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(9 reviews)


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(9 reviews)

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Never do business

The only reason there is even one star is because I can't provide a negative rating. The whole experience was horrible from the beginning to the end. I first got approved for the vehicle I wanted and started the process thinking it would go smoothly. Not soon after that the contract started to change. The down payment was changed and the final purchase amount was changed three times. I wanted to purchase a warranty with the vehicle but the customer service representative stated that another department "forgot" to put it on the contract. How does a company forget to put information on the contract? The delivery process is a whole story in itself. The delivery support, and I use support lightly, lied to me about the fact the vehicle was in transit. They would not contact the carrier and I was told on numerous occasions it was outside of their role to do so. I had to dig and find out who the carrier was. Once I found out I was told they didn't receive the order for delivery until 12:30pm THE DAY of delivery. Mind you I had been told by Vroom delivery support the vehicle was in transit for about a week. When I pressed I was told it was in transit to my residence. The vehicle was not delivered until 3 days after the scheduled delivery date. I have nothing but great things to say about the carrier as they were much better in communicating than Vroom. Vroom is a horrible company and I will not recommend them to anyone and I will not do business with them ever again.


2019 Ford Mustang Bullit / Excitement to Anxiety

For now I am giving it 2 stars and not recommending Vroom. If situation change I will revised this review. Although paperwork documents took about four days to complete including corrections that Vroom made, I can say that it went smoothly. Send my downpayment electronically and got confirmation that they received the payments 3 day after. With all that said, my account portal in Vroom website is still showing pending sale, payment received. It has been quiet for awhile now, kinda waiting game. Spoke with 3 different reps within 3 different days looking for delivery update. All reps told me that day that I should be receiving call from the delivery drive, all same responses. Today is the 4th day, no calls. Now, discovered a lot of bad reviews and nightmares of customers experienced. For this, my excitement for the car that I purchased turns in to anxiety. I am just hoping and praying that those bbad experience won't happen to me. If I don't hear from them by next week, will probably cancel the purchased.


Online and delivery only?

I will never buy like this, delivery only? Really?? No way! No no. I need to see the car in person. Test drive is a must.


as lazy as they get

I was interested in a Tesla they had so I called and ask for more pictures. They asked me where I saw the car and said I should go and check out their website because they have 32 pictures on their website and 3rd party websites usually have a lot less pictures. I said Cars.com also have 32 and can you send pictures of all rims, they said they don't take any additional pictures. I said it's important for me because Vroom only sells online and I'm buying a car online instead of buying a pair of shoes. They said maybe the their process is not really for me.. .What a great attitude.....


Excellent learning on new developments

First time checking out for my new budget ed car buying online. Great communication throughout the whole process made me very comfortable with the customer service response. I will recommend them to all my friends.


Disinterested selling dealer

Sent an request about specific options on a car listed. The dealer followup was a cut n paste of the original online listing. No reason to pursue further with this dealer


Awesome customer service

First time buying online. Great communication throughout the whole process made me very comfortable with my purchase. I will recommend them to all my friends.


John Vanik new and used car salesperson

Walked in one day after previously looking at a new car in the lot for my wife. Within 10 minutes after talking to John Vanik and Tim Duda I received and excellent lease deal on a new Rouge Sport that I could live with.They gave me a rock bottom deal, much better than I had expected. A few days later I came back to lease the vehicle. They also gave me a great price on the paint protection package. They were very courteous and helpful. I would recommend them and the dealership.

Dealer response

Hi George - thanks for the great review. We hope you enjoy your new Rouge! The Vroom team


Perfect experience!

Very easy to purchase, the entire thing happened over email and the papers were signed via overnight FedEx. Less than 1 week later, the car was in my driveway. It does take longer than a traditional dealer, but you don't have to sit there for hours while the paperwork and financing takes place. The car came in immaculate condition, no paint chips, no scratches. Interior was perfectly detailed and cleaned. Good price, low mileage, clean history report.

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