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    August 24, 2014

    I went to a Hyundai dealer thinking it was the best place to buy a used Hyundai. I dealt with two different sales people during my visit. The first one... didn't know what he was doing, to the point that he handed everything over to a different guy halfway through. The second guy got me pre-approved for financing but refused to tell me a dollar figure. When I made a selection, it took well over an hour of waiting before they had paperwork for me to sign. I almost walked out because I was waiting for so long with no interaction from them. After the sale was complete, they gave me a cheap copy of a key rather than an original, then told me that was all they had. When I asked about keyless entry fobs, they said that this car didn't have keyless entry. Since then I have verified that this car does indeed have factory keyless entry. It does not, however, have XM radio that the sales paperwork I signed said it did. I have also found several mechanical issues that make it unpleasant to drive. I would have known more if they would have provided the CarFax that I asked for, but apparently they didn't want me to see that they had been trying to sell this thing for the past five months unsuccessfully. It's a used car, and I understand and don't blame them for the mechanical issues. I do, however, blame them for lying to me. If they didn't have a RKE fob for it, they should have just said so and I would have paid extra for one (although given the sale price they should have thrown one in). Instead, they chose to tell me that it didn't have keyless entry at all, which is false since it was standard equipment on this vehicle. I knew that already and was disappointed when I didn't receive a fob or a real key, especially since that was after all the paperwork had been signed. I also don't appreciate the lie about XM radio. The paperwork clearly identified it as a feature, but this car does not and never has had it. Lack of attention to detail is pretty clear at this dealership. Speaking of detail, it was cleaner during the test drive than when I got in to drive it home. The detailer who prepped it for delivery left smears and streaks all over the windows. Two weeks afterward, one of their sales people made a follow-up call to me asking about my experience. When I answered honestly about my problems, he became defensive, and started telling me I needed to call different departments. He did not provide me with phone numbers or names, though. I could tell he really had no interest in helping me resolve any issues. My experience while at the dealership was not all bad. It was finding out the truth immediately afterward that really upset me. A dealership claiming to be the number one Hyundai dealer in the state should take as much care of their used Hyundais as they do their new ones. I was disappointed to learn their sales people are unfamiliar with their products, and really only cared about getting money, leaving the horrible truth to be discovered when it's too late.

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