful and attentive in finding exactly what I was looking for. The whole process was very pleasant!


Don't take your vehicle here for repair

Do not bring your vehicle here to be worked on. We had a problem with our transmission in a 2016 dodge caravan, still under powertrain warranty. The rpms were revving while downshifting. They determined that the transmission would need to be replaced. We took the van home till they called us to bring it in. I called them after a week and a half went by and asked what was going on. He said the part was ordered. I asked if they were replacing the transmission. He said new transmission. A couple of days later they called and said parts were in. They said it only needed a couple of parts so they were going to rebuild it. So what happened to the new transmission? They said it would be half the cost to rebuild instead of new. We were not happy about that. It was supposed to be done in a couple of days. It turned out they had to order more parts and it took 9 days before we got it back. The parts list was really long. There were way more than a couple of parts. Got it back, the rpms are now revving during up shifting besides some revving during down shifting. Took the van back. They said we needed to drive it to learn our driving pattern. The rpms were revving 3 of the gears. Put over 400 miles on it driving on back roads, stopping and starting, it was still revving the rpms during shifting. We called several transmission shops, all they do is transmissions, they said it shouldn’t be revving that high of rpm’s when shifting. Took the van back again. The service manager had it for a couple of days driving it with the scan on. They said it was normal to rev the rpms before shifting. It never revved the rpms like that before they rebuilt the transmission but it does now. My husband is an ex-tech and he knows this is nowhere near correct. It is shifting worse than before they repaired it. They should have just replaced the transmission instead of rebuilding it. They are not transmission specialists. Just because a computer said it was within specs, that got them out of making it correct. We are not happy with it. The tech that worked on it needs to go back to school. And don’t believe anything the service manager says. We were going to take it to a couple of transmission shops and have them figure out what’s wrong with it. But we are having a new home built right now and don’t have time to take it in and get it checked out. Before the transmission went we were planning on trading it in for a new Chrysler Pacifica. After this we decided against it, and we will be trading it in today on a brand new Honda Odyssey. Drove one and loved it. We have owned Dodge products in the last 30 years but we will not buy one ever again. We are in our early 50’s and will be buying vehicles for a long time to come. I hope it was worth saving a couple of dollars rebuilding the transmission to lose our business forever.


Brando was very helpful with all our questions. Dandy...

Brando was very helpful with all our questions. Dandy Randy was effective and efficient. I was very happy with my experience and would highly recommend them to anyone


I went here for the fresh start program and Brando went...

I went here for the fresh start program and Brando went over and beyond to help and make sure I was qualified with my less then perfect credit and other hurdles to overcome. Extremely satisfied with the end result.


I will NEVER return to this dealership. First of all, our...

I will NEVER return to this dealership. First of all, our salesperson Brandon was very pushy and always tried to talk us into purchasing even though we expressed we weren't ready and that we were just looking. When we were finally ready, we decided to purchase a 2017 Jeep Compass. On their website it was advertised to have 5,000 miles less than it actually had and we were not notified of that. The price was not adjusted at all according to that. It came with bald tires and even though we put down a large percentage of the price in cash, they refused to work with us on new tires or even a discount. We got it home and realized that there was no spare tire, which we also werent notified of. Inside the truck, underneath the floor panel where you store the spare was a large piece of plastic broken off the side of the trunk that was not visible unless you lifted the panel. This was not shown to us. I contacted them after the sale with all of these concerns and they absolutely refused to work with us on any of the issues. I was forwarded to a manager, Randall, who assured me that he would look into it and get back to me. He never got back to me and was obviously lying. Now we've had the vehicle for UNDER 2,000 MILES and the transmission is slamming into gear and most likely going bad. This dealership likes to advertise that they care about their customers, but it's evident that once the sale is made they wont show you the time of day. Just reinforces the stereotypes about car salesmen being xxxxxxxx.


Bad Experience with Internet Sales Dept (used car)

Today I had a bad experience with Internet Used Vehicle department sales (Meghan Menadue). First - they are very slow with their responses - I requested info about a car on Friday, and only on Monday I got a response . By the time I got a response - it was sold...! But yet, their website still has this car available for sale. I also was asking about the price for another (still available) car and they changed the price on me during our correspondence. They even changed it on their website. The price went up by $1K while I had my email correspondence with sales person. Very bad experience. Will never buy from the dealership.


1998 Mustang convertible

Mustang listed for sale...broken windshield, wouldn't start, master cylinder leak, shot break lines, etc. It also had lots of scratches and asking $3900. Isn't worth $2000. Listed as a "Hot Sale". Wasted a few hours driving to look at it and the salesman knew nothing about it. This car shouldn't even be listed for sale in this condition because it isn't safe to even test drive because it has no breaks. The salesman gave us the keys and said drive it but when the breaks go to the floor and it needs to be jumped, there are some issues. Salesman never even gave us his name and had to "check with the manager" after just taking out name and phone number. For what?


Recommend Lucas "Vinny" Vincent and Jay Tindell

Very nice experience working with Vinny and Jay. Fastest transaction ever had in purchasing a new vehicle. We were debating on several different makes and models of vans and decided on the Pacifica. Just returned from a trip (one week old and 2300 miles) and our MPG was 30.3!!! Still trying to learn all the bells and whistles, but enjoying it immensely. Again thanks Vinny and Jay for working with us. It was great.


Excellent sales!

Thanks for the wheels to get me Rollin down the road! I appreciate the continuous reminder that you are working to get me what I need. With the paperwork all ready to go and everything neat and tidy I was able to drive out of here and look forward to a beautiful sunset down the road. Thanks Megan!

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