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(7 reviews)

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Excellent dealership

They are incredible people. Know how to treat their clients well and provide topnotch service. Always very attentive and will do anything to help find exactly what you need or better.


Bad business and customer service

Purchased a suv with cash Sept 2021 its Feb 2022 and I still don't have my title that I was accused of losing when it was never given to me. I was also charged for background checks and other fees that didn't apply to me because I paid cash.



The manager is terrible and does not know how to treat a customer. They sell cars that th engine doesn’t work. They say they’ll take care of you but they don’t . Please Beware.


Buyer beware.

I normally avoid leaving bad reviews, however this experience makes the exception. Initial test drive of car had a check engine light on, along with a cookie and an empty package of cigarettes in the back seat. Dealer stated he would fix the light. I went back a week later to purchase car after the part was "fixed." Cookie and cigarette wrapper were still in the back seat. Before I was able to make it home in the car, the check engine light was back on for the same issue. Then LESS THAN 1 WEEK after getting the car home, it will not stay in third gear (manual shift). Now it is extremely difficult to get an "owner" on the phone. Either there is no answer or front office person relays messages back and forth. One person states he will take car back after I get the title. Once I get the title in hand, I am told that he is out of the country for several weeks. Then I talk to different "owner" who states he will not take car back and other guy is not out of town. Extremely frustrating experience.


AUto Land Be Ware read all reviews from other site

I wanted to buy a truck so luis the salesman sent me credit application i filled it out he texted me that night said he got me approved when I applied it was 10 percent down on a 6450 truck I get to dealer ship they changed 4 different times about down payment went up to 1850 then down to 1400 then i said i would get a cosigner and they never sent the cosigner an app. So i left told luis to call me .he text me said his boss is showing truck to two other people an would let me know in the i like the people there but i do not like deceptive practices..BE AWARE if you don't have perfect credit you won't get a car under 21 percent financing. But if we had perfect credit we would go to a dealer. Who was rated by the better business bureau. Check auto land complaints with BBB. these people don't care about anything.they do their financing through a company they own. I wish you all luck but BE WARE.I will await my call in the morning to see if they sold the truck with out giving me the chance to even look at my cosigner I have a feeling the truck i wanted will be sold. I even paid for a car.fax report on the truck and i really wanted that if i don't get it i will take my cosigner and go to a reputable dealership If i do somehow get the truck i will rewrite my review on a more positive note Also i find weird hours for sales say open 10 to 6 but Luis told me his boss has two appointments to show truck at 930am and 10 am. This whole process was a waste of my time, and if you search all the reviews from different sites you will see how many other people feel the same way. My credit score dropped 6 points because they did one hard hit to get being approved only not to get the vehicle. I felt I got the run around no quick response waited hours to get back to me never asked for my consignors info but i sent it to to luis and never bothered to follow up. The only positive thing i could say is they let me test drive it and said i could take it to my mechanic. AUTO LAND has two locations , Thornburg Virginia and Rte 17 Fredericksburg , Virginia I was trying to do business with Luis at Thornburg location. Oh another thing he told me on the computer he over looked it said truck has a thousand dollar rebate he missed it earlier so that changed payments and down payment.How was that my fault he over looked something before i got there...Also this dealership just joined last year and Cars.Com has nothing to do with my complaint. I use them when looking for car or truck.


Best Car Service

Autoland customer service was amazing. The financing was great. Khalid Salas manager is one of a kind, ask for him and he will work with you in placing you in the car/ SUV of your dreams. Thanks Autoland



Great customer service.guys really made us feel at home. Explained everything to us.