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(103 reviews)

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Extremely disappointed

We bought a car from action auto and are disappointed with what they sold us. We test drove it and looked at it and they said it was inspected before we bought it. The customer service was good. Less than a month later we notice our alignment is way off. We messaged the salesman to find out about repairs and he never got back to us. Going to a different shop we found out that the struts are breaking and will need replaced to have the alignment corrected completely. We called the dealership again because something this bad should have been caught or they misled us in the process. They justified it with it was good enough to pass the inspection even if just barely so that it would fall apart later. They would not compensate us for the alignment, struts, bolts, or tires that will need replaced soon or service through a third party. I would not recommend this place if you don't want to deal with extra problems from lazy inspections.


"Mechanical Inspection" misses OLD timing belt

We did not look at or purchase the car we asked about - after being told a full mechanical inspection had been done, we got the carfax and called two dealers and one auto mechanic who had worked on car - confirming that the car's timing belt had never been replaced (and now 40K miles overdue.) Car was priced at top of KBB dealer value for good or better condition - a $ 1K timing belt was out of the question. The sales guy was friendly and polite, but not able to give satisfactory answers about condition of the car.

Dealer response

Hey Car detective, We take matters like this very seriously and would ask that you reach out to us by email at or by calling us at (801) 766-6137 and asking for Erik. We would love the opportunity to go over this with you. Thank you.


Very disappointed

My husband and I bought a car here a few months ago with only 15,000 miles on it. It was supposed to have a clean title, carfax, and 3rd party inspection and we thought all was well. Now we are having to pay replace the brakes, fix the air conditioning, and figure out why there are check engine lights on. When taking to the Honda dealership they told us it was likely in an accident. We called the dealership to see what our options were and they basically told us sorry but there's nothing they can do. We feel like they were very dishonest with us and are very unsatisfied.

Dealer response

Hey Maddie, this is something we take very seriously. Please reach out to us by email at or by phone by calling (801) 766-6137 and asking for Erik at our Orem location. Thank you.


Mike and Andre made the car buying process easy!

After searching for weeks online I found the exact car I was looking for at Action auto. It was actually the least expensive of all comparables with literally half the miles. Because of that fact alone I did a lot of due diligence including calling the dealership that leased the car originally to hear them tell me the car never had any problems and was serviced (oil changes etc) on schedule. I test drove the car for half hour and everything seemed great so I took it to a shop that offers a, “check before you buy” service. They said everything looks great! So feeling good about the car I got lunch and went back to the dealership. Andre meet me at the car and was very helpful with a few questions. We went in and got financing approved and thanks to Mikes industry skills he got my bank to match the interest rate that another bank was offering. We did some soft dealing and came to an, “out the door price”. Mike quickly finished the paper work I signed off on the lone and I had an almost new car for half the price of new! We joked around while they detailed the car and then I was on my way home feeling good about the whole low stress process. Thanks Mike and Andre for being professional and courteous!

Dealer response

Thank you Jason for your kind review! We appreciate your business and hope you have a great time with your new car!


Extremely disappointed with Action Auto

Settle in....this is a long review. But I want to make sure that others don't make the same mistake I made by purchasing a car from Action Auto. This is my Action Auto horror story..... our family was in need of a new car and I saw a listing online for a 2016 Honda Odyssey for sale at Action Auto. We contacted them and started working with Jorge, who was a great salesperson to work with. While our experience working with Action Auto started out pleasant, it went downhill fast. To start off, Action Auto's financial contact, Matt, was quite pushy when trying to sell us on buying an extended warranty, persisting even after we politely declined several times. Immediately after driving our car off the lot we started experiencing problems with the car. Trying to work with Action Auto to get these issues resolved has been a complete nightmare. Just 3 days after purchasing our car I contacted Jorge and expressed concern over the issues we were having with the car. He told me that Action Auto's mechanic would be in contact with me shortly to help get the issues resolved. I never heard from the mechanic, even after multiple text messages and phone calls to Jorge. Finally, I got so fed up of waiting for the mechanic to call me that I asked Jorge to just give me the mechanic's number so I could contact him directly. After finally getting in touch with Action Auto's mechanic, I explained the issues we were having (car shaking when braking, problems with the power doors, problems with the driver side window). Over two weeks after we first brought this issue to Action Auto's attention we were finally able to get their mechanic to inspect the car. He told us that the car's rotors were warped and needed to be replaced. This begs the question, why was this car sold to us with warped rotors? Upon asking this question to Action Auto I was told that the rotors were not included in their "200 point inspection", so they were not checked previous to us purchasing the car. Action Auto told us that we would responsible for fixing the damaged rotors. This was incredibly frustrating to hear after just paying $26,000 for a car! The worst part of this whole experience was working with Matt from Action Auto to try and get this issue resolved. He was extremely rude and condescending on the phone. He kept telling me that he was "trying to help me" but because I had not purchased the extended warranty they wouldn't be paying to fix the broken car they sold us. So we ended up paying for the rotors because we just wanted to be done with it. But our Action Auto nightmare wasn't over..... After getting new rotors we immediately noticed the car was still shaking when braking. We took the car back in and had it looked at again. This time we were told that the car needed new calipers. We were once again told we would be responsible for paying to get this part fixed. Why were the broken calipers not noticed when the rotors were inspected and replaced? Why was the car sold to us with so many mechanical issues? Why would Action Auto not own up to this and pay for these repairs? As of today, our van has been in their shop for the last six days. We still do not have our car. I have tried calling two different mechanics three times today and I still have no response and no idea when we will be getting our car back. When first researching Action Auto, we noticed they had great reviews and were really happy to buy a car from them, but that is so longer the case. I suspect Action Auto pays people for good reviews. They did offer me a full tank of gas in exchange for a review. I feel like that borders on review incentivization, which I believe is unethical. We would never recommend Action Auto. We are hundreds out of pocket for repairs that should have been made before we bought the car. We would return the car if we could. We are disappointed that a company in my neighborhood conducts business this way.

Dealer response

Hey Breanna, We sincerely apologize for your experience with us and would like to do what we can to fix this situation. Please reach out to us at (801) 766-6137 and ask for Erik at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


Action Auto Sales and Finance

I am pretty amazed by this dealership. I never expected that they have cool cars. For me used car wasn't the trend at all, it's just a bunch of old cars with scars. But when I got the time to visit the place, I was shocked. The cars there don't look like old or a used one, amazing their price was affordable too.

Dealer response

Thank you for your kind words Hassie! We really appreciate your business!


Great Experience!

Working with Action Auto was easy and painless. Daniel helped us and was very patient as we made sure all of our bulky baby gear fit well in the car we were interested in. He checked in on us periodically without being annoying and answered our questions honestly. If we ever need another car I would go to them first!

Dealer response

Thank you Jade! We'll be happy to help with any of your future needs!


Shopping for a Mustang

Action Auto has been great to work with. At the initial visit to the Orem location I did not have much time, but was able to test drive the car I wanted to and get the information I needed. When i came in to pick up the car it took a bit longer than expected. Overall good experience. Ty is great.

Dealer response

Thank you for your business RKS!


Best buying process

This was by far the best buying process I’ve had buying a car. The salesmen were easy to talk to and not pushy at all.

Dealer response

Thank you for your kind words and business Wyatt! We hope you have a great new year!


Great Service

Action Auto in Orem did a great job of answering the questions we had prior to buying, and the whole process was fast and friendly. We love the Outback we bought from them. Thank you, Jake!

Dealer response

Thank you for your kind words Kris! We appreciate your business!