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(19 reviews)

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Worst service ever!!

Back in August I purchased a 2020 Dodge Journey from Woody Folsom in Douglas. From day 1 I hade trouble with this vehicle the air was not cooling. I took it up to the service department and was told there was nothing wrong Now living in the South and its a 100 degrees I think I know if my air is not working or not lol So took it back again this time they did fix the air but it still would not blow out hard. Then I started having problem with the gas needle floating you could never tell how much gas you had the needle would move from full to almost empty back up to a half a tank over and over well I took it back to the service department they claimed they would find out what was going on... They drove my vehicle over 300 miles and claimed it did not move with them the whole time I knew that was a lie. I get it back and it's doing the same thing and now they have put a ding in the driver side door...So this time I start making videos of it so I would have prove and like before I was told to bring it in and 300 plus miles would be on it with no work done... About the 4th time of the same problems Chris the service manager told me I had a lemon and that he would help me get out of it and into another one he told me the call the manufacture and tell them what was going on so they could start the process I did and they called Chris well then his story flipflop around he would never tell them he was unable to fix the problem...so I decided to hire a lawyer and once again it was back in shop this time Chris the service manager told me that when they drove it they knew something was wrong because it was drinking way to much gas and the videos I had showed him proved something was definitely wrong. He claimed they dropped they tank and put in a cluster that its now fixed... only to find out now it will not even register full so now I think this is like the 6th time back in the shop for a total of 9 times and still it's not fixed it's only getting about 15 mpg I would not recommend these people to fix anything... And as for Mr. Woody himself he will not listen to anything you say he only believes what his employees tell him I will never do business with him again They all act like they care so much until you sign the paperwork then they could care less.


By Far the Worst

By far the worst and most incompetent dealership I’ve ever dealt with. Theo first wrote everything up on one truck, ran my credit report and told me it sold.... Then he found another at another dealership, he said no problem he’ll get that one... Next day, nope that wasn’t available... Now I’m the third one, he said it will be at their dealership the next day.... Well when “it” got there it was a completely different truck... Theo didn’t even tell me he sent another truck, yes a 4th truck.... I decided I would take it, they delivered it and it had 1749 miles on it... The paperwork said 100 miles... When the truck arrived at their dealership it had 1500 miles on it... The other dealership 300 miles away... So they sold me a vehicle with 1749 miles on it without even telling me... So they corrected the contract.... Now here’s the worst part, THEY TOLD THE FINANCE COMPANY IT WAS IN MY POSSESSION ON FEB 27.... I DIDNT EVEN THE TRUCK NOR THE CONTRACT UNTIL MARCH 6th.... So I have a week worth of interest that I have to pay... Then they didn’t even pay off my truck in full... So I had to pay that.... Now they also turned this in to their finance dept as if it was done on the 27th so they sent me a bill for the down payment based on the 27th date.... THE TRUCK AND CONTRACT WASNT RECEIVED UNTIL MARCH 6TH....... Complete fraud...


Great help finding specific vehicles

I was trying to get help finding a Special build. Woody Folsom absolutely has any make and model you can imagine One young man named Cary at Woody Folsom Ford in Baxley GA was able to pull it together for me! Great dealership & Great young man


Will Buy Again Excellent Service

I bought a Yukon XL from Darius @ Woody Folsom Dodge Chrysler. This was the best experience I have ever had buying a car! I live about hour and half away. Talked over the phone sent some picture texts and never stepped foot in the dealership! They had my ride delivered to me the same day we started talking after lunch and had a new truck in my yard same evening. He did exactly what he told me he was going to do and got the job done the quickest ever. Paperwork he brought to me was exactly what he told me over the phone, explained it all very well. I will definetly do business again with him!


Buyer beware

I was in the market for a new Ram and responded to an ad for one at this dealership in GA (I'm in SC). Only after we had agreed on a deal and we're discussing delivery or pickup did I happen to ask the mileage. The truck had 4750+ miles on it. I doubt they would have revealed this and I would have discovered it only after I saw the truck in person. This is highly unethical.



I love this dealership. There are lots of friendly people hare that want to help. I bought a 2016 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel and was given tons of options. Nathan Lamb was my seller and was great. He lined many trucks up so I could compare them side by side. Woody Folsom dealerships are clean, honest, and professional and everyone takes their time with you. Will be back in a couple of years.


Ram 2500

By far worst experience at a dealership overall. Salesman was great and worked well with what I was looking for and wanted. After I purchased the vehicle, it was taken to be detailed and came back with multiple scratches down the side. It looked like something was drug down the side. They took it back to be re-detailed and fixed, but only came back with more scratches. GM payed for window tint to cover the inconvenience. I then came back a week later for some minor issues that were fixed by the great service staff. Discussed the scratches getting fixed again with the owner himself and decided that I would just accept the scratches and receive floor mats as well as the tinted windows and forget about them, because I am an hour away and its a hassle to drive back and forth. Upon going to get the floor mats, they didn't have them in stock so they had to order them. Wasn't a big deal, except they were never ordered and had to remind them again about them. Then a few weeks passed and I contacted them again about the payoffs on my trade ins. They never did anything with the checks and I had to remind them to pay them off. Well after the 14 day payoff amount was surpassed. As I asked about the floor mats for the last time, I was hung up on. There are a few good people at this dealership, but its not worth the trouble as a whole. I will never do business here again nor recommend this dealership to anyone.


Hey toni looking for a vehicle

Good afternoon. I did check out woody folsom for a use vehicle. and they was very helpful in accommodate me but I'm still looking around. but them guys at woody still keep in contact with me to see if they can do anything for me. so I just might have go over there and get me a vehicle.


Lil Red Jeep Unlimited

After spending more than a half day at another dealer trying to buy a used Jeep and leaving very displeased, the whole experience at Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram went very well and for once we left a car dealership pleased with the experience and the Jeep. We never felt pressured or being led down the wrong path. (trying to sell warrantees we did not want, they were offered once, but we declined and that was the end.) We had to go to another town to get treated like we were of importance, not just the dollar. We talked and they listened to us to help get the right Jeep and right deal. They have set the bar high and we believe they will continue to meet the expectation level. Everyone we have talked to at the dealership has been very pleasant and professional.


West Coast buyer

Very pleased with my purchase and customer service. I'm from the west coast and saw a car I really wanted online but the problem was it was on the east coast. Turns out it was no problem at all. Daniel (the salesmen) was polite and professional. He went above and beyond the call of duty to make this work. He even met me at the airport and brought me to the car. I then drove the car back across the U.S. The car handled and performed very well alleviating all concerns to allow my trip to be an enjoyable one. A big thanks goes out to all that made this experience a pleasant one.