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(97 reviews)

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We live on the Navajo Nation, specifically in Cameron Arizona. We filled out an application in Tuba City Arizona with a girl named Shelby. My auntie does not speak English and lives on a fixed income. I specifically told that to her and told Shelby that if she had any questions or concerns that I am the contact, her nephew. The next day, "The Sales Professional," drove a Nissan Sentra that they chose for her to her resident, picked her up and took her into Tuba City, without my knowledge. They took her to her bank and without her knowledge wrote a temporary check for 500.00 deposit. I called the sales manager named Dustin at the Flagstaff Dealer ship and he advised me that I had no power in helping her as my name is not on the contract. Loraine Begaye her two men came by my auntie’s resident and advised her to start making payments. I'm not explaining the whole story. I would not recommend this place.


They "Fixed" my Car

I am the proud owner of a 2014 WRX Hatchback in World Rally Blue. This is my second Subaru that I have owned. Before my WRX, I had a base 2010 Impreza Hatchback which I thoroughly enjoyed. In the 1.5 years that I have owned my WRX, it has been nothing but great. This is my favorite car that I have owned so far. It is fun to drive, has lots of room, and handles great in the winter time. The Subaru community is pretty awesome as well. I am part of our local Subaru club, FASIC (Flagstaff, AZ Subaru Impreza Club). I love hanging out with fellow enthusiasts and going for drives. While everything else about my ownership experience was great, my dealership experience was far from it. I take care of my car. I get regular oil changes every 3000 miles at the dealership in Flagstaff. About a two months ago my car started making a chirping noise at lower RPMs. I didn’t think much of it at first, but then a month ago it got really loud. I took to the forums and found that it had to do with the throw-out bearing. Since my car was still under warranty I took it in to the dealership, Flagstaff Nissan Subaru, to get the issue looked into and fixed. I made an appointment and I took my car to the dealership on November 20, 2015 to get it looked at to see what the issue could be. I never received any phone calls on the status of my car. I had to call the dealership to get an update, and every time I called they seemed annoyed that I wanted to know what was going on with my car. After 9.5 hours at the dealership, I got a call saying that the throw-out bearing is faulty and will be replaced. The dealership could not tell me when the parts would arrive or if it was covered under my warranty. I needed a vehicle for the weekend to run some errands. The dealership did not have any courtesy cars available, so they gave me back my car and told me to bring it back Monday morning so they could fix it, so I did; I dropped it off Sunday night. I called the dealership because once again they did not call me to update me on the status of my WRX. The dealer now told me that there is nothing wrong with my car, even after having identified the problem the Friday before. I picked up my vehicle and realized that it was still making the same noise as before, so I took it to my local Subaru performance shop, 316 Motor Works. I had them listen to the noise and they determined that it was indeed the throw-out bearing that was at fault. I took my car back to the dealership that same day and took a mechanic out for a ride in hopes that he would hear the noise and be able to identify the issue. The mechanic heard the noise and identified it as a faulty throw-out bearing. He said that they would need to order the parts in order to repair my WRX. I received a call the following Tuesday from Flagstaff Nissan Subaru to inform me that the parts would be here by November 30th and that it would be covered under my warranty. I dropped my car off at the dealership again the following Monday. The dealership said that they would have the parts installed by the end of the day and that I would be able to drive home in my WRX that night. Once again I had to call for any updates on my vehicle. They informed me that it would not be done until Tuesday, December 1st. At this point I stopped by the dealership to demand a courtesy car. All this time I have not received a courtesy car from the dealership and had to rely on my family for transportation to and from work. They finally gave me a courtesy vehicle which was a very nice 2015 Impreza sedan. The next day, I called the dealership again to get an update on my vehicle. They finally said that it is ready to be picked up. I picked up the car and headed home. By the time I got home, the car started making the same noise again, except this time it was much louder and more frequent. The dealership had my vehicle for 4 days, and all they managed to do was make the noise worse and wash my car twice. Fed up with Flagstaff Nissan Subaru, I took my WRX to 316 Motor Works to get the throw-out bearing issue fixed once and for all. They ordered all the necessary parts and once the parts arrived, they installed them in less than a day. During the repair, it was noted that the transmission looked like it had never been pulled before which is interesting, because in order to install a new throw-out bearing, it has to be removed. It was also noted that two of the bolts on the downpipe were broken. These should have been replaced while my vehicle was at the dealership, but were not since the downpipe was never removed from the vehicle (the downpipe needs to be removed to gain access to the transmission). I wound up paying over $600 to get my car repaired when it should have been covered under warranty. My dealership experience was so bad, that I did not want to return to Flagstaff Nissan Subaru get the problem fixed there. I have driven the car for over a week now and the noise has not come back. 316 Motor Works was able to repair my WRX in less than a day when it took a Subaru dealership over three weeks of back and forth to do absolutely nothing except wash my car. Flagstaff Nissan Subaru is terrible. Never in my life have I had such a terrible experience at a dealership. I will avoid this dealership as they showed me their inability to diagnose or fix anything. The staff does not care about the customer’s vehicle, nor do they care about the customer. I shouldn’t have to keep calling the dealership to get an update on my vehicle. The dealership claimed to have completed warranty work when nothing was actually installed or done to my vehicle. All they managed to do in four days was waste my time, wash my car, and make the problem worse. I love my WRX but the same can’t be said for Flagstaff Nissan Subaru.



No negotiations. The figures are the facts. Nice easy grouping of options makes selection process easy. Sales guys were great - made the experience fun. Informative. Listened to my needs.


Horrible service

It's a shame how they treat their customers and their vehicles. Worst service department I have ever had to encounter.


Great Parts Department

This dealership was nice enough to host a bunch of Datsuns last week (10/2/15). The parts department was a lifesaver for me, as I needed some clips to reinstall a panel in my 240Z. They offered the parts at a competitive price, and most importantly, had parts in stock for a 40 y/o car. Can't recommend them enough.


Horrible service

Horrible service . They really just come up with tons of excuse and lies for all services they provide. They are a true definition of just a car dealer. Sad that they treat people so badly.

Dealer response

Sheema, we're sorry to hear about the poor experience you had with us. Thanks to individuals such as yourself that let us know there's a problem, we have the opportunity to examine our processes and make necessary changes to improve our customers' experiences with us. Thanks again Sheema for taking the time to let us know how we can be better.


Amazing Job!

I recently purchased a 2013 Nissan rogue from Matt and I must say it was great! I had come in a few times to look and just did not want anything that was on the lot. So instead of pressure to buy what was there he said he would find what I want. The next time I came in he said that the rogue had just come in and he thought it was perfect for me, well he was right so after driving I wanted it bad but was not sure if I could qualify for financing as I did not have much to put down and my credit is not the best. Well Rich and Travis in financing went above and beyond to make sure that not only was I approved but the numbers all worked for me.. It was by far a great experience everyone there did an amazing job!!!


No Pressure Dealership

My experience was very good. We first met with Gary Loos and then with Gabriel Rueda. The management was able to have the car looked at by their mechanics for the issue that I brought to their attention with the knocking on the steering column when making a right turn. I made the final sale long distance as I live in Tucson. The dealership also made arrangements for my car to be delivered to me Gabriel Rueda. Prior to arriving, he filled up the car and then made the delivery. My whole experience was a good one. No pressure and very delightful people to deal with. Very personable, knowledgeable, caring staff.


Best Dealership Ever

Gary Loos was the sales agent I met as I walked around the lot looking at the used Subaru's. Gary was friendly and very personable as he answered my questions about the Subaru's on the lot to my satisfaction. We went for a test drive and I found the car handled well, was a comfortable ride, responsive, and had more features than I expected. There was no pressure to buy at all, a refreshing change at a car dealership! I returned the next day for another test drive, loved the car and choose to purchase the car. Gary was great at handling the entire process from purchase to delivery of the car. Todd stepped in from time to time to handle some of the paperwork and was equally pleasant. Because it was a Certified used car, the warranty was still valid on the drive train. Great! On the day I picked up the car, the car was detailed and filled with gas with a few pleasant surprises?. cargo net and wheel locks! My entire visit, from my first step on the lot, to the exit with my car, could not have been more pleasant. I will recommend this dealership at every opportunity! Thank you Gary for your easy mannerism???


Fantastic Experience

Fantastic experience with this dealership! Specifically Rich and Derio. They were so easy to work with, and the car buying process was the easiest and fastest that I have ever experienced! They also gave us a great deal on our trade in. I will definitely use them again in the future and refer my friends and family to this dealership. Highly recommended!