[{"id":357752,"personPtyId":33242620,"firstName":"Yariandy","lastName":"Leon","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Born and raised in Cuba, Yariandy (Yari) moved to South Florida in 2006. Yari was working for Pollo Tropical when he started seeking a better opportunity. He saw a great opportunity for experience and personal growth at Off Lease Only and joined the family in May 2013. He\u001as never looked back.\r\nHe enjoys the unity of the team and how everyone takes care of each other as a family. His biggest surprise since working here has been \u001athe non-stop growth that we all experience no matter where you came from.\u001a\r\nFavorite vehicle? The Jeep Wrangler\r\nWhy? \u001abecause of the ultimate power and safety it provides. I own one myself.\u001a\r\nYari is very passionate about what he does. We\u001are fortunate to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"YariandyL@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":5,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":653,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/3ac89fbf0947.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1472688000","industryStartDtUtc":"1472688000","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":537112,"personPtyId":46600728,"firstName":"Hilda","lastName":"Castro","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Hilda started in the car business at Off Lease Only in July 2018. She enjoys the number of people whose lives we get to impact by helping them get into their new used car, whether it\u001as their first car purchase or they had a bad car shopping experience elsewhere. It\u001as a great feeling!\r\nFavorite car? Lexus brand\r\nWhy? \u001aI\u001am a Lexus girl all around. Have one myself.","emailTxt":"hilda.castro@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":7,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":218,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/8af118c22854.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1530403200","industryStartDtUtc":"1530403200","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":335447,"personPtyId":33246838,"firstName":"Frank","lastName":"Diaz","titleText":"Finance Manager","shortBioText":"Frank was interested in the finance aspect of the car business, and first started in July 2003. He became familiar with the high volume, fast paced, friendly atmosphere at Off Lease Only and joined the family in April 2016. He loves the no haggle, one price, no back and forth process. His biggest surprise in working here is that every day is always different.\r\nFavorite Car? Mercedes Benz SL 500 AMG Convertible\r\nWhy? \u001aIt\u001as a convertible sports car.\u001a\r\nWhen Frank\u001as not busy finding the best rates and terms for his customers, you\u001all find him playing golf.\r\nWe\u001are fortunate to have Frank on our Finance Team!","emailTxt":"frank.diaz@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":5,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":398,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/4fa6ebcb5410.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1459468800","industryStartDtUtc":"1057017600","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Finance"},{"id":468175,"personPtyId":33246740,"firstName":"Geoffrey","lastName":"Goodell","titleText":"Sales Manager","shortBioText":"Geoffrey (Geoff) Goodell was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to Miami in 2012. He first started in the car business in March 2013, working for a franchise dealership and a used car dealer. Geoff felt that he needed a change and the work atmosphere and teamwork with co-workers attracted him to Off Lease Only and he joined the family in November 2015. It\u001as proven to be a change for the better.\r\nWhen Geoff is not busy helping his customers, he enjoys watersports such as diving, boating, and kayaking, as well as travel, golf, and going to the gym.\r\nHe has a Shiba Inu, named Belino.\r\nFavorite vehicle? Jeep Grand Cherokee\r\nWhy? It\u001as what he drives, and he can drive it over any terrain and it will pull his boat.\r\nFavorite Quote: \u001aPain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever. ~Shane Falco\r\nGeoffrey went to college for Professional Golf and Business Management. He was a Class A teaching golf professional with a scratch handicap.\r\nWe're fortunate to have Geoff on our team!","emailTxt":"Geoffrey.Goodell@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":4,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":1239,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/f82a25acde79.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1446336000","industryStartDtUtc":"1362096000","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Management"},{"id":338211,"personPtyId":33246710,"firstName":"Edwin","lastName":"Reategui","titleText":"Sales Manager","emailTxt":"Edwin.Reategui@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":5,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":511,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/44ae1014f641.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Management"},{"id":493369,"personPtyId":39674615,"firstName":"Luis","lastName":"Rojas","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Born in Nicaragua, Luis Rojas moved to Miami in 2015. He saw an income opportunity in sales and started in the car business in January 2015 working for a Ford franchise dealer. He noticed Off Lease Only\u001as social reputation and decided to join the family in March 2018. He loves the crew he works with here.\r\nIn his spare time, he likes to read and watch documentaries and movies, and he\u001as a huge Real Madrid FC Fan.\r\nFavorite Vehicle? MB G WAGUEN CUBE\r\nWhy? Why not!\r\nWe\u001are fortunate to have Luis on our Miami Team!","emailTxt":"luis.rojas@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":6,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":292,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/6806d216a213.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1519862400","industryStartDtUtc":"1420070400","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":540975,"personPtyId":48861167,"firstName":"George","lastName":"Laffont","titleText":"Home Delivery Sales Associate","shortBioText":"George has always had a love for cars and first started in the car business in 2006. Prior to that he owned a mechanic shop where he worked on his own, personal race cars. He saw the opportunity to help a lot of people at Off Lease Only and joined the family in August 2018. He loves working with so many people in a great environment where everyone is always willing to help one another.\r\nHis biggest surprise working here is seeing how many cars are sold across the United States.\r\nFavorite car? Porsche 911 ruf\r\nWhy? Design, handling, and performance\r\nWe\u001are glad to have George on our team!","emailTxt":"george.laffont@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":4,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":182,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/772cb49f5861.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1533081600","industryStartDtUtc":"1136073600","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":582370,"firstName":"Corey","lastName":"Jimenez","titleText":"Finance Manager","shortBioText":"Born and raised in Connecticut, Corey (CJ) ran away from the cold to Miami in 2018. He first started in the car business back in February 2006. It started out as a temporary job, but Corey fell in love with the cars and the experience. He\u001as worked at a few franchise dealers before coming to Off Lease Only. When he heard about our Home Delivery process, he felt he could continue to help his Connecticut customers. He joined the family in March 2019. His biggest surprise, compared to working for franchise dealers, has been the constant change to improve with the times while keeping our core value in place.\r\nHe takes care of his mother and grandmother, while in his spare time he loves to travel, cook, and he meditates to keep his mind clear.\r\nFavorite car? BMW\r\nWhy? Style related luxury approach with outstanding performance, yet reliable.\r\nWe\u001are blessed to have Corey on our Miami Team!","emailTxt":"corey.jimenez@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":3,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":174,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/9a891ac0aeb4.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1551398400","industryStartDtUtc":"1138752000","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Finance"},{"id":180123,"personPtyId":33958451,"firstName":"Ray","lastName":"Rodriguez","titleText":"General Manager","shortBioText":"A native Floridian, Ray was born and raised in the Miami area. He has a strong background in sales and likes helping people with their needs, which led him to his start in the car business in October 2007. He heard great things about Off Lease Only and joined the family in June 2013. He\u001as never looked back.\r\nHe enjoys working with his fellow employees and our customers and being able to impact their day in a positive way. His biggest surprise is the company\u001as fast rate of growth in such a limited amount of time.\r\nRay is currently engaged and has 3 dogs, all rescued. They\u001are his world!\r\nEnjoys reading, and loves his barbecues, fishing and boating!\r\nFavorite vehicle? Ford F150 and BMW M5\r\nWhy? Best of both worlds\r\nRay is the youngest GM in Off Lease Only\u001as history. He led his Miami team to win DealerRater\u001as 2019 Dealer of the Year Award, competing against approximately 20,000 other Dealers Nationwide.\r\nRay is one of our best, and we\u001are proud to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"RayR@Offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":3,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":824,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/0c3a337f40b1.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1370044800","industryStartDtUtc":"1191196800","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Management"},{"id":532634,"personPtyId":46299889,"firstName":"Sean","lastName":"Mattison","titleText":"Finance Manager","shortBioText":"Sean has been in the auto retail industry since 1997. He joined the Off Lease Only family in July 2018\r\nHe enjoys the transparency and low-pressure environment that Off Lease Only provides.\r\nFavorite car? 1969 Chevy Chevelle\r\nWe\u001are glad to have Sean on our team!","emailTxt":"Sean.Mattison@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":3,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":537,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/aa9c9f179e10.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1530403200","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Finance"},{"id":452252,"personPtyId":34247053,"firstName":"Frank","lastName":"Miragaya","titleText":"Finance Manager","emailTxt":"frank.miragaya@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":3,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":390,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/65bbf6c7bec7.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1506816000","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Finance"},{"id":289504,"personPtyId":33245562,"firstName":"Emmanuel (Manny)","lastName":"Mejia Polanco","titleText":"Sales Manager","emailTxt":"Emmanuel.polanco@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":1,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":327,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/1756305f8239.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1438387200","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Management"},{"id":610899,"firstName":"Cesar","lastName":"Sanchez","titleText":"Sales Associate","emailTxt":"Cesar.Sanchez@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":1,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":55,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/61d82b240af8.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":289506,"personPtyId":33245066,"firstName":"Alberto","lastName":"Maradiaga","titleText":"General Sales Manager","shortBioText":"Alberto (Albert) Maradiaga was born and raised in Managua, Nicaragua until he was 13 when he and his family moved to South Florida. He was recruited by a previous manager from the retail business and started in the car business in September 2001. His old General Manager and Mentor reached out to Albert regarding Off Lease Only and he joined the family in August 2015. He enjoys the culture here where everyone works hard, plays hard, and takes pride in getting things done! His biggest surprise in working here is the number of cars we sell.\r\nWhen he\u001as not busy managing his team, Albert likes to bike, read, and play chess for fun, although he did once defeat a Florida State Champion in a friendly game. He loves cats!\r\nFavorite car? Porsche Cayman 718\r\nWhy? Aerodynamic design, speed, and handling.\r\nFavorite quote: \"Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.\" ~Helen Keller \r\nWe're fortunate to have Albert on our team!","emailTxt":"alberto.maradiaga@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":3,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":672,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/a1a92a8e9ba7.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1438387200","industryStartDtUtc":"1009843200","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Management"},{"id":467122,"personPtyId":38870399,"firstName":"Boris","lastName":"Moran","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Boris (El Bori) has always been a car guy, so the car business was a natural attraction for him. He heard that Off Lease Only was a great place to work and he joined the family in December 2017. He loves the fast-paced environment.\r\nBoris and his wife have 3 children.\r\nIn his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and going out to restaurants.\r\nFavorite car? Lamborghini Aventador\r\nWhy? \u001afan of fast cars.\u001a\r\nBoris is a great guy and we\u001are fortunate to have him on our team.","emailTxt":"Boris.Moran@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":2,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":268,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/505fde18075b.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1512086400","industryStartDtUtc":"1512086400","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":574560,"firstName":"Jessica","lastName":"Alvarez","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Jessica has been in the car business for about 2 years and has been here at Off Lease Only since January of 2019. Prior to joining the team here at Off Lease Only, Jessica sold Volkswagens! She loves being part of the Off Lease Only team because of the people that she gets to work with every day and being able to learn about so many different models of cars! She does have a few favorites, it\u001as a tough choice between the Jeep Wrangler and the Mercedes C-Class! Jessica did adopt a kitten that was found on the lot here and named him Albert after her favorite Manager!","emailTxt":"jessica.alvarez@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":2,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":133,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/33e6a78c78c3.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1548979200","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":449351,"firstName":"Erik","lastName":"Godston","titleText":"Finance Manager","shortBioText":"Erik was born in Philadelphia and has lived in many other cities including Houston, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Midland, MI, and Pittsburgh. He moved to South Florida in 1988. First starting in the car business in January 1990, he worked for franchise dealerships. He saw an opportunity to grow with Off Lease Only and joined the family in October 2017.\r\nWhat he enjoys most about working here is the company\u001as transparency with the customer. His biggest surprise has been how fast paced it is every day.\r\nErik and his wife, Iwonka have a son, Nathan and a daughter, Zoe.\r\nWhenever he has some spare time, he enjoys spending it with his family.\r\nFavorite Car? Any convertible\r\nWhy? Loves the fresh air\r\nErik is a great asset and we\u001are fortunate to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"Erik.Godston@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":2,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":754,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/05353cb1ff12.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1506816000","industryStartDtUtc":"631152000","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Finance"},{"id":298202,"personPtyId":33043418,"firstName":"Claude","lastName":"Roy","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Claude moved to Miami in 2014. Claude wanted to work in the US. Although he was an industrial engineer working in project management and development, his love for cars steered him in the direction of car sales. A friend bought a car at Off Lease Only and Claude became familiar with the company. He joined the family in October 2015. He enjoys seeing how happy people are when they have credit challenges and are able to overcome them and purchase a car. He likes being honest with customers.\r\nClaude and his wife have 3 children.\r\nHe stays busy in his free time. He enjoys projects with his kids, movies, meeting up with friends and date night. He also spends time doing house repairs and upgrades. He loves to cook and is into sports including water skiing and fishing.\r\nFavorite vehicle? Lexus LX\r\nWhy? \u001aNicest SUV ever.\u001a\r\nWe\u001are fortunate to have Claude on our team!","emailTxt":"Claude.Roy@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":2,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":688,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/7dd8f768725e.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1443657600","industryStartDtUtc":"1443657600","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":334044,"personPtyId":33246551,"firstName":"Tamari","lastName":"Thompson","titleText":"Finance Director","shortBioText":"Tamari (T2) has always had a fascination with cars. He started in the business in June 2001. He was attracted to the fast-paced, no-hassle method of selling cars at Off Lease Only and joined the team in April 2016. He enjoys the professional work environment teamed with the family-friendly atmosphere. His biggest surprise in working here, having worked at other dealerships in the past, is how the Management Team\u001as professionalism has exceeded his expectations.\r\nFavorite Car? Box Chevy Donk\r\nWhy? \u001aIt\u001as a cultural Icon.\u001a\r\nWhat most people don\u001at know about Tamari is he\u001as the former Ford Motor Company\u001as vehicle video walk-around specialist, conducting training for over 7,000 Ford Dealerships globally. \r\nWe\u001are very fortunate to have Tamari on our team!","emailTxt":"tamari.thompson@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":2,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":589,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/cd3abe3ad084.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1459468800","industryStartDtUtc":"991353600","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Finance"},{"id":530199,"personPtyId":45507131,"firstName":"Rolando (RJ)","lastName":"Sanabria","titleText":"Finance Manager","shortBioText":"Rolando (RJ) is a Florida native, born and raised in Miami. RJ has always loved cars, so the car business was a good fit for him. He started in the business in June 2007. Having been asked, several times, to come to Off Lease Only, he finally made the transition and joined the family in June 2018. He enjoys his co-workers.\r\nRJ and his wife have a son and 2 dogs.\r\nIn his spare time, he enjoys fishing and spending time with his family.\r\nFavorite vehicle? The Jeep Wrangler\r\nWhy? \u001a. . . like the outdoors and going where no one else can.\u001a\r\nFavorite Quote: \u001aChampions are made not by how hard they hit; it\u001as about how quick you can get up after being hit hard.\u001a Sylvester Stallone\r\nRJ has had many positions in the car business, and can easily adapt. We\u001are fortunate to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"rolando.sanabria@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":4,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":454,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/8ef388467b84.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1527811200","industryStartDtUtc":"1180656000","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Finance"},{"id":486650,"personPtyId":38404135,"firstName":"Jaime","lastName":"Wever","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Jaime came to the USA in 2016. His first job was managing a restaurant in Miami, followed by a job with Amazon services. What caught Jaime\u001as attention with Off Lease Only was how it was set apart from other dealers, where customers are number one. He wanted to be a part of that success.\r\n\r\nHe loves that the coworkers are more like family and help and respect each other. Jaime\u001as developed many lasting friendships since he\u001as started. His biggest surprise, working with Off Lease Only, is the number of cars sold each day. Although new to the business, Jaime has made a great impression on us and on his customers.\r\n\r\nIn his spare time, he enjoys going to a nice restaurant, or just relaxing at the beach or at home.\r\n\r\nFavorite Car? Two opposites: Mercedes Benz C-300 and the Toyota Tacoma.\r\n\r\nFavorite Quote? \u001aThe only way to do great work is to love what you do.\u001a Steve Jobs\r\n\r\nJaime is a great asset and we're fortunate to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"Jaime.Wever@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":3,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":446,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/13cce0f87596.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1517443200","industryStartDtUtc":"1519862400","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":477173,"personPtyId":37417868,"firstName":"Juan","lastName":"Cruz","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Juan has been in the car business since 2017 and joined the Off Lease Only family in January, 2018.\r\nHe enjoys the colleagues he works with and admires their drive to succeed, it\u001as contagious.\r\nFavorite car? Nissan Skyline GTR\r\nHe\u001as knowledgeable with just about every make and model. Working here has taught Juan about every type of car.\r\nWe\u001are fortunate to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"Juan.Cruz@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":1,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":244,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/8e48c39a7c00.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1514764800","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":588430,"firstName":"Carl (Kyle)","lastName":"Marlow","titleText":"Finance Manager","shortBioText":"A Florida native, Carl (Kyle) Marlow, was born and raised in South Florida. Being a police officer, his family encouraged him to get into the car business. He started in January 2014. Fellow colleagues prompted an interest in Off Lease Only for Kyle, and he joined the family in December 2018. He enjoys the transparency to the customer and appreciates everyone\u001as effort to work together.\r\nKyle and his wife have 3 children, a dog, and a 125-gallon saltwater aquarium with tropical fish and coral.\r\nHe prefers to spend time with his family and friends, enjoying BBQs, fishing, and boating when he\u001as not busy taking care of customers.\r\nFavorite vehicle? Ford F-250 Platinum\r\nWhy? \u001aI love trucks.\u001a\r\nFavorite quote: \u001aLive as if you were to die tomorrow.\u001a Mahatma Gandhi\r\nLittle known facts about Kyle: He was a police officer for 6 years, played College Baseball, and has participated in fishing tournaments.\r\nKyle\u001as a very talented individual and we\u001are blessed to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"Carl.Marlow@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":2,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":232,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/e453208e28bd.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1554076800","industryStartDtUtc":"1388534400","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Finance"},{"id":530733,"personPtyId":45869173,"firstName":"Claudio (Rafael)","lastName":"Rodriguez","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Claudio worked in heavy equipment and import/export car parts, but he\u001as always had a love for vehicles. He started selling cars on his own in April 1992. He heard about the qualities and benefits available at Off Lease Only and joined the family on the 4th of July in 2017. He enjoys the teamwork here and our way of doing business.\r\nHis biggest surprise in working here has been the level of teamwork.\r\n\r\nIn his spare time, he enjoys reading scripture, working out, and spending time with his family.\r\nFavorite vehicle? Toyota 4 Runner\r\nWhy? It never breaks\r\nFavorite Quote: Never quit trying, be a man of faith, love, and charity. ~ Author unknown\r\nClaudio is a dreamer who believes anything is possible if you believe in yourself.\r\nWe\u001are privileged to have Claudio on our team!","emailTxt":"claudio.rodriguez@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":1,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":476,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/bcd1d99e4b1e.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1527811200","industryStartDtUtc":"702086400","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":530201,"personPtyId":45446754,"firstName":"Livan","lastName":"Crespo","titleText":"Finance Manager","shortBioText":"Born and raised in Cuba, Livan now calls Miami home. A friend convinced him to try the car business and Livan can\u001at thank him enough. He first started in the business in August 1997. He kept hearing about Off Lease Only from everybody, including customers, and wanted to check it out for himself. He joined the family in June 2018.\r\nFavorite car? \u001aI like them all.\u001a\r\nWe\u001are fortunate to have Livan on our Finance Team!","emailTxt":"livan.crespo@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":1,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":375,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/d2ce7b3a1a21.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1527811200","industryStartDtUtc":"870393600","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Finance"},{"id":523458,"personPtyId":44064466,"firstName":"Miguel","lastName":"Sevilla","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Miguel Sevilla was born and raised in Ecuador and moved to Chicago in 1988, then to Miami in 1998. He first started in the car business in June 1994. A friend, in the business, introduced Miguel to Off Lease Only. He found himself impressed with the underwriting department and decided to join the family in May 2018. Before coming onboard, Miguel worked for a few large franchise dealerships and was also a Real Estate Agent.\r\nMiguel and his wife have 6 children (4 boys and 2 girls), 2 dogs and 2 cats. When Miguel is not busy taking care of his customers, he likes to go motorcycle riding and walking his dogs, a Rottweiler named TJ and Toby, a French Poodle. \r\nFavorite car? The VW\r\nWhy? VW\u001as, including a Passat, a Beetle, and an Atlas have been in the family for over 40 years with no problems at all. \r\nMiguel is very talented and we\u001are very fortunate to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"miguel.sevilla@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":1,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":231,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/808a31f68e80.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1525132800","industryStartDtUtc":"770428800","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":466117,"personPtyId":35786224,"firstName":"Jose (Sidney)","lastName":"Pierre-Louis","titleText":"Sales Associate","emailTxt":"Jose.Pierre-Louis@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":329,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/49363a9a4fe4.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1512086400","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":571548,"firstName":"Jose (Ivan)","lastName":"Rojas","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Jose (Ivan) has been a car fan since he was a little boy. He loves driving different models. Ivan is very knowledgeable about American brands, particularly about engine sizes, horsepower, and transmission types.\r\nHe likes the streamlined process we have. He\u001as worked in different industries and will tell you, by far, \u001aThis place makes me feel happy coming to work every day,\u001a and \u001aevery day is different, getting to meet new people and helping them find the right car is a feeling you cannot get over.\u001a\r\nFavorite vehicle? The Jeep Wrangler\r\nWhy? It gives you freedom, the capability of taking you anywhere.\r\nIvan grew up in a Toyota family and specializes in Toyotas, although he\u001as become very knowledgeable about the American brands, as well.\r\nIvan is passionate about what he does. We\u001are fortunate to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"jose.rojas@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":233,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/9811d0466f31.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1546300800","certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":547928,"personPtyId":51220010,"firstName":"Miguel (Mike)","lastName":"Moran","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"A Florida native, Miguel was born and raised in Miami. He had over 10 successful years in sales experience, exceeding goals and numbers. He heard that there was good earning potential available in the car business. He decided to try it and started in the business in January 2012. He heard great things about the benefits and environment at Off Lease Only and joined the family in August 2018. He loves the team he works with where everyone is definitely a team player and loves the fact that he works for Dealerrater\u001as number one used car dealer in the nation!\r\nIn his spare time, Miguel enjoys time with family at BBQS, the beach, the pool, and movies.\r\nFavorite car? Corvette\r\nWhy? \u001aThe vehicle is just amazing. Don\u001at have one yet, but definitely on my bucket list!\u001a\r\nMiguel is very patient, loyal, super friendly with a good heart. He\u001as a great team player and is always focused and positive. He\u001as a valuable asset and we\u001are fortunate to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"miguel.moran@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":7,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":297,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/a0e07c5fa373.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1535760000","industryStartDtUtc":"1325376000","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":458134,"personPtyId":34593561,"firstName":"Carlos","lastName":"Cohen","titleText":"salesperson","shortBioText":"Carlos Cohen was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela until he was a teenager when he moved to Miami in 1982. He started in the car business in May 1993 working for other dealers. The philosophy here, being crystal clear with the customer, never lying to or misleading them attracted Carlos and he joined the family in October 2017. He respects the leadership at Off Lease Only and is a customer himself, buying his last jeep here. What continues to surprise him about working here is that the prices are really low, for real, no games. \r\nCarlos married in 1993 and has 2 children and 3 cats. \r\nWhen he\u001as not busy taking care of his customers, he\u001as very active and loves skydiving, Kayaking, free diving and practicing martial arts, as well as calisthenics. \r\nFavorite car? Jeep \r\nWhy? \u001aIt\u001as elegant and can go anywhere, a vehicle for adventure. It can go to uncharted territories, lol.\u001a \r\nCarlos is a unique and talented individual and we\u001are fortunate to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"carlos.cohen@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":3,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":221,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/c53f48e31488.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1506816000","industryStartDtUtc":"736214400","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":354013,"personPtyId":33247310,"firstName":"Hosam","lastName":"Ibrahim","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Cars have always been Hosam\u001as (known as the Egyptian Magician) passion. He first started in the business in February 2014. He\u001ad heard a lot of great things about Off Lease Only and joined the family in August 2016. He enjoys the great people he works with and the philosophy on how car buying should be. His biggest surprise came when he sold 6 cars in one day.\r\nFavorite Car? Lamborghini Aventador\r\nWhy? \u001aIt\u001as the most beautiful car in the world\r\nHosam loves what he does and we\u001are fortunate to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"hosam.ibrahim@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":2,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":117,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/58cbe7ca7459.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1470009600","industryStartDtUtc":"1391212800","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":604765,"firstName":"Alfonso","lastName":"Francos","titleText":"sales Associate","emailTxt":"alfonso.francos@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":3,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":26,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/bef9675e859a.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":535860,"personPtyId":47733625,"firstName":"Ruben","lastName":"Rivero","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Ruben has always loved cars and worked in sales. One day he came into Off Lease Only to purchase a car and loved the atmosphere. He decided to try his luck in the car industry, so he applied for a sales position. He joined the family in July 2018.\r\nHe enjoys the family-like atmosphere here and his relationship with his coworkers. \r\nHis biggest surprise in working here is the fast-paced environment.\r\nFavorite Car? BMW M5 2018+\r\nWhy? \u001aIt is the all-around best full-size sedan ever produced.\"\r\nRuben is very talented and we\u001are fortunate to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"Ruben.Rivero@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":2,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":111,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/331590694c92.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1530403200","industryStartDtUtc":"1530403200","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":338201,"personPtyId":33242390,"firstName":"Martha","lastName":"Gomez Cerna","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Martha has always had a love for cars and first started in the industry in December 2004 with one of our competitors. She heard about Off Lease Only\u001as honest approach with their customers and joined the family in November 2015. She loves helping people. Her biggest surprise in working here is the low prices.\r\nFavorite Car? Kia\r\nWhy? Very good rating by JD Power\r\nMartha treats her customers like family and we\u001are fortunate to have her on our team!","emailTxt":"Martha.GomezDeCerna@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":133,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/eacf0289e173.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1446336000","industryStartDtUtc":"1101859200","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":592737,"firstName":"Jose","lastName":"Cruz","titleText":"Sales Associate","shortBioText":"Jose was looking for a career that has stability and offers the opportunity to be part of a prosperous business and decided to try the car business. He joined the Off Lease Only family in May 2019. He enjoys that he feels like he\u001as part of a big family here. His biggest surprise in working here has been how different we are from the other dealerships out there.\r\nFavorite car? BMW\r\nWhy? \u001aPerformance\u001a\r\nJose is dedicated and he's a hard worker. We\u001are fortunate to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"jose.cruz@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":105,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/80f27aaa9a91.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1556668800","industryStartDtUtc":"1556668800","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":620606,"firstName":"Albert","lastName":"Anticole","titleText":"Corporate Finance Director","shortBioText":"Albert Anticole was born and raised in Steubenville, Ohio, and decided to make the move to South Florida in 1999.\r\nHe was the finance director for a large Franchise Dealership for 13 years before coming on board to join our family on September 2011. It was co-workers at his previous dealership that suggested he come to Off Lease Only.\r\nAlbert loves the fact that there are no negotiations and that we save our customers thousands of dollars compared to the competition. His biggest surprise is how we manage to continue to sell such a high volume of cars month in and month out. (\u001aWhere do all these cars go?\u001a)\r\nAlbert is married and has 2 children, a 13-year old son, and a 9-year old daughter.\r\nWhen he\u001as not in the middle of finance matters here, he\u001as enjoying boating and fishing.\r\nFavorite car? The Ford Raptor\r\nWhy? It\u001as a unique truck with a body style that will never grow old.\r\nAlbert is an important asset to the company, and we\u001are really fortunate to have him on our team!","emailTxt":"AlbertFinance@offleaseonly.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":1,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":5,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/dealer/43509/employees/40db87508504.jpg","drDealerId":43509,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1314835200","industryStartDtUtc":"928195200","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Finance"}]

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