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(128 reviews)

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Below Average Customer Service and Dealership

When I found the car I wanted to purchase online, the mileage stated 17,000. When I arrived at the dealership, the mileage was 22,000. I had spoken with a salesman who could have brought this to my attention. I also made arrangements to come see the car a day prior. When I arrived, none of the dealer prep had been completed. One tire was different size than the others, the tire pressure light was on, he oil had not been changed, assuming the mileage difference, and the detail had not been done because there were remains still in the car from the previous driver. Also, their communication with each other and customers is not good and I had to repeat myself multiple times to different people about the situation. I came back a different day to get all of this taken care of, was estimated a 3-4 hour wait, which was fine. I was notified 7.5 hours later that my car was ready and when I got there to pick it up, I had to wait and hour before even talking to my salesman, then had to wait longer for paper tags. I did not leave until 9pm that night. It was ridiculous. Everyone was nice, but horrible experience. I had to use my extra time to come back so they could fix things that should have been taken care of prior to me even arriving. My best experience was with Eric in finance. He was helpful in every way and did things out of his job description to help me out when I was there. I love my car, but I will not be buying from here again.


Buying a car

I went in as a first time buyer and they worked with me and my situation. Helped me get into a car I am very happy with.



I wish to express my sincere gratitude to our salesman Jesus G for his hard work and diligence in helping us find the right car at the right price. He is definitely a tremendous credit to Alfa Romeo Fiat of Fort Worth. Well done Jerry. Thank you, Alfa Romeo Fiat of Fort Worth.


Nice Inventory!!

All around great experience we were in for a specific vehicle and we ended purchasing something better. I appreciate Jay (Jz) as his managers call him for his help. 10/10 would recommend



They are liars, they have poor customer service and poor communication! Save yourself a headache and go somewhere else. I never got my permanent license plates from them, even though they called to tell me they were mailing them. I had to call 2 weeks later to find out what happened and they still had them at the front desk. THEY NEVER MAILED THEM!! That is something small on their end and they couldn’t even do that task, I don’t live near the dealership so i have to wait for them to mail them to me. I had to call for them to mail me the financial paperwork because they never mailed it to me either. They are a bunch of crap!!! DON’T EVER DO BUSINESSES WITH THEM !!!! STAY AWAY!!!



Kept calling and texting even after I said no. Salesman called when I told him no, he started trash talking dealership I did buy from.


Love my new Alfa Romeo

Fast easy transaction, they had everything ready for me before I come in. Preston is the guy to ask for. He know his stuff. The mangers come out and say hi to u.


Very deceptive

We came in for two vehicles. After agreeing to a price twice, they came back and said that they "ran the wrong car" and came up with a higher price TWICE. Very deceptive selling practices. They even tried to switch the agreed upon car to another car with the same color. I am doubtful that this was an honest mistake.


Sold a car w/bad transmission&catalytic converter

This dealership sold me a car with a bad transmission and catalytic converter!!! I had it for only a week before the check engine light came on and I found out. Now, I know that buying a used car with more than 100k miles on it means that the upkeep is going to be more necessary.... I am young and typically buy cars with more miles on it. The first red flag though, was when I had ALREADY signed all the paperwork and suddenly the sales and management team wouldn't allow me to drive it off the lot because an unknown part was being ordered. I asked service, management, and sales team members what part it was and no one would tell me. If this happens to you, don't take it home. I thought since I had already signed all the paperwork that everything is set in stone but I found out after everything turned out to be a scam that I didn't have to take it if they refuse to tell me what is wrong with the car even if I signed the contract. I was asked to come in so they could "make it right" and "fix me up" to be told that if I wanted to stay in my budget I needed to buy a fiat............ Then I was told that the $4,500 that I put down on the car a week before the car had "sudden" issues would not be applied with the trade in, and not only that... but NONE of the $4,500 I gave them for the down payment on a car that had a bad transmission (One of the most important parts of a car) would not be applied to the trade in. They also lied to me about the carfax (I was only shown 2 pages of it... make sure to check it ON YOUR OWN) and the inspection rights I was told while the deal was being made were not in my legal rights. So I suggest you take pictures of everything they show you and make you sign so that they cannot turn around and show you something different after the deal is made. Above all, I asked to speak to the owner and he was no where to be found. Then the one sent to talk to me was a manager who blamed me because I bought a car that turned up having issues after JUST A WEEK. They finally showed me everything and it turns out 700 miles were put on the car between the last emissions test and the day they sold it to me (700 miles in only 2 days). Even though I had asked them to do a full test on it before I even came in the day I made the deal! If you want to waste your money and be lied to during a 5+ hour car buying experience, and then be treated like a fool and bullied after signing paperwork that binds you to that car, then you should certainly go to Alfa Romeo Fiat of Fort Worth.


Greta new car!

Ray and Q did awesome!! I can’t beleive how simple of a process this was, I couldn’t be more happy. Definitely going back to get my next car!