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you're looking for an easy hassle-free car buying experience then come on over to AutoFair Volkswagen of Nashua and check out our massive selection of new and used cars! Our goal is to provide all of our customers with a satisfying and hands-on experience from the moment they step onto our lot to the moment they drive away. We believe that communication and transparency is key and our well-trained staff will make sure that you're at ease and informed throughout the entire process.
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(199 reviews)

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Excellent customer service

I purchased a new 2021 Volkswagen Gti and 2 weeks later and under 800 miles on the car, the front assist sensor showed not available and would not reset. Brought in for service and they also said it needs an alignment which is likely what caused the sensor malfunction. Spoke to the servicing manager about it and they were kind enough to perform the alignment and recalibrated the sensor at no cost to me. Excellent customer service.



wish I could give 0 stars. I was on the hunt for a VERY specific 4Runner. This dealership had a fresh trade-in with the EXACT 4Runner I wanted. I called and was told to come in that weekend because they were offering higher than normal trade-in values (I had an Acura MDX to trade-in). I normally would never go to a VW dealership to buy a used Toyota, but like I said, it was exactly what I wanted. I made the 1 hour trek to the dealership. While there, I was told my MDX was worth $2,000 which is a joke because I visited MULTIPLE other dealerships and was offered $4,000-$4,500 at every single dealership. This dealership told me I would get a higher value for that "weekend only", but they offered me half of what it's worth? I should have walked out then. What a bunch of clowns. Since the 4Runner was a new trade-in, it wasn't cleaned (which was understandable). It also needed brakes. I had my husband and two young kids with me who were getting very antsy. I think that's part of the reason I was taken advantage of (they saw parents desperate to get out of there). I agreed to purchase the 4Runner and while signing the finance documents, I noticed over $3,000 extra. I asked what the xxxx that was for and the finance person, Francine, told me it was an extended warranty that I apparently agreed to with the salesperson. WRONG, I never discussed and extended warranty and I certainly wouldn't have agreed to add another $3,000 to my final cost. Sneaky Sneaky. Good thing I read before I sign. At the end of the day, I agreed to take a rental car home so that the 4Runner could be cleaned, detailed, new brakes (which they were very hesitant to do even though it clearly needed new brakes) and to fix some cosmetic damage. I was told the 4Runner would go to a body shop that they use. I was told it would take about a week. Two weeks later, it was finally ready. I had the dealership bring the car to me since it took way longer than anticipated and I work during the week. Well, the 4Runner was NOT detailed (it was in the same condition as when the previous owner traded it in), the cosmetic work looked like garbage. The body shop couldn't even match the paint, and it's black paint! It was a xxxx job so why did it take so long? My husband was furious at this point and called the GM of the dealership. He pleaded to have them fix it (because we stated we were going to take it to a Toyota dealership to be fixed correctly and that they would have to pay for it). So, I'm out of a car once again even though I had another rental through the dealership which is BS because it should have been done correctly the first time so now I'm getting screwed because they did a xxxx job. We gave them another chance and were told they were going to use a different body shop. At least a week later, my husband make the trek to the dealership again to exchange vehicles. He wanted to look it over with the GM to make sure it was done properly. Once again, it was not detailed all, but the paint job was better. The hardware didn't match and a fender was glued to the body which is a cheap way of doing things. At this point, we were done. We weren't going to contact anyone else at the dealership because if the GM can't guarantee a good fix, then nobody can. It was defeating, but a good lesson. This dealership is WORSE than a random used car dealership. I would have never expected the cheap and sneaky ways they do things. They are a VW dealer so I expected employees to be more professional and not so xxxxxxx-ish.


Quick in and out

Quick and easy, came in, signed paperwork, was in and out, best experience I've had!


Bait and switch

Stay AWAY. These guys make other car dealers look good. I drove from Maine for a car they told me they put aside for me. I was searching for a specific color combo, manual trans, and awd. After getting there, I found that it was not the right car they told me it was. They told me it was a Golf Sportwagen with black interior. It was a tan interior. Despite the initial frustration the salesman Bob was great, friendly and nice. he wasn’t the salesman that told me he pulled he car for me. He did inform me, however, that they weren’t allowed to set a car aside without a deposit. So the first salesman lied to me. Then they tried to get me to sign saying that I’d buy the car if they gave me what I wanted for my trade-in. However no financing was discussed. I said I wasn’t going to sign that I was buying a car without seeing all of the terms. The first salesman Nick assured me that they are the biggest Sprortwagen dealer in New England and they had multiple Sportwagen and Alltracks with manuals and AWD. They had 1 - the one they told me was black on black and it wasn’t. Then came the trade-in quote. They offered me $2k less than other dealers had for my car, insisting that the market wasn’t there for it. However, their used lot had the same brand as mine and were WAY overcharging for it. They also told me the facility cost them $5.1m. No wonder they were trying to get $2k out of my trade in. They have a ton of overhead.


won’t not honor There one price listed on site

First off, they Tryed to offer me 2k trade in on a 09 Mint Audi A3 with 70XXX Then when I said fine I’ll pay cash NO financing They would not honor the price they had listed on I’m the End they got me for a few hundred Over the pice listed on And wasted 6 hours of my day!!! Very unprofessional


Just bought my 2nd VW car just over a year!

EXCEPTIONAL Dealership, Management, Salespeople & Service Dept. I just bought my SECOND Volkswagen in just over a year! First was a 2017 Alltrack and now a 2018 Tiguan R-Line!!! Both times my visits was very welcoming, stress free and everyone there was very friendly and personal! I highly recommend AutoFair Volkswagen of doubt!!! Kevin Lafleur (Sales Executive) was my Salesperson for BOTH of my cars! What an outstanding Salesperson!


Buying a new car

I had a great experience purchasing my new car. Ken Perron was extremely helpful and easy to work with. He was very informative and made sure I was happy and getting the right car for me. He also was sure to stay within my budget!


Great Car Buying Experience

I came in for a car I found with True Car with my Fiance but did not like it in person. After hearing what I was looking for, Ken and Josh presented me with a better option for a great price. Then my Fiance was able to get a lease buyout and we drove off the lot with 2 Great New Cars! Very satisfied with the personal service we received. Josh was awesome with our 3 year old who was a little cranky after being there for hours. At the end of the day, extremely pleased with how the whole car buying experience went down. We would recommend this place for anyone looking to get into a new or CPO vehicle.


Joshua is awesome!

Joshua was very professional, not too pushy, and super personable! Although we didn't wind up buying a car, he remained courteous and friendly throughout our time at the dealership.


Good Experience

I helped my father pick out a new vehicle today. Our sales rep was a young man named Toby Pena . Toby was very professional and very patient going over the features on my fathers new Jetta. He answered all our questions and made sure my father understood everything and was a 100% happy throughout the whole process. We didn't feel pressured into buying a vehicle from him (like you normally would be by a sales rep) and that was probably the most important thing to us. No complaints about any of the staff members. Would definitely recommend these guys to my friends.

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