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About our dealership

This seller has been on since July 2014.
This is a family business we try our best to satisfy all our costumers. We are working with more than one bank to give more financing options to good bad or no credit people. Give us a call for more information.
Quality Used cars!


(10 reviews)

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Unprofessional and irresponsible

The owner of this shop got the name wrong on the registration the first time, i called and asked him to fix it, he said everything will be okay and he will take care of it. After a month, the registration came down to be a different wrong name. Now, he blamed me and i ended up need to go to DMV to figure things out myself. This is extremely unprofessional and irresponsible for any business. No body should go through such horrible buying experience becuase of their irresponsibility.



I am so happy I got my daughter's first car here. We shopped everywhere, and we bought here. My insurance agent got ahold of a red flag after purchase. Turned out to be an odometer discrepancy from 2011. But the brothers at Blue's looked into it, as did my insurance agent. When I alerted them of the situation, Blue's were ready to refund and pick up the car because of the unknown odometer report. Luckily, we realized our mistake, and the boy's at Blue's were very understanding, and as honest as you'll ever find.


Your Mouth Blocks Your Blessings

My father and I went down there today intrested in a 2008 Volkswagon Jetta. Before we arrived we saw a similar car down the street from a dealership with less miles, sun roof, leather seats, and minor scratches for a less price. Their car (Blues) has a huge scratch scratches, cloth seating, no sunroof, more miles and more money. It was obvious we didn't purchase the car but it had less to do with the car itself and more to do with the employee working there. He walked up with an attitude and it was clear he did not want to help us. He didn't even greet us I said "hello"to him to introduce a converation. My father starts asking about price and informing him of the car down the street and the worker states, "Well if you like that one so much then you should go there and buy it. This one isn't going to be this price for long. Tax season is coming and the prices are going to get jacked up" meaning they're going to jack up their prices for no reason. We left with a nasty taste in our mouths from that experience. Unprofessional and full of attitude. We purchased the car from up the street the same day in cash while Blue's car is hitting day 201 of not selling. It makes sense why now!


Great place

Well, I have been into many dealers around in Ontario, none have welcomed me the same as this place. came in, was welcomed greatly, told them my budget and my information, they were able to approve me for most of the cars on the lot. It ended up in getting a nice truck for the family, for a pretty good price too. almost all dealers around jack up their prices, but this place got me financing on what I came to know later, lower than the cash value found in most of the other dealers. they also gave me warranty too. end to end, I was happy with the experience, I would come back and buy my kid his first car with eyes closed.


This dealer is a Joke

This dealer is a Joke ... Sam who is Manager need a lot of training in customer service area. I called and ask about a car and came to check it out ... Seems like all cars in that dealer are sold as is ... you and your luck! I would like to ask you Big Sam if you buying a car for your wife don't you check it out? don't you open the hood to check the engine? don't you check the tires break & Fluids? You need to give your customer some room to check the car because customer do work hard for there money.

Dealer response

Most of the cars come with 30 days warranty. A costumer has the right to take the car to mechanic and check it before buying the car. All the vehicles on the lot are checked mechanically, I'm not sure where are you getting your information sir.


alma rodriguez

i relly recoment it! really good serves good prices i just got a nisan altima good miles on it,trasmishon good i just love the way they work they make you feel really home payments everything good condicion

Dealer response

Great to know we were up to your standards. hope to see you again


Horrible customer service

I called the dealership yesterday to check on a vehicle I was interested in. The person who answered just said "Hello" when they answered. So I wasn't sure if I had called the wrong number or an actual place of business. After a 30 minute drive, we check out the car. It didn't look to bad, but we wanted to cover ourselves. So we asked of e could take it to a nearby mechanic. Sam was very hesitant and said he had other people who wanted to see it. He reluctantly allowed us to take it to the Mechanic. When we brought the car back, Sam seemed very agitated about the issues we were bringing up. Very rudely interrupted my Husband and said, "Look, I'm selling as-is" and crossed his arms. He started arguing with my Husband. my Husband told him we weren't interested. So Sam stormed off into the office. We couldn't believe how rude he was. The funny thing is we were interested in the car. But I refuse to give my business to people who can't treat people with respect.

Dealer response

customer called me twice on the same vehicle, I was very polite and answered all her questions and invited them in to check out the vehicle. Once they came in, she looked on the car by her self at first, and took the vehicle for a test drive, after the test drive her husband wanted to check on the vehicle and asked to take it to a mechanic. When she called me she did not tell me she wanted to take to a mechanic, and based on that I had another party that was coming in to check on the same vehicle. Even with that situation, I was polite and told the husband that I am able to let this vehicle out for only ninety minutes, and I made it clear, that I am selling the vehicle as-is and that I do not want to fix any small cosmetics on the car since the price is super low, the vehicle has low miles, 2006 and under 3000$. With that said, when they came back from the mechanic, the husband started an argument about cosmetics in the car, I restated politely that the vehicle is at that price and I wish to sell it as-is and not willing to drop the price since its already way too low. So I told him frankly, the vehicle is sold as is, if you wish to buy it you are most welcome, other than that, I am not able to help. Then the wife said she is not interested in buying the car, so I said thank you and went back to my office to do finish my work. Less than a minute later, the wife comes into the office and asks for a business card, politely gave it to her and thank them once again for stopping by. Once she got a hold of the business card, she told me that she will post a bad review. In other words its either I drop the price or get a bad review. i chose the bad review over losing more money on the vehicle I have on clearance. In my point of view, the costumers were too cruel, I have papers on the car stating As-Is and was clear about it all the way. I hope this clarifies the situation here


great price good car

i like the service and the price of the car, very nice people and very helpful i love my car and the price too

Dealer response

It was great serving you sir, hope to deal with you for a second vehicle someday :)


Great service...

So it all starts online, find the vehicle I wanted in many dealers to start working to find the best one. So I sent an email concerning a BMW which was online. The dealer called me within two hours of my email, and answered all my question, they were really helpful. I have gone to other dealers, and had some call me before, but none were as helpful, I really appreciated the details they gave me about the history and the car itself. So I took a 20 mile drive to check out the vehicle, were I was offered a demonstrative drive and the car did great, but I did not want to show my full interest in the vehicle right away. When we got into the office to talk money, they offered me the option to take the vehicle for the day and get it inspected by a mechanic which I agreed to. I drove the car back to Alhambra and had it checked by the family mechanic, he assured me that the vehicle was fully serviced, new oil breaks and healthy, I was shocked myself, since its the first time this mechanic actually likes a vehicle I got him to check. I drove back to the dealer were I got their by 7 pm, they were nice to stay open until we figured out the deal, since I was on a budget and didn't have the full amount to get such a steal. Eventually they made it work, and now three weeks later, my vehicle is better than anything I have driven before and very happy to have worked with such a family. I recommend this dealer, they have a very good selection of vehicle, and they try their best to make it work for anyone. FIVE STARS

Dealer response

Thank you for shopping with us, it was a pleasure doing business with you.


Was left hanging...

I reached out through to Blues Cars and Trucks about a Vehicle they had advertised. I asked questions and put in the inquiry for someone to call me. I waited two days and never heard from them. On day three I called, the phone rang for a really long time. When it was finally picked up it was a simple "Hello?" I had to ask if I had the dealership. I received a "Yea." I asked if he was a salesperson and received another "Yea." At that point I almost hung up but the car looked good so I stayed at it. Me: "Is there maintenance records on it?" Dealer: Yea...why don't you just come and look at it?" Me: "I am trying to get some info to see if it is worth the 36 mile drive." Dealer: Well?we're open till 9 tonight." Click?hung up on. Cross that car off the go see list! Oh well!

Dealer response

dear sir there is a miss understanding we are really sorry and please forgive us for the way our employee answered the phone and we are really ready to treat you in a great way and if you are still interested in one of our cars we will do our best to make you happy and we really apologize sam afif president

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