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    March 5, 2019

    I had been following up on this dark grey 2010 chevy equinox for about 2 weeks had been asking lots of questions he said everything was good and there... was no problems..I asked if when i take it to the shop to get it checked out if anything was wrong would they do the repairs before selling it. He went on to Say that it depeneded on the extent of the work.. anywho.. I went one day on a Tuesday to check the car out and test drive it,I drove it 2 blocks and came back, everything seemed fine.. we talked about price and that i would be back tomorrow to buy the car and take it to the shop to get it checked out.. I get there the next day he immediatly gives me the keys becuase i had a 2pm appointment at the car shop to get it checked out.. i pull off not even 3 blocks down the road the check engine light comes on .. (anyone that knows about cars knows that for this to happen so randomly the light had to have been on he just turned it off.. one of 2 ways by unhooking the battery or by a diagnostic machine) any who i gets to the shop and tell them to check it.. they check under the car (wheels, barings etc) looks at the engine (runs the diagnostic) checks the trans etc.. EVERRRYYTHING checked out except the engine.. he said the car was in mint condition BEFORE it got into the accident it was in.. i said how did you know it been recked.. he said the balljoints looked like they were beat on and that there was every code in the engine that you could possibly think of.. said there was about 5 air bag codes and there was so many other codes that after about 15 he stopped writting.. really the list was so long.. so he told me right up front.. unless this guy was planning to drop a new engine in this truck i would take it right back where it came from FAST.. so i did just that.. I got back and told him what was said.. and gave him the list he got aggitated REALLY FAST.. said how come the car doesnt show the codes . I said oh yeah it does it came on about 3 blocks down the road.. he rushed me out his shop with the most nastiest attitude ever.. he knew that truck was bad and tried to sell it to me .. he saw all my 4 kids with me and didnt care that he tried to sell me a bogus truck.. he only had about 5 cars on his lot and my husband had been in fayetteville over 10 years he said some of those cars had been there for more than a year or 2 and that he dont get much business in that place.. i see why

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