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(36 reviews)

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Amazing customer service

I am very pleased with the experience I had my salesman by the name of Jesse luna was pleasant he made my purchase comfortable for me and my family I will have to recommend I say he has a perfect score through the scoreboard thank you Jesse Luna!!!


Customer Service from Alberto Soto " AWSOME"

Customer Service from Alberto Soto " AWSOME", I know that purchasing a new vehicle takes awhile to complete the buying process but Alberto Soto, constantly checked on us to see if we needed anything to include brining us some chocolate cookies that were great. Made a great difference


Service Department is a Joke

All the departments but the Service Department are great. The service department is incompetent and manipulative as if they tell owners they need something just to get more money from them. We bought a 2020 Kia Sedona in Nov of 2019. Since then, my wife has gone in for her 5K Oil changes like clockwork. They have over inflated the tires and never did a tire rotation or recommended one (we only got 28k out of an 80k tire due to this ). The service manager even tried to insinuate because we have a lot of kids that the weight wore the tires out (only 3 live with us full time). Then, they recommend service on one visit but don't bring it up on the next. They talk to my wife like she is clueless but little do they know she grew up around cars. This service department and its clerks tried to tell us to change our oil every 3k miles with some letter from an owner. Another Kia Dealership knows nothing of this "recommendation" which only states the same thing as the owner's manual of severe driving conditions that do not apply to our driving. We are transferring all of our services to the other Kia dealership. If you want to buy a car from them by all means, go for it and talk to Billy. But, you better get your maintenance done at another location.


Optima 2020

I try ti buy the base model of the kia forte and they help me to buy a optima 2020, great customer service, the sealer JC was attentive and the sales manager was awesome. Thank you guys


Lacks integrity

Be careful! It’s a sad time when you should have to take photos before and after service or ask for a complete walk around your car to make sure they don’t damage anything. I bought my car here and the service was just ok nothing impressive or negative but I took my car in for my first service and afterwards I noted huge multiple cracks in my windshield. I informed the front desk clerk Abi who just acted inconvenience... The manager, Russell Geiger appeared just annoyed too after I had requested multiple times to speak to him from the start. He told me there was no way to determine when I got the crack it appeared to be caused from temperature change but I know for sure it want there prior to bringing in my car. I asked if they had cameras in their service area and he didn’t even answer me. Also come to find out there is damage to the windshield wiper right on top of the area. They pulled up the blade when they were inspecting so I really didn’t even notice it but it’s clear as day in my picture that I took at the dealership and when I get home and reinserted the area. They told me it would be under warranty but seriously???? What a headache and to be made to feel like I was lying about it or I am just plain stupid is not right.



Great service friendly staff every time I take my car in they are always smiling and helpful. I would strongly recommend them for service or sales. Thanks Casa KIA



Our experience was great! Thank you Juan Rivera for the great service and all your help in the process. We are very happy with our New 2019 Kia Optima!!!


Alberto Soto

Alberto Soto helped me get my used car. I love it! He got me a really good deal. Great customer service. Very cool guy ☺️👍🏼 Also Walter was very helpful. Couldn’t be more happier with the purchase. Thank you guys!


Bad tires from bad factory alignment

I wish I could rate a zero stars. The purchase of the vehicle was not a bad experience. It went by rather smoothly. When I purchased the vehicle they offered a year of oil changes, fluid top offs and a multipoint inspection. My wife took her vehicle the first year and it seemed everything was done properly. We were in for a surprise. They never did a multipoint inspection and if they did they lied about it. Our front tires wore out within 6 months. The service department said the tires were perfect on our last visit. I showed the service department the state of the tires. It was impossible for the tires to be worn to that degree from the last visit. They blamed me saying that we had underinflated the tires. The vehicle has TPMS sensors and the tires have always been inflated by themselves. We have the paperwork that shows that. The paperwork they had in shop showed the vehicle needed a tire rotation. The paperwork we had said nothing of that. They never stated the vehicle needed additional service. They put it on the alignment machine and it was out of alignment, most likely from the factory. They would not replace the tires at no charge. They offered a free tire alignment if I bought the tires. How can you trust a shop that has not done their job to align new tires. The staff and service manager were rude and unproffesional. The service department manager got in my face and put his finger almost touching me. I told him to remove his finger from my face. I was so upset I laughed when they asked if I was being helped. The lady that asked that then said I was laughing at her and making fun of her. Which was a lie. They used that excuse to say I was going to be refused service. The service manager got in my face again. He told me to leave and I refused to leave without the service records. They threatened to call the police and still would not give me the service records. If you are going to be aggressive and get confrontational, expect an equal response. Which he got then threatened to call the police again. This is the worse dealership service department I have ever been to. I would recommend to stay away, far away.


Mr. Ricardo Nunez

Quick and accurate work performed with little time taken to perform the maintenance of the vehicle and very nice car wash but, no vaccuming of the interior of the vehicle.