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Hovart chevy sucks

My wife and i went there tonget a used 3rd row seat vehicle. They showed us a 14 traverse and ended up with a 18 dodge journey. The car is nice. But at the time the saleman was great. We was "approved" and paid our down payment and got the tag and fully insured the car. 2 weeks later we get a call and was told the bank didnt accept the loan. After they said it was final and was approved and accepted and had our monthly payments. Then when we left i got emails for 2 days saying my credit was being ran. Then after they called 2 qeeks later saying that we need to bring the car back we tried a alternate loan with myself and my wifes grandmother. And then 5 days later we get a call saying it wasnt approved and that they wanted the car back and when we bring the car back they would start the paperwork to get our down payment back. We had to quarantine due to covid and told them we would bring the car as soon as our quarantine was up and they said ok. Then the day before our quarantine was up they said they wanted the car back and we told them we will the following day. Then they say they will come get it and we said bring our down payment with them and that will be fine. They said it will be about 7 days before we can get our money back and we stood up and told the. When we get our money they get their car. Then the manager got rudenwith my wife and cussed and said he wants the car back on the f*****g car back on the lot and we told him again when we get our money you will get your car. And since then they have been giving us the run around on the process of getting our money back. Hopefully they dont try to charge us for the miles that was put on it the day we drovenoff the lot. Cause ill tell them that they arent uhaul and i dont pay fornthe miles i pay for the car. They are rude and unprofessional and wont recommend anyone to go there.


FCRA discrimination

This dealerships manager B. Paige, explained that he did not want to do business with me because I voiced my rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Discriminating against me for no apparent reason.


Toyota sequoia

My name is Ronald Moore and I bought a Toyota sequoia there and the back hatch was hard to open so they said they would fix it so the salesman drove it around back so we was told they had fixed it so we trusted the salesman and the used car manager and they said it was fixed but wasn't so called them for 3weeks no one would call me back so had another problem they would still not call back so had Toyota of Easley to pick it up Toyota fixed both issues and it cost me $716.00 dollars they was very nice through the whole process so I will never do business with Mike Hobart Chevrolet again I do not recommend them to no one.


Great service

Love the service my sales rep did an excellent job I was unable to get a vehicle every where I went but my rep called me and said I will make it happen and he did awesome job


Shopping for car

Billy Page will get you in a car and great dealership to work with will refer others to get a vehicle here.. Got me approved in no time



Great experience, Every one was extremely helpful.


Great Experience

Staff are very easy to work with, was late evening when I arrived Miss Lexi took time to complete all details of buying the car.


Service Experience

I started taking my 2011 Silverado to Mike Hovart Service when I moved back to Easley. Took my truck in for service in Jan 2018 and had them check my right door window switch which did not work at times and was very pleased and surprised when it was replaced under warranty in spite of truck being 2011 model. I continued to have may truck serviced there. I had minor issues such as plastic lug covers hanging off one or more tires 3 times (once on 3 tires out of 4) after tire rotations which didn't come off after I twisted them on by hand. I had cracked bottom mirror (not remote control) and went to parts and ordered one not on hand at time) so I could bring it in and have it replaced on next service. Man in Parts dept said it popped right out and I could snap the new one in (ball and socket type connector) and didn't need to have service do that. I was unable to get old mirror out and was afraid I would break something so I had service do it. After replacement service advisor told me the mirror had to be broken to grip it to pull out and the new one just snapped in. That was $60.00 labor but I figured that's what I had to pay for the knowledge and had no issues really. At 79,133 miles I took truck in for service and told them to do what was needed at that mileage and they changed brake fluid and power steering fluid. I noted slight groaning after this when turning steering wheel all the way in either direction. At 83,061 miles power steering and power brakes went out suddenly while driving down Hwy 153 about 2 miles from dealership on day dealer not open. I left truck at dealer and dropped key with note thru key drop. Was told I had air bubble from change and was charged $579 for pump, labor and fluid. I accept responsibility for that for not bringing it back for check although I feel it should have been checked before release. In spite of the above I was still fairly happy with Mike Hovart Service. In Jan 2020 I called for appointment for service and to fix my right mirror remote control which stopped working. When I arrived at dealer the service lady said "you're here to fix right rear window switch. I TOLD HER NO. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH MY WINDOW SWITCH. MY RIGHT MIRROR REMOTE CONTROL DOESN'T WORK and had the work order changed or so I thought. I also asked her what was needed as I was approaching 100,000 miles and she told me replacing spark plugs and wires. I asked if I needed another appointment for this and was told no that this could be done also. At 2 pm I was contacted by who I assume was the same lady and was told my window remote control and right rear window switch was replaced. The spark plugs and wires were not replaced. I told her there was nothing wrong with my window switch and we had discussed that when I brought truck in. She asked me if I had booked appointment on computer and I told her no, I had called in. She then told me in curt manner that "customer states" right rear door switch doesn't work (looking back at all my work orders, each problem begins with customer states). She seemed to be implying I was being untruthful. I picked up truck and paid $162.57 for a switch that didn't need replacement. I was sent a customer survey after this service and noted this (This is first bad review I have ever written) and was never contacted about it. I did not expect and would not have accepted money back. It is a principle thing. I have since found another mechanic and will never do business with this dealership again.


Don’t waste your time or money

1. Salesman was nice, but not very informative or knowledgeable. I expressed what I was looking for, but ended up having to find the vehicles in my price range on my own. 2. Once I found a truck and started the process, I asked the salesman if I could upgrade the wheels and tires on it. The salesman told me “no” and that I would be better off going to a custom shop down the road. I found out this was not true, after speaking with a guy who did in fact change his wheels when he bought a truck 3 months prior from the same dealership. 3. I was told that my loan details were being worked out and someone would be with me shortly. 1 1/2 hrs later I was finally called back (the finance guy told me he was at a doctors apt) I was told to sign some papers ( I thought this was for the loan approval process) no, this was my actual loan documents. I was never explained anything during this process. I had to ask what my interest rate was. I was never given any financing options, such as lenders or term lengths. 4. After reading through my paper work a few days later.... I seen I was charged for an extended warranty AND a service plan. This was never offered nor discussed with me! WTH!!! I get it, at the end of the day it was my Dumb A** that didn’t pay attention to what I was signing. BUT! this is no way to conduct business on a professional level. 5. So, after looking on their website the next day. I found out that I could have got the truck already with the wheels and tires I wanted in my price range. If the salesman was only knowledgeable of their inventory they could have made more money! 6. We left a CD case inside the vehicle we sold them. It was filled with cd’s and Kids DVD’s. I got back there to get it. The trade-in had already been cleaned and was on the lot. CD case was gone and no offer of an explanation was given to where it could be. Seems like the logical thing to do would be to call the customer and say “hey sir you forgot your CD case, we will put up for you”. I guess someone else needed it more than my kids did. 7. Three weeks later.... (this is my breaking point) I get a letter in the mail telling me my license is going to suspended bc I dropped the insurance on the vehicle I sold them. They were supposed to transfer my tag to my new truck. If you are looking for a Chevy, go somewhere else that will value your business. This was my first purchase from Mike Hovart as well as my last!


Buyer beware

Went today to look at trading my husband’s truck and they wanted to run my credit as well to see if that would help him get the best monthly payments. I had already told the salesman when we got there I did not want to have to do a joint loan unless necessary. Ended up agreeing but told them I didn’t want them doing more than 5 hard inquiries on my credit. The salesman reassured me they wouldn’t. Every hard inquiry drops your score. Got home and checked my credit score and they had ran it 15 times! We went in specifically because of the “huge buy back sale” where they supposedly would pay up to $4000 over KBB. They only offered us $5000 for my husbands 2002 Silverado 2500 HD. The KBB is $4862-$6549. What a joke!

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