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(120 reviews)

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Korey was awesome! Very helpful and responsive

Korey is great. Very responsive and a pleasure to do business with. They have a beautiful facility. I love my car and am so excited to drive it.


Car experience

Great customer service!! Hanna and Chase were awesome. They are both hard workers with great people skills. I recommend to anyone in need of good service.



Very good about customer service. Look a professional. I very like dealership Here. Very very good. They always provide customers with great car. Thank you so much. Thank you for the professional service


Beware this dealership

BEWARE! As you can tell from the poor ratings online, this dealership should be avoided. Unfortunately, they have a bit of a monopoly in DFW as the next closest major Alfa dealership is several hours away. There is a dealer in Hurst, but their selection is limited. Primarily a Maserati dealer I think. If you must have an Alfa (as was or case), and Hurst doesn't have your model, it's worth the drive to Houston/Austin to avoid these guys. A long story but I'll be as brief as possible. We're 2nd time Alfa leasees. We had a bad experience with the Dallas dealership which was shut down by the state due to fraudulent activity (see Kamkad Alfa). That left us with FTW as our closest dealer at over an hour away. We were hesitant about going with Alfa again, especially a dealer so far away, but the car is great, and after multiple talks with FTW we felt comfortable that we were dealing with a reputable dealer. We were VERY clear from day 1 about the car we wanted and they had only 1 car that fit. We negotiated all details and even had a follow up call to review before making the trek to FTW. Upon arrival we quickly realized we had been lied to. At first we were told the car was ready to go and paperwork would be ready shortly. Just sign and drive away! After about 30 minutes our salesman came out with a bunch of numbers jotted down on a sheet and a lot of excuses about why they weren't what he promised. Payments were almost double. And that was with $ down. We were told zero down with our lease return. We asked to speak with a manager. The manager apologized and said our salesman was new and shouldn't have lied to us. He was supposedly given a severe reprimand and sent home for the day. He proceeded to convince us to consider other cars or let him talk to finance to see what they could do on the car we wanted. We were not in the mood to deal with them at this point and asked them to return our car so we could leave and perhaps consider coming back another day. After about another 30-40 minutes, (lost our keys?) our original salesman comes back from his smoke break, cigs in hand and seemingly unaffected after his reprimand. Much to our surprise he wasn't sent home, but he magically found another car that had everything we wanted, minus a moon roof, at close to the price originally quoted. We wanted the moon roof, but agreed to take a look. It was not remotely the same car. It was a base model, lacking almost every option we asked for. The salesman literally sat in the car and argued that it was the exact same car. We again demanded our keys, finally got them, and left. I called to speak to someone in management on our way home and vented. A few days later we were contacted by Preston Wheeler. He apologized for everything again. We reiterated we were still interested in the car, just be honest and tell us what it's actually going to cost. After multiple conversations and texts confirming details we came to an agreement and were again headed to FTW. We met Preston and reconfirmed details. We sat down with Finance (can't recall his name but he was great) and everything was in order. We signed, made our down payment and we were done! More $ than originally agreed to, but we were happy. A week later, we’re contacted by Ally Bank saying we owe another $1000 for a missing key, hail damage, and new tires. The key situation was straightened out but we still owe over $700 for the other items. The hail damage is a lie. The car was immaculate. 2 years old, 8000 miles, highly desirable option package with hard to find color combo. There were literally 2 pinhead size dings on the entire car. You had to search hard to even see them. The front tires DID need replacing. There was an alignment issue the FTW service department never figured out after 3 trips to inspect. Both of these items are irrelevant as we were assured during negotiations, and again after our lease return was inspected by FTW Alfa, that any additional costs would not fall to us.


Alfa Romeo

Lavon was the best salesman I have had at Alfa Romeo of Fort Worth it’s my 3rd car to buy from them..... I will recommend this dealership to all my friends and family


Chris Brooks and Robin Denton

Jonathan did great, we are pleased with the great customer service and my wife and I had a great experience shopping for our sons very first vehicle. Great experience!


Got a great car thanks to Chase an Cole 💯

I got the car of my dreams thanks to Chase an Cole . They ordered the car I wanted for me no hassle love you guys an thanks again.


Bad customer service

Bad customer service and be careful Watch all the numbers and everything before you sign any paper


The best car experience I have ever had

Corey was amazing, he delivered my car 100 miles to my house, made the process so easy and convenient. Can’t imagine going back to the old fashion way of purchasing a vehicle. All of the paperwork was prepared and completed in the comfort of my own home. Excellent service


Great sales experience

Great efficient dealership and sales person I used Neil and he was great. Had a long drive to get there and to get back home he didn't waste my time and made the deal we agreed to on the phone.