Discovery Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

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(12 reviews)

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Great Transaction

After web shopping for a used KIA Sorento, I found a competively priced Sorento at Discovery Auto. It was late afternoon getting there but was welcomed. The vehicle was very clean and ready to show, even though I came unannounced. I was preapproved for a loan prior to coming but they found me a better interest rate on a loan with a well known bank with an affordable payment. The staff were courteous, were not rushed and did not mind staying until the purchase process was complete. I sensed a home town atmosphere that cared about helping customers get the vehicle they wanted. I highly recommend them for your next vehicle purchase!


Worth discovering about Discovery Ford

I shopped around for a good deal on a 2017 Ford Super Duty diesel crew cab pickup. After having a bad experience attempting to buy one online at a Texas dealership, I decided to check the trucks local to my winter home in central Virginia. That's how I arrived at Discovery Ford. I was met at the door as I pulled up in front of the dealership by a salesman. I told him that I had been in touch with their internet manager and gave him my name. I was looking for "race red" as a color but was considering settling for a silver color that they had in stock. I was asked if I was prepared to buy a truck "today" if I liked the deal. I said yes. About three hours later (Saturday) I ended up making a deal, but I picked the truck up on the Monday after. The four trucks I had bought previously were all Duramax Diesel GMCs and one Chevrolet Silverado crew cab, which I still have and use. It has 300,000 miles and still works great. The next day, I took the new truck for a 70 mile ride. I discovered it had far less power then my Duramax diesels and I also discovered, unlike my 07 Silverado Duramax crew cab, that the rear seats do not stowaway and allow for cargo in the rear seat area. I have two dogs that frequently travel with me and they are normal size and require that space so they can lay down. The Super Duty rear seats are stationary and apparently they don't offer any options to allow for the rear seat area to be used for cargo. So, the Super Duty crew cab is like having a seven foot tall four door sedan with a short pickup bed behind the seats. For $52,000, I expect more. Further, on my 72 miles ride which was mostly on the highway the truck only got 12.7 mpg. By the time I got back to my house, I knew I had made a mistake in buying the truck. So the next day (Wednesday AM) I sent an email to the salesman and explained to him that I had made a mistake and that I wanted to cancel the deal. Further, I told him that I felt I had shouldn't have rushed into buying the truck (or, been rushed into buying it). I told him that truck still only had less then 100 miles and that the paperwork had not been processed, and that I was willing to give Discovery Ford $1500.00 for their trouble if they allowed me to cancel the deal. He told me that I would have to speak to their general manager and he was off until the following Monday, what with the Thanksgiving Day holiday. I also asked that both the salesman and that the general manager respond to my offer by email so that I had a record of all communications. This morning (Monday) about 10:30 AM, I received a call from the sales manager. He started off by saying that he had gotten the message to give me a call. I corrected him and told him that I had left no such message, but I had through the salesman offered $1500 to Discovery Ford I'd they allowed to return the truck and cancel the deal. He immediately said, that they weren't going to do that and that a deal was a deal. Further, that if I wanted he could give me a call back and let me know for how much that they would buy the truck back for. I told him that I was not happy with that but I would like to hear how much that had in mind as far as an offer. I asked if he could send me an email by the end of the day with his offer. He agreed to do that, but it never happened. My guess is, I'm stuck with a truck that I don't like, doesnt serve my purposes, and that I don't want. I'm very disappointed that Ford Motor Company would issue people like those at Discovery Ford a franchise to represent their vehicles. It's a disgrace. The truck is virtually still new. It has not yet been registered. They had nothing to lose, by accepting my gracious offer. I can only imagine most people that were not satisfied with their purchase two days later would just drop the vehicle off at their door step and walk away. I'm not doing that, but people should learn the lesson from my mistake. Don't do business with Discovery Ford!