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1.0 out of 5 1.0
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    May 9, 2018

    Great in the beginning! Very helpful, or so it seemed. The vehicle my wife and I've purchased was seemingly in good condition. After numerous repairs,... loss of job and breakdowns we have found ourselves a little behind on our payments to pay for the many fixes. One of the managers there was very understanding of our situation and allowed us to make the payments as we could. $4,000 later we owe approximately $600 on the loan which is less than two months payment behind. Yesterday, I could've sworn I saw an older gentlemen driving in the opposite direction in our car. My wife was home asleep on the couch, exhausted from a hard days work. When I asked her where the car was, she sprung up, upset at first because she thought it had been stolen since she recently made a payment to this place last month. After calling the police we've discovered that our vehicle had been repossessed by the dealer. So my assumption was correct when I saw the man driving away in our car. (So much for releasing all the keys to customers). For this they are charging us approximately $400 for repossession. Really? Then as I am talking to him he attempts to confirm my old address as if they have never had my new one, yet he picked my vehicle up in front of the home we have been living in for 2 years. Not to mention, the financial company stated they have all of my current information, but nothing of the repo status or a letter. After waiting for him to return my call for hours, he tells me the company suddenly recalls giving me one last year, sent regular mail. Fishy, right? I am thoroughly disappointed in this place for the lemon of a vehicle they have given us, and repossessing it after I've made extensive repairs on it, less than two payments left, and without ANY notification (which is required in the state of CO). I will pick up the vehicle on Friday, but I hate the fact that I have to pursue legal action on this business for wrongful repossession. Not because I am out of the money, but because of the principle. You just can't do people like that and expect to have a successful business. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!!!!

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