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Jumbo Luxury Cars is founded on trust integrity and respect. We are proud to offer these values in our sales and business practices so our customers keep coming back. The vehicles on our lot have the best prices and quality in the area so come by and see us today!
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(34 reviews)

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No way!

Stay away. Far, far away. Jumbo Luxury Cars is not a reputable dealer. They use “7 day buy back” - it’s only if there is an issue that “they” see as major – the buyer opinion does not matter. I tried to get them to buy back and they refused. My reason was not to their liking. They also offer “30-day warranty” and “...cover any parts of $600 or more for 30 days…” – I had a repair that cost over $2k only about 2 weeks after purchase. The parts were over $1,000 (labor also $1k) but since no single part was over $600 – they refused to stand by the warranty. That’s shady! This place should be ashamed of themselves.


Car sold with Frame damage/ Lack integrity

I strongly would not recommend this dealership to anyone. I was sold a car that has frame damage which is unacceptable. I specifically asked my Sales Consultant Aaron if this car has any frame or flood damage and he stated NO! My car stopped working due to water in my trunk which damaged the electrical system. The repair bill was $1200 and I only had the car for 6 months. I took it to the body repair shop where they showed me the frame damage and the repair bill is over $4000. I was lied to and its costing me so much money. I expressed because of my poor vision the features that are important for me to have in my next vehicle. When I purchased the car, the rear view camera feature listed was not even in the car when delivered to my home in Georgia. I spoke with my Sales Consultant and was told to get a quote and give him a call. I tried calling for over a month. I have not received a call back since. I’ve reached out to management starting in March about the frame damage and they always just take my number down and no one has yet to give me a call back. It’s been a horrible experience and as a first time buyer I wouldnt wish this car buying experience on no one. Please save yourself the trouble and don’t purchase from this company!


Good review!

Hands down the beat dealership ever! Talk with Andrew he will definitely get you hooked up in a fast time and easiest car buying process ever!


Terrible Dealership!!!!! Don’t Do it

Don’t do it. It was from a scale from 1-10 about an 3. The dealer lies about things. It’s basically a whole sale car dealer. U buy as is. I bought a Mercedes 2017 S550 cabriolet and the service was terrible. Waited over a month for car to be shipped because of repairs and when I got the car it had dents in it as well as bad tires. It failed Md State inspection. For the price they sell there cars at u can go to a reputable dealership where as they can guarantee u more for your money. Don’t do it. Trust me.



Transparency is what this dealership doesn't know. I recommend getting a 3rd party to inspect car. Car will come with damages. They nickel and dime you till the very end. The 500 only fee is a scam to pull you in. More the salesman takes days to get things done. Once my car arrived there was residue from body work. Had vehicles inspection from mercedes benz and found 3 wheel were bent. In ad for vehicle did not state 1 key only. So there is another transparent cost that Moe said I am on my own. His claim is that I am not buying a cpo. I am buying a 30k vehicle from a dealer who calms honesty. More then told me if I dont like it send the car back. Well Moe I gave you 14k down. I used your affiliated bank for you benefit and this is how you repaid me. Buyer beware. My regret was not to use 3rd party to inspect vehicle.i hope this will help furore buyers.


2016 C300. Simple close, right?

One of the only reasons I wanted to buy here was because of the salesman (Paulino) because of his willingness to want to actually close a deal, not to mention his professionalism. Everyone else, including the manager, you can expect a 'buy here pay here' car lot experience. I came in to purchase a 2016 C300. Simple close, right? Attempted negotiating, it was a no-go, and I can respect that. I came in the next day to share my intent to purchase and put a $5,000 cash deposit just so it can be held for 4 hours to 2 days maximum. I also requested to run a OBD scan to make sure there was no obvious issues. The sales manager refused and let his ego drive the sale into the ground thinking he's some Elon Musk thought leader in the industry and trying to 'streamline the buying experience' LOL! People still sells cars, we're not there yet lollipops. I'm not sure how many people put a $5,000 holding deposit on strict terms for 2016 C300, but I am very thankful that he declined. The same day, just four few hours later (literally) I purchased a 2017 C300 with less miles from DriveTime. It's really embarrassing that a DriveTime salesman walked away with the deal; he doesn't even work on commission. LOL! I do feel bad for the salesman (Paulino) I was working with since he doesn't belong on a used car lot like this. On the other hand, maybe it wasn't the $5K holding deposit that was the problem, but the OBD scan that I requested. Who knows if the VIN the OBD reports even matched up the title based on the other claims I've read in these reviews. If you're shopping here, bring a MB OBD scanner and ask. In my case, it was a MBStar unit :) They're doing their best to build up a genuine image to cover up all the crap that's coming out. Other than that, expect the good cop bad cop buying experience, everyone thinking they're hot yet all driving off the lot in civics. Once again, thank you so much :D


Hype Does Not Match Reality

Dealership prided itself in its website and videos of service and transparency. Nothing could be further from truth. Was assigned a salesperson who lied about the car price, refused to apologize despite being caught red handed and proceeded to not fulfill promises to send data about car or do virtual tour of car at agreed upon time, probably because feelings were hurt. Basically dissed us and did not hear from at all. Manager didn't bother to rectify matters either. The worst part is the videos this dealer posts on YouTube show unrivalled "honesty and integrity". Yeah, right.



UNDISCLOSED CLEAR COAT PAINT DAMAGE/UNDISCOLSED INTERIOR DAMAGE I purchased a 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera S from Jumbo Luxury Cars in late October of 2019. I had been waiting a long time to find the color combination (dark blue/platinum gray), wheel option and other details in a pre-owned 911. Dealing with Jumbo was for the most part a good experience at first. They were very responsive and friendly during the selling process. After purchase, they shipped the 911 to California from Florida and it arrived in about 10 days. There was A LOT of undisclosed damage that totaled over $7,000. As part of the selling process, Jumbo posts a video and details any damage to the vehicle which is supposed to make process is transparent. Also, during my negotiations with my sales rep. they also did walk-arounds over Facetime. I relied on these because I could not see the car in person. They never disclosed the following damage: Clear Coat damage requiring all new paint for the left rear fender. ($1400) Clear Coat damage requiring all new paint for the hood. ($800) Driver AND Passenger side interior door panels were WARPED and had to be replaced. ($3600) There were other issues that were not as major (windshield wiper fluid pump broken, mud flap on one side torn, hood struts broken). These items were also UNDISCLOSED. I notified Jumbo about these issues and I asked them to cover the minor issues which they did (< $500). They only agreed to cover one of the interior door panels which was $1800. I covered the other one. This week after washing the car, a new clear coat damage spot appeared on the RIGHT rear fender. Apparently, this car had been left in the very hot Texas and Florida sun for a very long time in between owners. This sun damage also explains the warped foam inside the door panels. I was going to pay for the paint work and just bite the bullet, but when this new clear coat spot appeared I appealed to Jumbo. I asked them pay for the two original damaged clear coat spots that were undisclosed. I would pay for the ones that just developed. They do not want to pay for that damage. They said that its past its 7 day buy back or 30 day warranty period and that they are "human" and missed the damage. That's not what you would expect from a supposed luxury car dealership. Its VERY hard to miss the clear coat damage and warped interior doors! They market themselves as a high-end luxury dealer but the experience is pretty low-end and poor. Also, the car was FILTHY inside. Carpet stains and dirt everywhere. I had to clean the steering wheel 6 times for dirt to stop flooding out. There were swirl marks everywhere on the paint which no one cared to buff out. These are not the characteristics of a luxury dealer. I didn't want to send the car back, I was just hoping for some help with these undisclosed paint damages. Now I will have to pay about $4,000 for the paintwork. If I would have known about these issues upfront I wouldn't be writing this review. In the end, BUYER BEWARE. Especially if you're buying from out of state like I did. Never once were these problems above disclosed during the buying process. I had no way to know until AFTER my financing was lined up and the car shipped. I still love my car, but this experience was disappointing and I don't see Jumbo as an honest dealership.


Mike was an out of state buyer’s dream

I never leave reviews, however the level of service I received during the whole buying process compelled me to do so. I worked specifically with Mike and he made the entire process seamless. I had never purchased a vehicle from out of state before - Mike helped me coordinate a prepurchase inspection, took videos of the car, and let me know basically every detail about the car so there were no surprises. I live in Virginia, however hope to purchase my vehicles in the future from here as well - can’t beat the combination of value, service, and honesty. Cheers


Jorge made the process simple and easy

Jorge made the process easy and fast the car was clean condition thankyou jorge i will recomend you anytime and jumbo Luxury Cars has the best prices in the nation literally!

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