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(93 reviews)

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Unprofessional and untrustworthy

We were so disappointed in the lack of professionalism, transparency, and honesty that the staff at Flagstaff Subaru demonstrated. James started off friendly, although a bit intense, but turned completely volatile and defensive, as soon as the car was purchased. He was unable to have a respectful conversation without losing his temper. Grant was fairly professional and well- intentioned, but left us stranded several times in his office (for over an hour), as well as standing outside, standing at the front desk, and inside the shop. Cole (the manager) was extremely cold, never gave us direct eye contact after we paid for the vehicle, and has yet to follow up with me about the inspection list I requested. As soon as we attempted to leave the lot, the windows stopped working, and we had to go inside to get help. They all seemed frustrated and hardly payed attention to us. Someone did a quick fix, and we left the lot. As soon as we got home, the windows broke again, and we had to drive back across town to ask for it to be fixed. No one seemed to care, or express an apology. I have called Cole and Grant several times about still not having received the car inspection list, and have not received a call back from either. They don;t pick up, and all of their voicemail boxes are full. Figures! It is very clear that as soon as the money portion of the deal is set, the staff could not care less about their customers. I've since heard similar takes on Flagstaff Subaru. Having Cole in a manager position was truly astounding to my partner and I, as he demonstrated the least amount of professionalism out of the bunch. He lacks basic people skills, not to mention any sort of managerial skills or basic customer service abilities. Lastly, no staff member at Flagstaff Subaru was taking any precautions to social distance, wipe down vehicles before/after test drives and purchasing. No one was wearing masks (except for my partner and I) and no one was maintaining distance. it was appalling! Several folks drove our vehicle before we took it home (they had to work on the windows two separate times, fill the tank- as they delivered it to us completely empty, and went inside the vehicle for several reasons). For such a large business to be taking such a careless approach to serving the community during COVID-19 was beyond upsetting. If you are immune-compromised or come in contact with folks who are, DO NOT step foot inside this facility and do not touch the vehicles! We'll be sure to share with friends and family not to give business to Flagstaff Subaru; we were unfortunately too late to hear this intel ourselves.


Super helpful and friendly

Becky did great helping my family try to find a used SUV that can get us around. She was very friendly and communicative. I would definitely go back if I need a vehicle again.


Ripped Off

I recently purchased a used truck from here and paid over $ 37,000.00. I drove the truck only 1000 miles and the check engine light came on. They said they thought it might be a DEF pump and heater. They gave me a quote of $1,400 to replace the parts. Over the past 6 years I have spent over $61,000.00 at this place. They would not work with me at all, they just wanted more money. I will never go back.



Bought a pre owned, had problems and issues from the start. Burning smell, car wont turn over until you crank it several times, brakes go to the floor. Took it back to be looked at, found nothing or so they said. Still has the same issues and they want to charge me $135 to address their mistakes!! SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!! Avoid James at all costs! The guy is sleezy, will lie and say anything to get your money, treats women like they're dumb as rocks, is insulting and has a bad temper. yikes!! Run from this place! No stars was not an option but I give this dealership a big fat ZERO!


“Poor me F-u”

I strongly urge you to just throw your time and money elsewhere!! It’s been itching but one problem after another with the pitch of my new car. Less then a week after buying my car a stew came came loose and something was hanging down so I had to get that fixed. Then my paperwork was messed up more then once. My payoff check took over a month to get to my old bank and I was reported to the credit bureau as being behind and my score dropped!! Nissan won’t accept any responsibility for their actions. This dropped credit score cost me an apartment I was hoping for and money loss I an applicant administrative fee. I’m ticked off and hope this dealership sees Karma sooner then later!


Oil change

My oil change was done in a timely manner with a car wash. The process was painless and the waiting area was nice. My service advisor, John Mahan, was excellent.

Dealer response

Hi Anne, thank you so much for your comments about Flagstaff Nissan! We strive to meet all your expectations and if there is ever anything we can do to improve, please reach out to me at any time. Once again, thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. You may receive a more comprehensive survey in the coming weeks with additional questions. This email from Nissan will have the subject line ?Nissan Owner First.? This is an invitation to fill out a more detailed survey regarding your recent visit. Please take the time to complete this survey as it helps us to fully evaluate your experience and the employees who helped you. Sincerely, Grant Holy Digital Sales Manager (928) 522-6386 gholy@flagmotorco.com



I found a particular truck I was interested in buying from an inventory list on a related auto website. After my extensive communication attempts to consummate the purchase without driving to the dealership, I relented and made the trip so the used car appraiser could "evaluate" my trade. Upon my arrival, at my appointment time, I saw my proposed purchase parked near one of the building's entrances.. My first impression of the vehicle remains vivid, a BALD, miss-sized spare tire was LAYING in the bed of the truck, representing a screaming red lite in my subconscious to forego the purchase and drive away. Additionally no mention was ever made to address quarter panel body damage. Ultimately I completed the purchase, after the "manager" agreed to reimburse me the cost of a new spare tire RATHER than driving around the corner to purchase a tire BEFORE my arrival. OBVIOUSLY my experience is not an isolated incident but rather, characteristic of the dealership. O


New truck purchase

Bought a new Nissan truck experience was great, I have not bought a vehicle in over 14 years. A big thank you to Megan and Josh.

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review Robert! We are glad you had a great experience with us! Please let us know if we can assist in the future!


Poor Poor service - used car was damaged

We bought a used Nissan Armada that has been used as a rental. We had it a week and kept getting a sound like the 4WD was being engaged. Took it the dealer and they had it for a week, stating they didn't know what was wrong. We went back and tried to trade the car, was given a very hard time, even though they had the car longer then us! No compensation or rental was offered. They received another car, so we agreed to trade. This car was a wreck! Dents, scratches and the trailer hitch cover didn't fit. We were told that the detailer was excellent and could remove the scratches and dent and they would replace the trailer hitch cover. Got the car back and dent and scratches were still there. The trailer hitch cover was replaced and it still didn't fit, they didn't seem to care. Finally took it in and demanded they check it, we were told there was a crack in the bumper! We were sold a wrecked car! Was told they wouldn't fix it but would split the cost of repair. Called numerous times to get a hold of the sales manager to no avail. Never received a call back. I am so disappointed in this dealer, will definitely never shop there again or suggest them to anyone.


Prompt and helpful “rescue”

We were on vacation in Sedona with our Outback. One of the terminals on our battery had corroded and as a result the battery had not recharged enough to start the car. We jumped it and drove to the Flagstaff dealership. It was Saturday morning at 11:30 when we pulled into the dealership. Loren came to our rescue, had the terminals cleaned, the battery tested and had us on our way in an hour. And Loren had the car washed as well!!! A great example of the service we have come to enjoy from Subaru all over the country. Thank you Loren and thank you Subaru.