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    February 9, 2017

    Since buying my 2014 Jeep, I have maintained the vehicle exclusively through your Jeep Service department. Unfortunately, with almost every service, there... has been some sort of “mishap” or error on the part of your service team. This has ranged from simple issues such as failing to contact me within the time frame which was outlined to me by your service department at the time of drop off, to ordering incorrect parts, to failing to offer me any form of transportation when my vehicle was not ready at the time it was expected. Here is a recount of my most recent experience: I told your service department 8 months ago about my door panel falling off due to the seal around my door being wrong since day one, which makes the door harder to close. I was told by the first service representative, sorry for not getting his name, Chrysler needed to receive digital images and ok the door to be fixed and that would take 6 months. I come back in 6 months later for service to check on this and I am told there is no case and this should only have taken a few days. So Steven in service retook the pictures and resent my case on Saturday 11/12. I am told I will be called by Friday, 11/18. So on Monday, 11/21 I call your dealership and no one know what I am talking about, finally I get an answer that parts are being ordered. I have also personally spoken with your parts Director, Tom Lang, and he has openly admitted that the service team has “let me down” and “dropped the ball” on numerous occasions. He has even gone so far as to ask me to contact him directly for resolve, and yet he is the same person who told me that I could have gone elsewhere if I didn’t like the service I get there. Yesterday, 12/08, I dropped my car off at your dealership and was told it would take a few hours to fix, after 5 and a half hours I call and am told service not only ordered the wrong door panel, drivers instead of passengers, but didn’t call to inform me nor put my car back together to be picked up. I was told it would then be another hour and a half and I could come and pick it up, 3 hours later I call back and it’s still not together. Please understand that I work at a job with a very strict schedule and adherence policy. To move a schedule for a drop off or pick up requires management approval. Can you see where deadlines not being met and not being contacted causes me additional problems at my work and only adds to this frustration? After leaving work I pick my car up and see on the forms that there are now 2 dents on my car door now, both of which your technician blamed me for. Saying I must have slammed a seat belt in the door, funny how you can see the scratches where a pry bar was stuck between the door panel and door frame leading away from the dents. If you would like, I would be happy to take additional pictures of this or bring it by for you to see them. I attempted to contact Tom Lang to clear up these issues however after leaving a message last night, 12/8 and calling and getting no answer today I was left no choice but to contact you directly. After buying 2 cars from Milton Ruben along with extended service and extended warranties I really not only wish to severe ties with your company as a whole but I am requesting a full refund of all service contract and warranties paid for. Your service team has failed to meet basic service requests, and has cost me more time and effort than this is worth. The price I paid for my extended warranty and service agreement was for both reliability and peace of mind – neither of which have been the case. If you would like to hear the details of my numerous other experiences which have led to this profound level of discontent with your company, I would be more than happy to tell you of my many other bad experiences through your Chrysler Jeep service department. From having to borrow cars for

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