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(4 reviews)

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Terrible service and was sold complete junk

They are terrible they sell you a car that the transmission light came on within two days of getting the car and then the next day you wind up having to have it towed to the shop and the transmission has completely failed


Don’t buy a car from them

Purchased a van from them, as I was leaving it started beeping (didn’t do it during the test drive) turns out it needed several new sensors. Within a week the fuel pump went out. After repairing all of those things we had to call and continuously harass them for our title. 2 days before it was due they said they would get it in the mail. We live an hour away and they refused to accommodate us at all. They didn’t care if we got it in time before the paper tag expired and said they weren’t responsible as long as they could show they mailed it by 30 days. xxxxty, xxxxty customer service would highly NOT recommend them to anyone.


I wish it were different

We had been saving our money to try and find a cheap vehicle that maybe wasn't perfect but at least functional. We have a large family going multiple directions on a daily basis, and it is BEYOND stressful getting everyone where they need to be with one vehicle. When I walked into the car lot I expressed our previous experience and horror stories with cash cars as well our need for a functional car. They expressed that they understood and would never put ANYONE in a car that they wouldn't allow their wife to drive around in. Welp, guess what I'm neither of their wives so the safety and well-being of OUR family doesn't count. They had no problem selling us a xxx car that couldn't make it a full flipping week off the lot. Not even a full week of purchasing the vehicle it begin to run hot, smoke, shake, and eventually stop completely IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC. It's inconceivable to believe they would put anyone of their loved ones in the vehicle that they sold us. Mind you, the staff there are charming, polite,and seemingly helpful-everything a used car salesman should be. We brought the car back in and had it "fixed" at what seemed to be a GREAT price tailored to our financial constraints. However, the "fixed" car came back with the same EXACT issues until eventually coming to a complete ruin in their parking lot. Thats right, check the timeline. Three weeks, several breakdowns, eventually completely died (refusing to start at all) and had to be towed off to an affiliated mechanic where it is STILL sitting unable to be driven. ONE FULL WEEK. It took ONE FULL WEEK to watch our money go down the drain. It's been busted more than we were able to actually drive it. Now here we are in the very position that we needed the car for, and SURPRISE we don't have it and we're a few thousand dollars lighter in the pockets. I can't explain how stupid we feel to have placed our trust in this car lot, but hey people get suckered everyday. I just hate that it was us...again.



I just purchased my second vehicle with iluvcheapcars.com I got a 2009 Nissan pathfinder its beautiful and runs GREAT I could not be more happy the staff in the office was super nice and helpful ashley and steve went above and beyond for me !! and when it come to that time i will be getting my third car from them as well ???

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