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Nice friendly!

Loved my experience at the dealership, answered all my questions, was very transparent, gave me a out line of what I need to do step by step for me to complete so I can go forward with a purchase



Dealership employees are very professional. Family friendly and enjoyed our experience with the dealership. Clean facility and they even have coloring books for the kids to keep busy with!



THE WORST. I have never had such an awful experience in buying a car. They DO NOT thoroughly inspect their vehicles, nor do they stand behind them. Their warranty is 3 DAYS!!! Had I known this I never would’ve purchased from them. We came in with our 3 young boys and another on the way. While test driving the vehicle the check engine light came on. They reassured us that is was a gas cap issue and reset it... We had the car a total of 3 WEEKS and it started leaking oil. After a week of drawn out conversation we were told to bring it in so their “mechanic” could look at it. When we said we wanted to choose our own mechanic they began to blame us for the issue. We cut ties with them and took the car to a dealership. They said that the last oil change was done horribly wrong and there was a massive oil leak... $3200 FOR A “NEW” CAR WE HAD FOR 3 WEEKS. Never ever again. These are not men of integrity. Go to a large dealership where at least they have a higher moral standard.


My new 2012 Dodge Ram!

Was looking for a truck! Couldn’t find anything that was worth it with covid going on the inventory around seems really trashy! Made the drive to khodas cars and the vehicle is exactly as posted spoke to Page about it and Pat got me financed for it! Thank you guys both! Khodas is the place to go!



Loved working with this dealer! Clean cars... straight forward. I did not need to go back and forth like I did with previous dealers. Cars work great. They explain where they get the vehicles from!


Used Hyundai

Great customer service! Thank you Pat for making the process smooth and easy during these tough times! I recommend Khodas Cars. Great lot and great service!


My First Car Buying Experience

Just got done buying my first car and had an AMAZING experience here with Page! Not only were they able to meet at a time that was convenient for me but was able to offer social distancing test drives. As someone from the medical field I appreciated the extra mile they went to insure not only my safety but the safety of everyone around me with offering convenient scheduling! I was able to find a an amazing Ford that fits my family and budget during this time! Thank you!!! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a reliable car with a very transparent, educated and helpful staff!



I am an older lady and it can be difficult to work with me and I did ask alot. I went there and they make sure they clean the vehicles after people go inside of them. They have 2 hour time windows so there are not a lot of people in the store at the same time. They are okay giving you numbers for financing over the phone and telling you what things you need to bring with you. They even delivered my vehicle to my home afterwards!


I hope this helps someone else...

I am typically a trusting individual and really hope for the best so when people say something I really try to believe them. Unfortunately this did not serve me well when dealing with paige of khodas cars. To make a long story short, paige told me that the transmission was just fine and it was a cold temperature issue common to truck transmissions. It is apparent to me that the transmission was warmed before my test drive because the failure was very apparent the next day. I was refused a dealer warranty because I negotiated a small discount. Even after a professional transmission shop and friend had to rebuild it, paige questioned their expertise saying that they were wrong. Seven thousand dollars later it works. Khodas cars and paige are exactly why used car dealers have a bad name. Very expensive lesson but I still will look for the good in people but not this dealer. Buyer beware at khodas cars and don't trust paige.


2017 Tundra

Amazing service with very friendly and energetic staff who helped me find a truck. I would recommend people to come here the service was incredible.