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About our dealership

This seller has been on since January 2014.
CAL Cars has sold over 30,000 vehicles in the last 15 years, which makes CAL the second largest independent dealer in the entire state of Washington!

CAL also has excellent selection with over 300 vehicles in stock. Every vehicle sold must pass a 24-point safety inspection that is done by a 3rd party mechanic. Every CAL vehicle sold comes with a complimentary 30 day, 1,000-mile warranty to back up our safety inspection.

Roughly half of CAL customers that come to our dealership every month are either referrals or repeat buyers because they know our vehicle's prices are negotiable, but their satisfaction is not!
15 Years Experience - Free 30 Day 1,000 mile warranty - Best Selection: Over 300 Vehicles

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(57 reviews)

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Great customer service!

Justin is a excellent salesman. Went the extra mile for me and was so impressed with how fast and easy the entire process took. Great job!!


Would not recommend

I've went back and forth if I should even waste my time writing a review but I feel as if I should now. I've poured about 2 grand into this car for repairs with about another grand that is on the back burner for now. First off Nick was awesome as far as not being pushy and was friendly I give him kudos. As for the financing guy or what ever he was he was something else. Pushy to say the least. I know I pi**** him off because I wouldn't purchase the GAP insurance or let him run our credit for a better interest rate. We went in knowing what we was approved for and who we would be going through I took care of that before hand. But he kept pushing. I finally got snippy and he shut up. As for the car it was bought as is but it blows my mind you can sell a vehicle for the price they did with all the problems it has. On top of not actually being the same car shown in the pictures on their website. We came in with intention of purchasing a 07 Cadillac Escalade with a brush guard and a set of nice black rims AS pictured. What we got is a 07 Cadillac Escalade with out a brush guard and it's original mind you corroded rims. They should have updated the image. Now the list begins with the near bald front tires I had to replace. While replacing the tires we found the rims were corroded with water in the tires. This caused a bad leak in 3 of the 4 tires. I had to purchase new rims. The check engine light was on upon leaving the lot. I need a fuel level sensor. The suspension light was on I need a new air suspension compressor. My alternator went out I had to replace that. Today the gear shift cable broke so I am replacing this. Unbelievable. I would not recommend this place due to the dishonesty. I received a text from someone there about a month later checking up on us. I told them what issues I was having they never replied 🤣. Don't get me wrong I love my car and I figured I'd have a few fixes here and there as it's a older vehicle but thousands with in the first month not even a full month at that! Unless you are looking to buy a vehicle you are going to have to pour a bunch of money into after you drive it off the lot I wouldn't recommend this lot. Thank God I didnt trade in my car for this . Now they did change the brakes and gave it a oil change which took 2 days after we bought it I will give them that. I've never purchased a car with so many problems before. Save your money and time go elsewhere.


Just a dude

My guy Igor was great. Worked his butt of for me and we must have walked a mile together searching for what was perfect for us and Igor indeed did that. I would highly recommend buying from these people.


Best n worst customer service ever

I had the best worst service I've ever had. Less than 3 days into buying my truck and the check engine light came on. My wife was scared for future issues with a new purchase car and wanted to get ride of it. Chris (the service manager) Kody ( the sales associate) and the rest of his team showed exceptional customer service. Everyone was so helpful, nice, respectful and wanted to ensure I was happy with their service, their company and with my purchase. So I ended up keeping the truck because of everyone's exceptional service. The only reason I did not leave a 5 star review was because I was shown the worst customer service I've ever received from George they call him G4 (the owners son). I was waiting over 2 hours to speak with George and he refused to talk to me. He stayed in his office the whole time. He would call his associates in the office over the intercom and refused to see the customers buying vehicles from his fathers dealership. How awful of a thing to do. 5 stars for CalCars team and 0 stars for George G4.


NO follow up.

Absolutely disappointed with the LACK of contact...service ...or even a RESPONSE from the dealer. Ended up paying out of pocket. I was told I would receive a phone call. I never did.


Car buyer

Kody made buying this car easy thanks cals auto made get a car we liked easy told kody are payment range and we got it


Emmanuel Lawson, our gracious salesman

Emmanuel presented Intelligently, efficiently,and interested in our needs. He was Pleased to show us 2 cars or any other cars that we might be interested in. He was patient, well dressed, and smelled good. He acted like it was a pleasure to serve us. He offered to help us if we had any future questions. (We are both in our 80's, so we were glad to be offered that opportunity.) Emmanuel couldn't have been better. I do have a question about the financial page. Emmanuel properly introduced us to Carolyn in the office. She read to us the various charges we would be paying for the car we chose. When she came to line for"Docs" she said the company charges $150 for Docs, and that she deducted $75.00 of that $150.00 amount for us. I looked at her when she quoted that amount to see a slight steely glint in her eyes. I decided not to say anything right then. We checked with our son, Dean, this AM and he said that he was at the table when Emmanuel had told us earlier that the company charges $75.00 for "Docs" , and that they decided to delete the $75 that was usually charged for Docs. Someone told us that $150 would be an outrageous amount to pay for Docs. So was Carolyn mistaken??


Satisfied Customers

We bought a used Truck a few days ago. George called my husband to set up a time to see Josh. He was very professional and was able to get our payments where we were comfortable with. We then saw Steve in financial and he too was very nice. So overall, our experience with CAL'S was a good one and would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a good new or used vehicle!!



Wasn't impressed with your service yesterday. We decided to leave half an hour prior to closing as our son was agitated and hungry due to we had spent 3 hours there by that point. We felt your employees had no idea how to handle people who had filed bankruptcy which we were told over the phone that you do. Honestly we felt we could have gotten much better service at the downtown Honda because they would have at least shown us the cars meant for our situation vs just showing us low priced cars and saying oh sorry the banks wont approve that so let's show you this 3rd car and try pressuring you in to the vehicle because it was deemed a fantastic deal by multiple people. So now I'm very upset with the fact that I feel you wasted my time as a customer as it was clear you were trying to make a sale vs caring about their needs and wants. I am betting you most likely ran our credit with every bank possible vs just having a dedicated bank for our situation.


Good experience with salesman Jared.

Working working with Jared was a smooth process that made me feel that you really cared about me getting into the car that I wanted and needed. Next time I need a new car I'm coming back here and I'm looking him up.

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