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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(190 reviews)

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Cutie became Lemonade. Bad Engine. $3K to fix

Disappointed!! I brought a 2017 Chevy Trax from them. I named it Cutie. I changed her name to Lemonade. I needed a car to get to work and back. Mesha is the BEST! (she did that). After driving 2,000 the engine failed. I did not get an extended warrantly, but I took it back. I feel like they have been taking advantage of me. My fiance had an ugly dispute with Rich because of all the lies I was told.


I was very interested in a car that was posted on their...

I was very interested in a car that was posted on their web site. The pictures were pictures of the car when it was new. I asked if they had any actual pictures of the car. Their response they wanted to make an appointment for me come to look at what they had. I again aske for actual pictures of the car and got the same response from them. In my opinion this place is a joke and a huge waste of time for anyone actually looking to buy a car.


Rich was AMAZING! The service was amazing and he had my...

Rich was AMAZING! The service was amazing and he had my husband and I laughing the whole time. Great company! I absolutely love the transparency!


Promptly refunded deposit when I changed my mind

I was interested in a nice Mercedes 300 and Mesha took me out for a nice test drive. I was not completely convinced that it was the right car but decided to put down a deposit. After a week I found another car that was perfect for me at a different dealer. Mesha promptly refunded the deposit without any hassles.


great service

amazing process great staff fast and smooth ...great selection of cars ...need to see the place and save your self money New Englad Auto World rocks !


Shady dealership with rude, racist, pushy, and...

Shady dealership with rude, racist, pushy, and unknowlegeable salespeople A friend and I drove two hours after seeing an ad for a nice car from here online so they could look for a better car. My friend was ecstatic, it met all the requirements they wanted (decent price, low mileage, great fuel economy, turbo, manual transmission, great look overall). We walk in the door and are almost immediately strongarmed into whatever the salesman wanted to do or have us do and were treated rudely. We told him from the start that we were still just looking around and gathering ideas for right now and just wanted to know if anything else on the lot was similar, but as soon as we mentioned the online ad he pushed heavily for us to buy it. As in give me your license and phone number, I want you to buy this right now, no hesitations, without even seeing it yet. A persistant loop of the following happened for a good ten minutes or so: When we told him again that we were just looking, “What can I do that will help you decide to buy this car TODAY?”. When my friend said that they would like to finance with their bank out of personal preference (hard to beat 0% APR after all), “I don’t understand, why do you want to finance it through your bank? You can finance it through us and we’ll get you a better deal than anywhere else!”. And even after my friend stated multiple times that they’re still learning to drive manual, have only driven one twice, and are uncomfortable with trying anything out at the moment, “I’ll grab the keys! Follow me out to the lot after”. I know dealerships are trying to sell their stock, but this salesman took it too far and would not take no for an answer. After we looked at it and got into the car the salesman had no idea how to start it nor how to shift it into reverse and my friend ended up having to figure it out. When it came to driving it they were already nervous and being pushed into driving something unfamiliar in an unfamiliar place was making them panic. The salesman ignored all of this and instead scoffed and laughed at how (understandably, to any sensible person) long it was taking for my friend to get used to the feel of the car. We both kept reiterating how my friend has only driven manual twice and that we didn’t plan on test driving anything anyway. We just wanted to look. Not drive or buy. He ignored us as he did the previous times that we said anything and told my friend to head toward the road and try driving it around the town. A town neither of us new existed a week ago, and a town full of stop signs and hills. Like with anyone still learning to drive a manual, the car stalled a few times and hills took a few minutes each to get up. Instead of at least staying quiet or maybe even encouraging my friend to keep trying the salesman kept laughing and shaking his head. We took a small side street to turn back towards the dealership, staying off to the side since a family was helping their small child ride a bike. We were already having problems with the salesman, but this is where they got worse. This family happened to have a dark complexion. The salesman acted like there was a plague outside the car and made sure his door was locked, rolled up his window, and cowered towards the inside of the car. Both me and my friend were genuinely shocked and my friend asked if he was ok. He replied, “...Yeah. There’s just a lot of theives around here...”. What the actual xxxx. We drove back in silence aside from the salesman’s occasional snickering and exahsperated sighs and we both could not wait to get out of the car and leave. Walking back in we sit back at this xxxxx’s desk and he immediately starts belittling my friend and asking them if they’re ABSOLUTELY SURE that they don’t want an automatic instead of a manual. My friend assures him that they do and that, as we’ve said before, they’ve only driven a manual twice before now and are still learning. Still not taking no as an answer, the salesman keeps pushing the automatic aspect and we go back and forth with him trying to get it through his head that my friend indeed wants a manual. When he finally gives up on that, he then continues to try and shove financing down our throats and asks my friend for their email. When we do not accept his badgering he stands up and goes to get the general manager. The GM is extremely fidgety but comes over to greet us and asks us if we would like to finance the car at the dealership, and we say no. Again. The smug, childlike grin that was on the salesman’s face disappeared as the GM told us that yeah, an email is a bit much right now, nicely told us to have a good rest of the day, and to make sure we make the two hour drive back safely. Nicest thing we saw at that dealership aside from the cars was the GM’s understanding. As we got back in my car to leave we could see the salesman making fun of and badmouthing my friend to the GM. All because he couldn’t get it through his head what we were trying to tell him in the first place. We came here to look, not drive or buy, and that we’re still learning. And most certainly not to be pushed around, made fun of, or be treated rudely.


Zero meaning of the word no

Went there look at cars, got just about forced into a test drive and heavily pushed to buy a car, the employee even had the general manager come out and try to convince me when all I was trying to do was be polite and leave. Mo matter how many times I said what I was looking for or that I didnt want to buy a car that day or finance I just kept getting pushed and pushed and pushed. So dispite enjoying the vehicle, I will search elsewhere for it because I will never give them any of my time or business. No means no.


Great service!

The staff is fantastic. They're truely looking out for their customers. The inventory is vast. Purchasing, financing, and registering was easy and convenient. Would recommend friends and family to check them out for purchasing a used vehicle.


Dave Garcia was very pushing, rude, intimidating and...

Dave Garcia was very pushing, rude, intimidating and dishonest with me. Bragging about himself selling the most cars there, he was annoyed I wanted to look at more than 3 cars. When I mentioned my daughter may be interested in coming there he said” I hope she’s not as picky as you”.. He also wouldn’t put in the referral info for the girl who sent me there. She she needed to call. She did and got no where with him He said my trade in would go to auction well a week later it’s selling for $5000 on his lot. He said he drives the Nissan Maxima there, no he doesn’t, he drives a Van! He promised me a paint job on scratches well body shop had no idea of that. I returned 2 times for this he telling me he’d be there to handle this- he wasn’t. Very disappointed with him. Ed in finance was great. He handled the referral info for her $200 check finally after 2 weeks. He said that was part of Dave’s job. Never got scratches painted but nice guy in body shop did his best to buff them out. Just venting...


2013 Dodge Dart

You’ll put 500 down so they don’t sell it to anyone else while you look around, then when you decide to not go through with the purchase, make you wait a week to get your money back even though you called them early the next day asking for your cash back. Horrible customer service when you aren’t in their face with your wallet out. They admitted over the phone they get robbed frequently and the manager “felt uncomfortable” giving out his last name. Absolutely do not trust this company.

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