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    December 2, 2016

    ron hayashi ron hayashi in the last week I went to Hyundai of Bend to purchase a new Tucson on 11/5/16 at 3:30 pm. After the test drive we general manager... Mitch Parker and settled on a price. We were taken to a computer where salesman Kim attempted to enter the necessary data to complete the sale. He asked my wife to enter the information as he was not computer savvy. This task was subsequently taken over by Sam. Sam first asked us what country we were from. I told him that this was not an appropriate question. He persisted , asking again what race we were. I responded by saying that my race was not relevant to the sale of this car. He responded with " Are you Armenian or what?" He then asked us for three names as references. When I asked why this was necessary, he said that they needed names in case we passed them a bad check. They also asked for proof of Oregon residency which I said we would supply to them the following morning. Our drivers licenses were copied and insurance coverage for the new car was verified. All of the requested documents were supplied. We were then taken to finance manager Tom Heinz to complete the purchase. It was now 9:45 in the evening. We had a check filled out with the agreed upon price ready to hand to Tom . As soon as we walked into his office Tom stated that we had been "rude and insulting" to everyone in the showroom. This behavior was not necssary and would not be tolerated. He then stated that as he was only making $129 on the sale that this transaction was a waste of his time. He then said that we had taken 90 minutes of his time away from his family and that "we are done, I'm not selling you the car."' " There will be no further discussion and you need to leave as you are now trespassing and I have called the police on you." The following day I called Mitch Parker to get the owner of the dealership contact information. He asked me why the deal had fallen through. He was told by Tom Heinz that we had left last night thinking we could get a better price elsewhere. I explained that we were pleased with the price and that we had a check filled out with the agreed upon amount and that Tom had refused to sell us the car. There also was no mention of calling the police on us the previous evening. Mitch then offered to buy us a tank of gas as a gesture of "good will." He also stated that it was not necssary to contact the owner John Keifer as he would just have him handle the disiplinary actions on the staff as appropriate. I then followed up with owner John Keifer. John said that we were "rude and insulting to all of the staff." Tom Heinz stated again that we were not pleased with the price and that was why the deal was not completed. He also said that he suggested to us that if the price wasn't satisfactory that we should return and meet with general manager Mitch Parker. He claimed that we said " We are not meeting with Mitch, we are not leaving without a car, go ahead and call the police on us." He stated to John that he felt physically threatened by us as did the other customers in the showroom. We were in a closed office with Tom Heinz and it was 10 pm , the dealership was closed. When I asked John if there would be any disiplinary action against Tom he said "Why? He has done nothing wrong in my eyes." When asked about the appropriateness of asking our ethnicity, he stated that we were just trying to make "small talk" with you. He told me that it was impossible to please us, we don't need or want your business and we are done with you. He then hung up on me. There has been no remorse or apologies from anyone involved with Hyundai of Bend from the salesman to the general manager, finance manager, customer satisfaction manager or owner. They have accused us of fabricating and embellishing a story. I am not looking for any deals or compensation from this dealership for this unfortunate encounter. I would just like them to be accountable for this incident.

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