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(153 reviews)

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Google only allows you to make one review ever of a business. So since a couple years ago I complained of how Dorsett Nissan damaged my vehicle while in for service I cannot make any other reviews. So I am on another website. Service Manager Chad told me a part was covered under the power train warranty. Then explained my warranty expired at 50,000 miles I paid for the service. Then I read my paperwork and discovered the warranty is good through 100,000 miles. After calling back they explained the service is over. So I escalated it and called Nissan Customer service who backed their dealership and said even if they told me incorrectly that is my issue not theirs. How would you like to be told something just to have it disregarded. Well if you like that treatment Dorsett is your place. Read my last review from like 2 years ago. I’ve bought my last 3 vehicles from Nissan. Sorry to say now I understand how the entire company works not just the local dealership. My business will go elsewhere as well as any and every recommendation I can make.



Filed Consumer Protection Complaint for fraud/deceptive used car sales practice w Indiana Atty Gen Office, Illinois Atty Gen Office (prior owner, car title, 2nd dealership where e-commerce/ internet posts are from Illinois), and FTC. 16 yo son finds on e-commerce advertisement a "COOL JEEP". Short story: Made appt, visited, test drove, asked all the right used car questions-CARFAX, mechanical, engine, electrical, any problems w previous owner, bla bla bla, RIGHT? Jake is consistent and persistent it's a 'GREAT JEEP, encouraged my son to do up keep, and 80,000 miles to go! GREAT JEEP, acceptable responses. Last statement from me: Missouri has Vehicle Safety Laws/Inspection it needs pass or I'm not interested. Jake: it's a GREAT JEEP, it will pass. Within 3 days w had electrical problems and something just wasn't right while driving. Local Jeep dealership does complimentary multi-system check: wiring problems, exhaust system complete rusted out w multiple holes, catalytic converter not even working, wheel ball bearings destroyed, rear axel seals destroyed, gear shifter failing, and impending transmission problems. Service manager labeled the Jeep as a "vital, hazardous, unsafe vehicle, that never should have been sold to a consumer, but sold wholesale for parts only." Called Dorsett Automotive to share the findings. He stated, "you Missourians are exaggerating, over reacting ppl. There is nothing wrong w that Jeep. Next? Agreed to have it inspected. It FAILED! For reasons above. The LICENSED STATE AUTHORIZED SAFETY VEHICLE INSPECTOR said the same: this car is in very bad condition and should have been sold at auction where Dorsett would have had to disclose all the major problems. I asked Dorsett to buy the vehicle back and sell it INDIANA where there aren't safety laws to protect drivers, passengers, and our environment. HE REFUSED!! He continued w some unflattering, personal attacks and critiques of me, then said he'd repair, but I'd pay him every cent of the costs. To date: $19,300 purchase finance, $2700 exhaust system, catalytic converter, wheel ball bearings, axel seals, ALL REPLACED. 10 days after their repairs, transmission blows @$4070 to rebuild. Does anyone seriously believe Dorsett Automotive didn't know? How does a local Jeep dealer put it in the air, drive it around the block and diagnose all these major problems. I say FRAUD, MISREPRESENTATION, DECEPTIVE, HIDING FACTS, just to make a sale! Brian Dorsett stated his 'service dept knew, but they didn't want to put the money into to fix it up, so they passed it on to buyer'. Oh. That's great, except you didn't disclose all the major problems to the buyer. THAT's FRAUD! We have owned this "COOL JEEP" 28 days, driven 800 miles, and it sits in my garage bc, not only is it an UNSAFE car, it doesn't drive! If anyone thinks this is the definition of e-commerce "COOL JEEP" advertisement? I'll trade ya!


Awesome Experience - Trade In and Buy

First off, if you don’t do your homework beforehand, you should not be allowed to write a crappy review. I researched values for my trade in. I researched current loan rates. I configured my trade in value to know my payment range. I called ahead and they booked an appointment to see the truck I wanted. The sales manager greeted me and thanked me for coming in before test drive, driver’s license copied, etc. Jake Vandivier was my sales associate. We test drove the truck, I told him my terms and what I wanted for my trade in and they did it no questions asked. The sales manager thanked me again for coming in and the sales associate followed up the next day to check in. Great experience hands down.


Awesome Experience

I just purchased a Nissan Murano from Jarred Lucas at Dorsett Nissan. Jarred worked with me to ensure that I got the right car for my family. No push, no rush and no double talk. He got me better than Kelley Blue Book trade in value on my car and worked with me to discount the one accessory that was missing on the Murano's platinum package. The finance experience was also great! Chris Poe took excellent care of me. He made sure that I got the best interest rate at the monthly payment I wanted. He was patient and made sure I knew everything that was going on during the transaction. He also was not pushy about extended warranties and was very informative when I inquired about the value they provide. Will definitely be back here for my next car!


Unfortunately not a pleasant experience.

Had a good experience buying my truck. Great customer service ---- HOWEVER - after a week of having my truck I began having several issues pop up that most certainly were present at the time of my purchase. Here I am 3 months later and am expected to pay thousands of dollars to fix issues that were happening when I bought the truck but were either covered up or their mechanics are not that great. I understand I bought a used truck, but I was pretty disappointed that this place, even owning a Ford dealership, would not help me out at all. Their response was - we cant fix the issues, but we can try to get you into another vehicle. Wow.


Sold a car with issues and they won’t call me back

Bought a 2008 Pontiac G6 and the day we but it, the check engine light comes on. We bought it May 21 and was told that there were no problems with it. I had the car looked at locally because we are about 90 miles from the dealer. Told that 2 of the catalytic converts need to be replaced. I call the dealer, and speak with the salesman, Justin, and agree to bring it back for his service dept to look at. I drop it off May 26. I call May 31 because I have not heard anything. Justin tells me that they agree it is the converters, but they are going to take the car to a different mechanic to fix it because he can do it cheaper than they can. 3 weeks later I finally hear that the car is ready. We pick it up on Saturday June 23 (4 weeks after dropping it off) and I pay them $300. That afternoon, the check engine light comes on again. I call Justin and am told that he will talk to his boss and get back to me. It’s now been 2 weeks and I have not gotten a call. I’ve called and left messages, but he won’t call back. I also have sent a message to Brandon Dorsett, the used car manager, through a link on their site and have heard nothing from him. Do NOY do business with them.


Dont recommend

Was told one thing by 2 different people on the phone drove all the way there to be told something else and in my opinion they were rude when i asked why they could not help me but another dealership could i was told then just go there.



I like this place. They are very very helpful and never let me down. I was looking at a Dodge Charger SRT8 that was blue and had a hemi. I really want it, so they have been helping me out there. And I thank them very much for the help and hard work they put in forth the effort and I love it.


Great Dealership

Everyone was very nice and willing to help even the owner


Ready to help

I contacted Dorsett Automotive for more information on one of their used cars. I got a near immediate response. the Internet Sales manager continually answered my questions and follow up questions in a timely manner.

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