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Great experience highly recommend

I highly recommend buying a car here. Talk about quick and painless! I was in and out in 2 hours tops. Great selection of cars with low mileage! I left feeling like a million bucks and no doubt looked it too in my new Taurus! Lupe is the nicest salesman. He helped me with everything and expedited the process, so if you go there ask for him!!


Don't buy anything from them they are over priced

The sales guy Bryant was a good guy he done everything he could to get me helped got me in a car told me my notes would be 105 every two weeks my notes turned out to be 248 every two weeks plus the $400 a month I was paying for insurance then I was being charged $1,600 for the sales tax on the car because they refuse to help pay sales tax to get it registered and then to top it all off the turbo went out they put a used turbo on it it went out again and they tried to say that one of the lines was loose and came off but yeah they put another turbo on it from another junkyard the cars are not as warrantied as saying they say they give you a free warranty they're warranties aren't free you have to pay for it then my car was stolen when the police found it they impounded it they would not let me get it out because I had not yet registered it in my name I tried to get the Big Lot car credit to help me get my car from the impound lot cuz the title was still in their name they refuse to and charged me for a repossession that they did not do the car was sold at a police auction but I have a repossession on my credit record now I don't advise anyone to buy anything from them but that's your decision


No good

They getting financed experience with them was good Bryant was an excellent salesperson done everything he could to help me got me in a car although the car was overpriced tore up within two weeks they charged me then I think it's $200 for the warranty that's supposed to be free then they put junkyard parts on it so it tore up again within two more weeks and then my car was stolen and because I had not registered in my name the police would not let me get it out of the impound Big Lot Car Credit refuse to get it out for me even if I was paying to get it out and then they charge me for a repossession that they did not do the car was sold at the police auction because they refuse to help get it out but I now have a repossession on my credit record and I was charging me $17,000 for 2014 Volkswagen with 129,000 mi on it they don't help pay sales tax so your tags will be $2,000 or more


Lupe is the best!

Lupe helped me drive away in a car the same day! We didn’t think it could happen, and a few things got in the way. But Lupe made sure that I got my chance!! Thank you Lupe! Now I have a new car, with payments I can afford.


Don’t Do It

I was one week behind and they had someone come pickup my car and then told me it would be $495 for the tow so it all came out to $1750 then they changed their minds and changed it to $8000. This place is a total scam and their cars breakdown a lot. Save your money


xxxxty place

They sold me a car with air bag problems motor sounds horrible said they fixed it and didn't scheduled for service for the second time within 2 weeks. They refuse to return my money. Bought a Tahoe paid off don't report to credit bureau. Got a truck they couldn't give title for. This is the worse place ever.


Lupe was great!!

Had a good day here today with Lupe he was great and I would definitely recommend others to him as well. Thanks for everything Lupe rocks!!!


BIG LOTS takes advantage of the less fortunate!

STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!! They take advantage of people who have no so good credit. The car you buy has a Blue Book value. If you pay more in financing, your basically paying more for the car. Daaah! Do not let them tell you otherwise. When you try and sell it, you will LOSE money. PLAIN AND SIMPLE! Example 85 per week for 2012 Focus. Thats 340 a month for a 10yr old car. Thats a xxxxing scam. Fresh Start financing is a way to lure you into the SCAM. STAY AWAY! Save your money and pay as much cash as you can for a vehicle.


Excellent Customer Service

Lupe at Big Lot Car Credit was very patient and helpful. He provided great customer service. The quality of the vehicle I purchased was great.


Respect Man

This place is a joke selling bad cars to the customer's they give you the rounded when the car breaks down and they got the nerve to get mad at you about the car they sold you xxxxxxx at they finest. Don't go here in so many words.