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RUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My life has been a living xxxx since I went to this dealer on 1/13/2022 he sold me a escalade that does not work I picked it on 1/14/20/2022 and from that date until 1/20/2022 I took the car back 3 times and it could not be fixed. He finally gave me back my depost but still has not returned the money to the finance company. he does not answer the phone or will not return text messages . he has had the escalade since 1/20/2022 and he even returned my trade in vehicle but will not give the finance company their money back. This guy sells half working or non working cars gets you into the worse deals ever and then has the nerve to say we will fix it if it breaks down knowing that it will cause its not fixed when you purchase it. I wish I never met this man all iwant him to do is make this right so I can never have to deal with him again. Taking advantage of hard working people with no so great credit


BEWARE!!! Horrible business practices

Beware. Do you not purchase a vehicle from Sports And Imports or shall I say Robert and Sam because they ultimately are the finance company. The vehicle was in horrible condition but we were kept so long that we were unable to see the issues because it was so dark. And when I say long, I mean we were there from 5 PM until 1:30 AM in the morning. The vehicle had four bald tires that were showing wires. The check engine light came on immediately after driving it home. It had an exhaust leak that sounded like the car was a motorcycle. And a whole list of other issues. He does not communicate, he never registered the vehicle and I drove around with an expired temp tag for months. He saw us coming. I was in a predicament where I needed a vehicle ASAP and I needed a large SUV because of my families size. My credit wasn't the best but an interest rate of 24% IS JUST ridiculous. He tacked on a charge of three grand for an extended warranty that he insisted the finance company required. I was charged double for DMV fees on my contract. And to top it off he awfully repossessed a vehicle after following me and my family for weeks. I could go on and on but the moral of the story is DO NOT buy a vehicle from Robert or Sam at Sports And Imports. Imports.



Popped in to look at a car this dealer listed for sale. Doesn't have the car, not even sold, nope, never had the car they listed. Ridiculous! Colossal waste of time!



Horrible horrible place. The owner is a huge liar. We were looking at a mustang. He led my son on played games didn’t return phone calls and on and on. I told my son to forget about there a joke. I’ve worked for a reputable dealership. But my son really liked car so they drove over four hours as they were told car was still available and when they got there the owner was not there, a no show and another employee told us the car had been sold for over a wk. I will be getting In touch with better business bureau and others.


Car Gurus

Now I’ve dealt with multiple dealerships over the course of 4-5 years and I stumbled along this one through mutual friends and I forgot I worked literally right next door. Now I went on their website previously and saw they had a good selection of vehicles but I never called for info. I go and not only were the owners and mechanics great with assistance they put me in a better car than the one I originally picked out for a way better price than expected to spend. The atmosphere was settling, they bought pizza for every family that came in the door hungry and offered water and juice to everyone (including the postal service worker). Sports and Imports is the way to go and I highly recommend you deal with Robert and Bentley. Two of the most amazing people I’ve met in most recent years. If I could rate this place on a scale of 1-10 they’d get a 100. Thanks for the new truck Sports and Imports 💪 💪


2004 Tahoe

Robert took great care of me. Did all he could to get me in a nice 2004 Tahoe. Great Guy. Honest Went out of his way Thanks Robert. Mike T


Seek quality vehicles elsewhere.

Purchased a used vehicle from this dealer. One expects the usual maintenance issues in a used vehicle. However this car is less than 7 years old and within a month of purchase and less than 200 miles driven, the car needs a new transmission. When contacting Robert, he was only available by text and refused to return phone calls. Good luck and buy at the risk of spending more than just the purchase price.


Slowest Dealership with Terrible Customer Service

There are several issues with this place. I bought a 2011 Nissan Sentra from here mid June 2018, and here it is over a month later (mid July) and I still don’t have the title, registration and plates, yet I paid in full for the car! I have had several text message conversations with Robert (the owner) and he keeps promising he will have it today and will overnight it to my home (for the last week) but I still don’t have my tags!!!! This is completely unacceptable! It does not take a month to obtain these things, and the fact that they don’t seem to care is beyond frustrating! If I get pulled over and my car gets impounded and towed, I’m going to sue. He took my money for this car and Included in the final price paid was the title, registration and plates! I have fulfilled my obligations in fully paying for the car, yet he has yet to fulfill his by obtaining my legally required documentation! In addition to the documentation issue, the car has failed to start 3 times. Each time I had to have the car jumped and this is within 2 1/2 weeks of buying it. I found out that the battery was over 5 years old and had begun leaking acid, and this was after the car was towed 60+ miles to them and they supposedly “fixed” something else yet they never bothered to mention the old battery. 2 days later, the car won’t start again so I had to have AAA come out to jump it but this time it was done. I ended up having to buy a new battery. And I still don’t have the proper paperwork to legally operate the vehicle in the state of NJ since the documentation has expired! If you want to save yourself ton of frustration, go somewhere else. The side of the road will treat you better!!!


Ford expedition

I bought a car a few months ago and I couldn't be more pleased with every aspect of the purchase. I had experienced a problem with the vehicle a bad fuel pump. Which happens but robert had to have the car back so he could fix it for me and make it right. To me this takes away any anxiety about buying a used car. The fact that he sent a truck to my house to get it and bring it to his shop to fix it is un heard of these days absolutely recomend this store


Bad customer service

Tried calling mailbox is full. Tried texting on the website, no answer. Finally called and got a hold of someone and he said he would call me back. Never did.

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