Carvana-Touchless Delivery To Your Home

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(6 reviews)


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(6 reviews)

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I rarely leave reviews but this has been one of the worst experiences I've ever had with a company in general. I got the highest offer to sell my car from Carvana after comparing multiple offers, I decided to go this route. They market themselves as being convenient, but this has been anything but. Sure, they give high offers, but they make it impossible to retrieve. My drop off option was over 2 hours away, so I opted for pick up which cost $100. Figured that $100 was worth my time and hassle. Within 2 weeks, I have been rescheduled THREE times. They have had to extend my offer which dropped by $700 even though the timing was on them. They offered to reimburse my pick up fee, but will not simply waive it. The amount of time and money I have wasted on the phone with them trying to get a pick up scheduled is ridiculous. Their excuse is the same everytime- "they don't have the staff" yet they are sure to tell you about all the ways and third parties they use to follow through with pick ups? Also, if you do not have the staff, why is pick-up an option? Why are there dates and times you offer when you cannot follow through? The first time they rescheduled was 10 minutes AFTER my pick up time. The other times were less than 24hrs. Each time requires the customer to change their schedule, remove plates and belongings from their car, and is a complete inconvenience when it does not happen. When I ask to speak to a supervisor, they tell me it will take over 14 HOURS for them to get back to me. They are leaving their customer service representatives in terrible positions because not even they can get any response from higher ups, or hubs, in a timely manner. I will stray anyone away from carvana immediately. Save your time and money. The few extra thousand is a facade because they essentially force the customer to continue and re-appraise their car due to expired offers because they cannot show up as planned. Wish I could give carvana 0 stars.


Don’t accept listen to driver

Was just flat out lied to in Felice. The tires were bald! I wouldn’t have accepted the car if I had to turn around and spend 1000 on new truck tires. I pointed them out and the driver said they were below Carvana standards so he measured the tread and then took pictures and uploaded them. When I went to the tire shop he told me they denied the claim and the carvana rep said the bald tires were to their standard. Just flat out lied to Smdh.


Easy, until you place an order and then it weird!

First of all good luck if you try to finance with a third party like Capital One. I've had many previous loans with Capital One Auto and wanted to use them to finance the carvana purchase and it was a nightmare procedurally. Sometimes I think they make it that way so they steer you towards their carvana financing which was a full four points higher than Capital One even with an excellent credit score. So I waste all this time and in the end I canceled the order it was just too many gyrations and hoops to jump through!


You’ll never actually receive the car

FALSE ADVERTISING they will set up a delivery time and take your money and then will delay delivering your car. After initiating a follow up with them the day before (because they silently take any funds and say nothing) who promised up and down that my car would be delivered on time, the next day, after I double check it will be delivered- lo and behold it’s delayed for 4 days. Then you can’t get a hold of anyone. No one will resolve your issue


Good place to shop for good deals on cars

Good place to do business they are to be very trusted and they respond quick with any questions you may have . I shop alot and that’s my favorite place Thank you for the business.


Not like your dealership experience

Car selection is great. MANY makes and models to choose from. Since you can't actually drive their cars, they "recommend" you drive one at a local dealership instead. 3 Issues.... 1St - Make sure the lender will do the transaction with them based on their sales practices. My lender would not because of their policy about payment and title. You have to give them the money before they will send the title to your lender. Most lenders won't do this with dealers period. 2Nd - Be prepared to do footwork. You need to understand all of the items they ask for in order to complete the purchase. I spent a few hours gathering all the information they needed only to have to put some information back in again because their system would not save it. 3Rd - The price you see on the screen is what you pay. You can't "deal" for a better price or negotiate with them because "Dealer X across town has one for $1000 cheaper but it's missing heated seats". The price you see if the price you pay so make sure the car you are buying from them has everything you want. As they have potential to become bigger and better, their policy might change but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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