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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(5 reviews)

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Sold my car to vroom and if I could give them less than 1 star I would. We originally went with them because they offered a little more money than Carmax and I was like how hard could it be - very hard apparently. No communication with us throughout the entire process - they had to resend us the contract FIVE TIMES because THEY kept spelling my name wrong on the contract and didn’t want to accept it because it did not match the name on my ID which they had a photo copy of. When we finally got the contract sent and signed - they went dark and required a call from us to get the pick up started. They pick up up the car and the pick up said nothing about the next step to sell the car - so I call them again (keep in mind pick up is exactly a month after the original appraisal and acceptance of their offer). They tell me I need to send it a photo or scan of the document the tow person dropped off and from there it would take 3 business days and I would be paid. Sent that in the minute I got off the phone with them - no response, but I figured it went directly to the contract person and I gave them the 3 business days - so I called on the 4th day to see where we were in the process. Turns out they immediately knew they couldn’t open it and decided not to notify us to try and resend it again - so no car payment. We’re on the 5th day since they took the car and no payment and we’re having to make another payment on the car (the second since we started this process) - yay for having to get more refunds from our lender and making this process even longer. SELLER BEWARE - DO NOT SELL YOUR CAR TO THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT TO WAIT AN OBSENE AMOUNT OF TIME AND NOT BE COMMUNICATED WITH. #StillWaiting


Don’t Buy From Vroom. Biggest Headache Ever!

We started our trade in/purchase of a vehicle with Vroom July 6, 2021. It’s now August 10, 2021 and I still don’t have my new car and they don’t know when they’ll be delivering it either. It started off seemingly easy and without the hassle and haggle you get at a regular dealership. They were giving us the best trade in offer and we didn’t have to haggle about prices in either end. It’s seems like a dream after going to several dealerships that weekend. Then the we hit the first snag- they had the wrong name on the trade in paperwork. Sounds simple to fix… It took over 2 weeks for them to send us the corrected paperwork and a lot of frustration! We called them almost every day for an update and were told every day we’d have the new paperwork within 24 hours but clearly that wasn’t the case. AND THEN they cancelled the whole thing because of inactivity on the account on our part because we hadn’t sent in the signed paperwork! Even though it showed we called every day asking for the updated paperwork so we could move forward. They couldn’t even explain how someone could miss think the account was inactive. They had no real answers but assured me they’d fix it Lockett split and get it all back on track. It took them 4 more days after that to FINALLY get that corrected and to send out the new paperwork. After that we figured it would be smooth sailing… We didn’t have to give them out trade in until we got our new car, but we didn’t want to keep putting miles on it so had them come pick it up August 4th after waiting another week for them to finalize everything in their end after our down payment was received. After they finally process that next step we were told we’d get emailed within 2-3 days with delivery and pick up dates. Which we didn’t. WE ended up scheduling the pick up with their carrier! Once our trade in was picked up we were told we’d get an email in 2-3 days with a tracking number for the payoff check they’d be sending the bank for our trade in. We still have not received that email. But allegedly the check has been processed. When I called to find out why we haven’t received the email the rep said it’s actually 3-5 days when they send the email but gave me a check number. We were also told our car would be delivered no later than 8/11 and that we’d be getting daily emails with status updates. I callef today because delivery is supposed to be tomorrow and I haven’t had one status update and was told the carrier canceled the delivery today and rejected it. What does that mean? It means they don’t know when my car will be delivered because now they need to find a new vendor to deliver it and don’t know when that will be!!! Vroom has the most useless customer support team, not because of the people themselves, but because the people literally don’t know what’s going on and aren’t trained properly. They also have no system in place for call escalation. Everyone works remotely so they have to use a chat program to ask support questions and then they always just seem to tell you what you want to hear. This is literally the worst car buying experience I’ve ever had. It’s the worst purchase of anything ever. Period. Don’t buy a car from vroom. It’s worth getting less for your trade in or dealing with pushy salesman at a dealership. I could have been done with all this over a month ago if I just went through a real dealership. Never again.


Run Away!!!

I seriously don't see the benefit of using this platform. It's going to take a month before I even get the car! Working with Vroom has been, hands down, the absolute worst car buying experience. It's going on two weeks now and they are still reviewing the paperwork. I have to constantly call them to get any information on the process. Each time I call, I have to speak to a different person and oftentimes, they have difficulty in locating my account. Earlier this week, I wired them cash and sent in my car title. I just called to confirm and they initially were unable to find my wire transfer. Are you kidding me?! They also said that it will be another week before I hear any updates about even setting up a delivery date, which could take another week or so. I'm getting a very strong sense that I should abort now, but it appears that getting a refund is even more difficult after reading other reviews. In hindsight, I would much rather just go down to my local dealership and haggle than go through all of this again. It has seriously taken away all of the fun and excitement of purchasing a new car. I will NEVER do this again and suggest that you stay away as well.


I am shopping on line for a used Honda Accord 2013

Vroom sending used Honda's for sale. Ihave not found one yet that I want to purchase. Pricing seems high but do appreciate the responses I am receiving.

Dealer response

Hi - thanks for your feedback. We get new inventory everyday so please check out vroom.com for the latest. We hope we can find you your next ride. The Vroom team


Perfect experience!

Very easy to purchase, the entire thing happened over email and the papers were signed via overnight FedEx. Less than 1 week later, the car was in my driveway. It does take longer than a traditional dealer, but you don't have to sit there for hours while the paperwork and financing takes place. The car came in immaculate condition, no paint chips, no scratches. Interior was perfectly detailed and cleaned. Good price, low mileage, clean history report.

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