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Total waste of time

Don’t trust this dealership. Call them to ask if you questions on a vehicle they had in the lot. Was on hold for about 15 minutes. Hung up the phone call back they said hold on someone will be right there. 15 minutes later still no one picks up. Called a third time. Lady says we will take your number and call back. Total waste of time.


Bait and Switch ... Run away from these guys.

Crooks... Stopped by to test drive a Used Car and I loved it. Sat down to talk #'s and they added $2500 in mandatory fees to the advertised asking price ($1500 refurbishment and $1000 delivery fee). This is a new spin on the old bait-and-switch tactic that was common not so long ago, but now rather than advertising a car they don't actually have, they advertise at a price they aren't actually willing to sell it for. Don't bother with these guys... you should never pay fees on top of asking price except for the state controls Doc Fee (just over $300 in 2022). Oh and they tried to add $5k more in options (warranty this, service that... a car that was listed at <$25K and the bill of sale they put in front of me came in at $34K). Needless to say, I walked out that very moment...


Run away as fast as you can!

STAY AWAY! Why is this company still allowed to false advertise these fake prices? I have complete details I will be sharing with the attorney general. This company is a classic example of shady used car business practices. They wouldn't sell me the car they advertised for anywhere close to the price shown... tried adding 4k worth of needles fees.


WILL NOT sell for advertised price. $2,900 later….

$2,900 more than the advertised price! Cars.com needs to monitor these excessive fees. Prep fee was $1,495. Handling fee was $995. Doc fee was $395. A total and complete waste of my time and their salesman’s time. I should have read these reviews first, but being a new car dealer I didn’t bother.


Won't sell at the price they advertise!

I went to buy a car there. Price was advertised on several different online platforms. They absolutely would NOT sell the car at the advertised price. I even offered an additional $300 on top of the advertised price for a dealer fee. Not a chance. They tried adding over $3,000 in warranties and b.s. "mechanic inspection fee". Then added the tax at the wrong rate to pad a few more hundred. Total bait and rob. Stay away!


Classic Bait & Switch Operation

Stay away and save yourself the hassle, these guys are "bait and switch" personified. The absolute worst, these are the kind of dealers and car salesmen who are pushing people to online car buying. I booked an appointment to see a specific car, the appointment was two days after, I got calls and texts to confirm the appointment both days and everything was fine, but when I reached their dealership, the first thing I'm told is "oh that car was just sold" but hey there is this other car a little more expensive why don't you buy this, I complained about why did they not inform me when they were calling me or texting me, to which the guy just apologized and kept pushing the other more expensive car. A few days later I saw another car on their website, I booked an appointment to see THAT car for the very next day, I was very specific that I am only interested in that car. On the day of the appointment I called an hour before to confirm if the car was still available and they confirmed that yes it is, I told them I am coming all the way from Naperville, and I am not interested in any other car, to which they further confirmed that yes the car is still available. I reach there and the first thing they tell me is oh that car is no longer available, I complained that I confirmed before coming just an hour ago, to which he tells me it sold 30 minutes ago. At the very least these guys are some very inconsiderate xxxxxxx by not informing me in time, but I am 100% certain, they know what they are doing, they are just a classic bait and switch operation, no wonder people hate car salesmen. Stay away from these people, the two characters I dealt with were Elman Ilyayev and Sonia Villalobos, the main bait and switch perpetrators. And oh by the way that car is still advertised on their website as available, go figure.


Not recommended at all

First of all I would like to say I have no problem with the vehicle itself however however I went there to drive a used alpha at 10 o'clock in the morning told the salesperson I had to be leave by 2 o'clock. This was on June 30 I never did get to drive the used car instead all new ones. I leased a new 2021 alpha did not get home until 730 at night with no paperwork and only 1 key. After several attempts of contacting them which is been over 40 days still have no key or paperwork. I've purchased over 30 cars in my lifetime definitely the worst experience I've ever had.


Judgemental customer service

Came in with my significant other to try and see if they had a Alfa Romeo Giulia quadrifoglio and first literally no one was available. Then they took me to the Maserati side. Two employees are sitting around in their office. Then I ask. They say no I don't have one available but will have one soon. they then ask about a time frame. Then they ask me if I'm here to buy or here to test drive. I say I'm looking for an Alfa to purchase and I'm interested in test driving one. They immediately shut that down and say oh you need a credit check and need to commit to buy to even get to test drive one? I was like this is ridiculous. The car is around 40-60k used and the one they were going to have was used. I have test driven cars valued over 100k easily with no real issue. I was shocked to hear that they have a "policy" that doesn't allow that. Very sad and disappointed. Now it's easier to understand why Alfa Romeo is struggling as a brand because of dealers like this. Definitely won't be going back to this family of dealers.


Excellent experience from start to finish!

Excellent service at the dealership. Polite and courteous staff, very experienced and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this dealership for your Italian car needs. We will be coming back for our next car here! Thank you!



Great experience overall. She was very helpful and walked us the touch the entire process with ease. The process we went through was fairly seamless and she used care through out.

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