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(294 reviews)

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Me and my wife are having triplets, and we obviously looking to upsize our vehicle without upsizing our budget! It seemed IMPOSSIBLE.....until we met Leo at Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth! He was very helpful and understanding and a pretty cool dude overall! I really appreciate all your help Leo, WE WILL BE BACK!


Oscar took care of me promptly.

Oscar took care of me promptly. Process was easy to end up with a new car.


Jovone was very kind and helpful!

Jovone was very kind and helpful! I’m very happy with my experience, he helped me find the perfect car for me!


Great Customer Service

Worked with Jovon who went out of the way to make us feel comfortable and taken care of. Was able to work out a deal close to the numbers we were looking for considering the circumstances. Great customer service. I purchased a pre-owned 2017 Camaro. After taking it home I noticed a couple problems. A piece in the middle console had fallen off and the blinkers didn't work. I contacted the sales rep again, Jovone, who offered a free repair. The next day I find out the piece would take a few more days to arrive however they offered me a car to drive while I wait. An alfa Romero at no cost to me. I was not displeased. All this thanks to the approval of his manager Jeff Warfield. Now while the experience after the purchase wasn't the best, their customer service skills went above and beyond. I still would highly recommend this place. They do whatever they can to please you and your needs and make sure you are not left with a bad taste in your mouth. Thank you guys again!


My review has changed after several attempts to get a

My review has changed after several attempts to get a spare key to a vehicle that I purchased 2 weeks ago. I was told and reassured after I had purchased a 2019 Hellcat from the salesman Shannon that he would contact the previous seller and collect the remaining keys. After several follow-up phone call attempts to the Sales Manager Steve and several texts to Shannon they both have failed to collect any spare keys and yesterday 3/7/2022, Shannon the salesman basically told me that I was S.O.L. I'm not happy at all to only have one key fob for a car that I ended up paying $77,000.00 for after purchasing several extended warranties and protection plans. I'm highly disappointed after I trusted that Alfa Romero of Fort Worth would make this sale right after everything that we had been through previously to get the paperwork corrected including entering my correct address. Make sure you have two keys in hand before purchasing a $77K car from this dealership because after the ink has dried the salesman will move on to the next one. I'm Highly Disappointed!!!


i was dreading the process but i had Amazing exper

i was dreading the process but i had Amazing experience they had exactly what I was looking for ! My salesman Jovone Melendez was exceptional such a kind young man. Very professional, very considerate and courteous. I would definitely recommend this dealership !


Was told one thing over the phone. When I got there they...

Was told one thing over the phone. When I got there they jacked the price up over a $1,000. Was there for over 2 hours.


Very poor Ownership and management

Where do i start? I have purchased a 2018 Certified Alfa Romeo from here. The sales experience was amazing. Problems started 2 days later. While driving the whole Dashboard lit up AST SERVICE Power Steering Service Hill Hold Control Service ESC system. The Steering wheel is completely locked up. Called the Dealership to speak to the General Manager to get this resolved. Was told the GM doesn't have an email or phone number so to leave my info and someone will call me back ... Didn't hear anything for hours so-called back spoke to Tony Canales he stated he will have the car picked up and replace it with a different. Been emailing him asking for the details but never heard anything back he never replied back to any of my emails. Called the dealership again to speak to him and was told he is busy and will call back later. Never received a call back with any type of details. We will see if it actually happens today or not. I will update you all accordingly Meanwhile if you are buying a vehicle from here, please be safe don't risk your life by getting behind a vehicle that might not be safe.


We had some issues with the car we purchased. First...

We had some issues with the car we purchased. First contact attempt was disappointing But after speaking to Jeff and him literally updating with what's happening and what they are doing to take care of it definitely changed it all around. He was very professional and made it right. Spiro delivered the new car with another fella who's name I don't know. But they both were very professional and did a fantastic job. Lorenzo our salesman also was good So thank you to you all by doing the right thing and making it right. Y'all definitely have a customer for life. Also Tony even though you never responded to any of my emails. According to Jeff none of this was possible without Tony so thank you. . And last but least Moe was very rude and absolutely horrible customer service skills. If you end up getting him as your finance manager ask for someone else. The other person I am disappointed in is Steve as he was the original manager we dealt with but after the issues arrissed tried getting in touch with him so many times. He never once picked up the phone or even called back.


Scam Artists

Jesse Horton here... Speaking about the Fort Worth Location. Since you guys charged me $20,000 for a $8,000 car and refused to correct it, even after having me leave work and sign a bunch of stuff that you never submitted... I've went ahead and contacted all three credit bureaus and let them know what's going on. More than $4,000 was supposed to be put towards my principal and never was. It's been 8 months now. You've had plenty of time to correct this. Guess I'll fix it myself and let the entire world know what you're up to 🤷‍♂️ You had three other people in the dealership complaining about the same thing and ushered them to the back so other people wouldn't hear about you scamming them... Your two main managers straight up told me to get over it and said I "sounded like an under-privledged child who needs government assistance." ... I believe one of them was named Jeff. Love how you made it so I couldn't post on your facebook wall 😆